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Emotional Intelligence(also known as Emotional Quotient, or EQ) training courses and workshops in Dubai, the UAE have become very popular recently among managers of all levels. What reason stands behind the popularity of emotional intelligence trainings? A lot of people dream about taking on a managerial or leadership role, but only a few think about the drawbacks and consequences of this role. The responsibility for success or failure always puts a heavy burden on the shoulders of the leader. To manage that pressure and successfully accomplish daily tasks, each leader must have a certain set of characteristics, skills, and traits.

Work with Emotional Intelligence for a Richer, Fuller Life Simpliv


Emotional intelligence is the ability to combine thinking with feelings in order to build good quality relationships and to make good authentic decisions. It is fundamental to leading a full, rich and rewarding life. Emotional intelligence is different from IQ – cognitive intelligence, and offers a different perspective on success and performance at work. Your emotional intelligence is your responsibility! How you react and respond to events is governed by your emotional intelligence.

Justification of Customer Complaints Using Emotional States and Mental Actions

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We apply reasoning about mental attributes to process the scenarios of multiagent conflicts. Our approach is illustrated by the domain of complaint analysis: rather advanced methods are required to determine whether complaint is valid or not. We demonstrate that information on mental actions and emotional states of conflicting agents is frequently sufficient to justify a complaint.