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Cognitive Architectures

Learning a metacognition for object perception Artificial Intelligence

Beyond representing the external world, humans also represent their own cognitive processes. In the context of perception, this metacognition helps us identify unreliable percepts, such as when we recognize that we are seeing an illusion. Here we propose MetaGen, a model for the unsupervised learning of metacognition. In MetaGen, metacognition is expressed as a generative model of how a perceptual system produces noisy percepts. Using basic principles of how the world works (such as object permanence, part of infants' core knowledge), MetaGen jointly infers the objects in the world causing the percepts and a representation of its own perceptual system. MetaGen can then use this metacognition to infer which objects are actually present in the world. On simulated data, we find that MetaGen quickly learns a metacognition and improves overall accuracy, outperforming models that lack a metacognition.

A Neural Dynamic Model based on Activation Diffusion and a Micro-Explanation for Cognitive Operations Artificial Intelligence

The neural mechanism of memory has a very close relation with the problem of representation in artificial intelligence. In this paper a computational model was proposed to simulate the network of neurons in brain and how they process information. The model refers to morphological and electrophysiological characteristics of neural information processing, and is based on the assumption that neurons encode their firing sequence. The network structure, functions for neural encoding at different stages, the representation of stimuli in memory, and an algorithm to form a memory were presented. It also analyzed the stability and recall rate for learning and the capacity of memory. Because neural dynamic processes, one succeeding another, achieve a neuron-level and coherent form by which information is represented and processed, it may facilitate examination of various branches of Artificial Intelligence, such as inference, problem solving, pattern recognition, natural language processing and learning. The processes of cognitive manipulation occurring in intelligent behavior have a consistent representation while all being modeled from the perspective of computational neuroscience. Thus, the dynamics of neurons make it possible to explain the inner mechanisms of different intelligent behaviors by a unified model of cognitive architecture at a micro-level.

Red Box Delivers Cloud Configurable Voice Recording to Fuel AI on Microsoft Azure


Red Box, a leading platform for voice, announces an extension of its relationship with Microsoft aligned to the launch of Conversa, Red Box's enterprise voice platform. Red Box is already a Preferred Telephony Partner for conversation intelligence, part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service. This latest development in the relationship delivers a unique capture layer for enterprise voice. It combines the power of Conversa audio processing in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft AI, with seamless support of both cloud and premise-based telephony aligned with frictionless zero touch implementations. The on-premise self-install capability provided by Conversa, and powered by Azure Cloud, will simplify the delivery of'AI-Ready', real-time voice capture for those organizations that struggle to gain access to audio data.

6 Major Branches of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


"Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the part of computer science concerned with designing intelligent computer systems, that is, systems that exhibit characteristics we associate with intelligence in human behavior – understanding language, learning, reasoning, solving problems, and so on." Artificial intelligence is the practice of computer recognition, reasoning, and action. It is all about bestowing machines the power of simulating human behavior, notably cognitive capacity. However, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Data Science are all related to each other. In the commencement of this blog, we will gain expertise in Artificial Intelligence and its major six branches.

Broadvoice Strengthens Channel Team


Broadvoice, an award-winning provider of hosted voice, unified communications (UC), and SIP trunking services for businesses, is reinforcing its commitment to its indirect sales partners with the addition of two new regional sales professionals to its channel management team. Robert Sanchez joins Broadvoice as Regional Channel Manager – Mountain West and Joseph Galluzzi is now Regional Channel Manager – Northeast. Broadvoice also has regional channel managers in California, Southwest, Midwest, and Southeast. "As a channel-first organization, Broadvoice continues to expand its partner community, so we're adding resources and expertise to stay ahead of growing demand," said Kim McLachlan, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "We're pleased to welcome two veteran telecom sales professionals to the Broadvoice team to provide in-region sales support."

Core Associates, LLC Announces Product Certification of Timberscan Titanium for Sage Intacct


Core Associates, LLC announced the firm has completed the process to gain Sage's product certification of TimberScan Titanium for Sage Intacct. The makers of TimberScan, the only AP automation solution designed exclusively for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, now offer a cloud-based solution that integrates with Sage Intacct to simplify approval workflows, document management, and related AP invoice processes from virtually anywhere. TimberScan Titanium is a new solution designed for project-intensive businesses, such as builders, contractors, and businesses in other industries, that offers a paper-free AP invoice processing experience while allowing users to stay connected to their Sage Intacct software. TimberScan Titanium reads from Sage Intacct to facilitate better data management without the need for rekeying information. With Smart Extraction Technology based on Optical Character Recognition, OCR, TimberScan Titanium is ideal for companies looking to recognize and automatically code AP invoices.

Kinetiq Names CPTO to Growing Leadership Team


Kinetiq, the world's first TV intelligence platform to unite paid, earned and owned media, has named Rishit Shah as chief product and technology officer (CPTO) to lead product strategy and technological advancements for the growing company. In this new role, Shah is responsible for designing and implementing a product roadmap to accelerate Kinetiq's platform innovation and align product strategy with customer needs. "Rishit is an important addition to the Kinetiq leadership team and we look forward to working with him to chart a path forward for the company," said Kevin Kohn, CEO, Kinetiq. "With his strong technical and product background, there's no doubt Rishit will play an instrumental role in evolving our product strategy and dramatically scale our platform as we continue to build out a truly unique TV intelligence platform that provides unparalleled insights into paid, owned and earned media." Shah brings deep technical roots and extensive data platform development experience to his new role. Prior to joining Kinetiq, Shah held executive product and technology positions at 7Park Data and Lotame, and launched digital products for The Washington Post.

EqualAI Challenges Companies and Leaders to Pledge to Reduce Bias


EqualAI, a nonprofit organization and leading voice focused on reducing unconscious bias in the development and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), challenged corporations and business leaders around the globe to take The Pledge to Reduce Bias in AI. There are immediate actions that organizations can take to identify and reduce bias within their existing systems. EqualAI has been seeking out ways that companies can go beyond mere statements in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and commit to action. The Pledge identifies actions within a company's control that they can commit to changing quickly to create a tangible impact in our society. Organizations taking The Pledge to Reduce Bias in AI are forward-thinking leaders.

Characterizing an Analogical Concept Memory for Architectures Implementing the Common Model of Cognition Artificial Intelligence

Architectures that implement the Common Model of Cognition - Soar, ACT-R, and Sigma - have a prominent place in research on cognitive modeling as well as on designing complex intelligent agents. In this paper, we explore how computational models of analogical processing can be brought into these architectures to enable concept acquisition from examples obtained interactively. We propose a new analogical concept memory for Soar that augments its current system of declarative long-term memories. We frame the problem of concept learning as embedded within the larger context of interactive task learning (ITL) and embodied language processing (ELP). We demonstrate that the analogical learning methods implemented in the proposed memory can quickly learn a diverse types of novel concepts that are useful not only in recognition of a concept in the environment but also in action selection. Our approach has been instantiated in an implemented cognitive system \textsc{Aileen} and evaluated on a simulated robotic domain.

VoiceBase and ThoughtSpot Partner to Offer the Enterprise Searchable


VoiceBase, the leading AI-Powered Voice Analytics company, announced a strategic partnership with ThoughtSpot, the leading Search & AI-Driven Analytics platform, to revolutionize how enterprises gain faster insights from their voice data through innovative search capabilities. Voice Analytics has been empowering frontline workers in contact centers and organizations for years, but 86% of businesses report that they need better technology-enabled insights to really gain value from their data. The value of these analytics can be transformational for enterprises. In fact, "By 2025, AI for video, audio, vibration, text, emotion and other content analytics will trigger major innovations and transformations in 75% of Fortune 500 global enterprises" according to Gartner's Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics, 2020 report. By partnering with ThoughtSpot, VoiceBase customers can equip their business users to find powerful, contextual insights in their voice, text, and other contact center data.