Caffe2 on iOS, Deep Learning Tutorial iOS Swift Tutorials by Jameson Quave


At this years's F8 conference, Facebook's annual developer event, Facebook announced Caffe2 in collaboration with Nvidia. This framework gives developers yet another tool for building deep learning networks for machine learning. But I am super pumped about this one, because it is specifically designed to operate on mobile devices! So I couldn't resist but start digging in immediately.

Therapist bots: AI and mental health


When British charity The Samaritans was forced to abandon its'Radar' Twitter app in 2014, many in the health community worried that emerging AI technology was poorly suited to the sensitivity of mental illness.

The Best Advice For Building Chatbots? Don't Force People To Use Chatbots


The panel "Let's Chat About Bots" gathered representatives from four companies that have built robust bots for interacting with customers onFacebook's chat platform Messenger: Anastasia Sartan cofounder and CEO of the Russian e-commerce site Epytom Stylist; Hussein Fazal, CEO of the travel booking site SnapTravel; Felipe Bernal, head of product innovation at the Brazilian IT company Movile; and Chema Alonso, head of digital at the telecom giant Telefonica. Angelique Kamara, of Facebook Messenger Partnerships, moderated.

Facebook Data 'Does Not Contradict' Intelligence on Russia Meddling

The Atlantic

Less than six months ago, Mark Zuckerberg dismissed the idea that the social publishing platform he founded was being used to manipulate voters as "pretty crazy."

Are Your Tinder Selfies Safe? Someone Just Harvested 40,000 For 'Research'

International Business Times

Your Tinder selfies may not be as secure as you believe. You might have uploaded your best photos to the dating site, but they could be used for almost any other purpose, without your permission, as highlighted in a TechCrunch report Friday.

There's a slackbot for people who like to shit where they eat


Online dating and work chat apps have been separate entities for entirely logical, productive and HR-compliant reasons. But a dating app-maker has decided that the line dividing office life and love life should be blurred with the help of a chatbot for the reigning king of productivity services, Slack. If you think company-sanctioned flirting through work messaging is a good idea, you should probably talk to your human resources department. Because this is playing with fire in a way that gets people fired.

Doctors Of Future: Artificial Intelligence – Becoming Human – Medium


All of us have been in a hospital for one or another reason and are aware of the medical procedures that follow during initial check up and diagnosis. Sometimes it gets a lot tedious to get so many tests done before a diagnosis is made and even some of the diseases reach a stage where they become incurable before their clinical diagnosis, like cancers.

The Time For Advertisers To Embrace Artificial Intelligence Is Now


Depending on your point of view, working in the marketing industry these days is either exciting or frightening. Technology innovation is happening so fast that it's almost impossible to keep up with, and for every new opportunity created, an entire set of challenges come with it.

What Are Sheeple? Apple Users Are In New Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition

International Business Times

Apple fanboys have always had a reputation for undying loyalty to the brand, but Merriam-Webster is taking that characterization to a new level by using them as an example for new dictionary entry "sheeple."