LG to to make batteries for Apple's iPhone 9

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LG Chem has invested hundreds of billions of won in a dedicated line for the Apple project, and will produce'L-shaped' batteries for next year's iPhone, the Korea Economic Daily claims. New claims suggest that Apple is working'feverishly' to fix software problems with its wireless charging and 3D face recognition systems. Recent reports say Apple is working'feverishly' to fix software problems with its wireless charging and 3D face recognition systems. There were also rumors earlier this month that Apple plans to replace its Touch ID sensor with a facial recognition system.

The Wearables Giving Computer Vision to the Blind


Right now, Aira's customers share their video streams with people--Aira calls them "agents"--who work on a model like Uber, with the ability to log on, pick up a user's call, and get paid for the hours they work. The same technology that powers computer vision projects at Google and Facebook and Pinterest could one day tell Hingson where he left his house keys, or read the street signs at an intersection, or recognize which of his friends are in the room. The system translates visual information from a small camera mounted on sunglasses onto a surgically implanted retinal device, which creates electrical pulses inside the eye. The device, called BrainPort, picks up light signals from the camera mounted on a set of sunglasses and translates it into electrical pulses on a tiny electric "lollipop."

Feeling Stressed, Angry or Happy? New Tech Computes Your Emotions


Yet latest technological developments seem to signal that there is no place to hide anymore: Scientists at the University of Oulu in Finland have developed facial recognition software that can read human microexpressions at a success rate that beats humans at the same task. Charles Darwin himself backed up the claim that microexpressions are culture-neutral: in 1872, he wrote in his book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals that "facial expressions of emotion are universal, not learned differently in each culture". The most prominent emoticons are in essence a reflection of the original six universal emotions that Paul Ekman initially determined in the 1960s: joy, surprise, sadness, anger, disgust and fear. Today, Xiaobai Li and his team at the University of Oulu in Finland have developed a machine vision algorithm that can spot and recognize microexpressions with equal success as human experts, but greatly outperforms these experts in the recognition task part alone.

These cool Lenovo AI concept products make us excited about the future


The company that brought you the Yoga Book has big plans for an artificially intelligent smart-device future -- plans that it will reveal at the June 20 third annual Lenovo Tech World conference in Shanghai. "We believe an intelligent future makes people's lives better, and that starts with smart devices," a spokesperson wrote in a press release. "Cloud enabled devices – such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, smart speakers, smart TV and AR/VR – bring you content, services and experiences in a new way." According to the company, this is "an intelligent, interactive speaker, to do more – it recognizes sounds, objects and delivers AR experiences.

European Human Rights Court to Rule on Extremist Online Videos

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Days later, Facebook, Google's YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft responded with the announcement of a Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, planning to research counter-speech possibilities, and share technical solutions in order to remove content faster.

Saudi Police Arrest Woman Who Wore Miniskirt in Online Video

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Update: The woman was released by police without charges hours after her arrest. The police in Saudi Arabia arrested a woman on Tuesday who appeared in a video posted online in which she wears a miniskirt and crop top, exposing her legs and midriff in violation of the country's strict dress code for women. The video of the woman, identified online only as Khulood, prompted a debate on social media soon after it was uploaded to Snapchat over the weekend. The police in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, turned her over to the public prosecutor's office, the kingdom's state-run Alekhbariya television reported on its Twitter feed, using an Arabic hashtag that translates to "We demand a trial for the model Khulood."

Atari Ataribox retro video game console teaser


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Netgear Arlo Baby review: a better baby monitor


Beneath the kid-friendly kit are the robust features we've seen in Netgear's Arlo Q indoor security camera: 1080p full HD video, night vision, sound and motion detection, two-way audio, 24/7 recording, and free cloud storage. Lastly, a pair of sensors monitor indoor temperature, humidity, and air quality levels and alert you when they're out of range, so you can maintain an optimum nursery environment. Along the top of the streaming window are Wi-Fi, battery, and sound and motion alert indicators; access a to timeline for use with CVR plans; and a counter displaying how many unwatched video clips are in your library. Under the window are the camera controls: buttons for pausing the stream, recording video on demand, taking a snapshot of the live feed and toggling the mic and speaker on and off.

Microsoft brings AI to life with app to help the blind 'see' the world around


The video it posted explains how it works nicely, and shows how well thought through the app has been in its design, thanks in no small part to its London-based tech lead Saqib Shaikh, who has been blind since the age of seven. The information is then spoken to the user in almost real time. Some of the features available include the ability to read documents and signposts (including spoken instructions of where to point the phone if bits of a page are being missed), a face recognition function that can remember your friends and even give a hint to their mood based on facial expression, and the incredibly useful ability to discern between different bank notes in your hand. In addition there is a barcode scanner integrated, which means a person could point their phone at otherwise identical canned food and hear what they are, and get information such as ingredients and a use by date.



Imagine a recruiter can watch a video of your face and analyse your facial expressions. Face Recognition software is taking the world by storm. In Europe, a number of high-end hotels and retailers are reportedly using facial recognition to help identify VIPs and celebrities for preferred treatment when they enter the front door. Obviously, adding face recognition technology to this video platform could be of tremendous benefit to an employer.