Russia's Self-Driving Car Company Is Coming For the World


A mysterious self-driving car company has been quietly expanding in recent years in the world's largest country. Now, Moscow-based Cognitive Technologies has hired a slew of new recruits and is ready to move to the U.S. in the coming months.

Flipboard on Flipboard


It was just a friendly little argument about the fate of humanity. Demis Hassabis, a leading creator of advanced artificial intelligence, was chatting with Elon Musk, a leading doomsayer, about the perils of artificial intelligence.

Honda on self-driving, AI and the future of the supercar


The electric, autonomous car of the future will have as much in common with your smartphone as your previous car, Honda believes, while claiming its far-out Neuv concept is closer to reality than many think.

Most westerners distrust robots – but what if they free us for a better life? Tim Dunlop


I'm always amazed at people who tell me they would never trust a driverless car to take them somewhere but then happily get into a car driven by their teenager. Talk about preferring the devil you know.

Car Genie: New AA device predicts car breakdowns before they happen

The Independent

The AA has just launched Car Genie, a device that predicts vehicle breakdowns before they happen.

Can Uber Survive Without Self-Driving Cars?

The Atlantic

In the era of self-driving cars, a scary but otherwise uneventful car crash can be huge news. This was the case in Tempe, Arizona, on Friday, when an Uber self-driving car was hit so hard that it rolled onto its side. There were no serious injuries reported.

Uber has taken its self-driving cars off the road after one flipped over in Arizona


In the photos, Uber's gray self-driving Volvo SUV is on its side, headlights still blasting. The car behind it is badly dented.

Uber supends self-driving vehicle program following Arizona accident

PBS NewsHour

A self-driven Volvo SUV owned and operated by Uber Technologies Inc. is flipped on its side after a collision in Tempe, Arizona, U.S. on March 24, 2017. Picture taken on March 24, 2017.