Tesla fan: Can we please, please have a standard speedometer in Model 3? Elon Musk: No.


We don't know, exactly, what the interior of Tesla's Model 3 will be like, but prototype vehicles we've seen so far had a large center screen instead of a standard instrument cluster facing the driver.

Engineer Spotlight: NXROBO's Dr. Tin Lun Lam on the Complexities of Designing Home Robots


Home robots have been lurking on the horizon for years. BIG-i is NXROBO's most recent contribution to this industry, a home robot which can interact with family members and smart appliances.

Bank tellers believe AI will take their jobs in 3 years

Daily Mail

Artificial intelligence (AI) will become the primary way banks interact with their customers within the next three years, according to a new report.

This Swedish ad perfectly mocks the hype around self-driving cars


We know self-driving cars are the inevitable future of transportation -- mostly because all the companies looking to profit from it can't stop hyping the technology.

Apple Takes Down Drone Notification App 'Metadata' From App Store -- Again

International Business Times

After numerous rejections, Apple finally decided to allow a drone-strike notification app back on the App Store Tuesday after it was pulled in 2015 -- and then took it down again hours later.

Chinese company Tencent picks up five percent of Tesla


March 28, 2017 --The race to develop electric autonomous cars might have just become more interesting: Chinese internet giant Tencent has acquired a 5 percent stake in Tesla, becoming the fifth largest shareholder of the US electric car maker.

SLAM! The Sound of Autonomous Vehicles Colliding


Summary: Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) are supposed to be just around the corner but the anecdotal evidence is that their claims to safety are way out ahead of reality. The solution may be in a shared segment of on-board telematics, part of the SLAM group (simultaneous localization and mapping) and sharing some of that data car-to-car.

Apple finally approved an app that tracks drone strikes, then abruptly deleted it


Five years ago, Josh Begley, a data artist and editor at The Intercept, created a straightforward news app for iOS. It sent a push notification to your device each time a U.S. drone strike was reported by a news outlet.

Uber to end its services in Denmark over new taxi regulations

The Independent

Uber has announced that it is shuttering operation in Denmark in April as a result of new taxi laws, marking the latest setback for the US-based ride hailing company.