[Report] Giant viruses with an expanded complement of translation system components


Some giant viruses encode a genome larger than that of some bacteria, but their evolutionary history is a mystery. Examining the genomes within a sample from a wastewater treatment plant in Austria, Schulz et al. assembled a previously undiscovered giant virus genome, which they used to mine genetic databases for related viruses. The authors thus identified a group of giant viruses with more genes encoding components of the protein translation machinery, including aminoacyl transfer RNA synthetases, than in other giant viruses.

The day the world ends

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Kurzweil and his supporters, such as the mathematician Vernor Vinge and the Bletchley Park computer scientist Jack Good, saw the coming age of silicon dominance not as a threat but as a promise. Over the space of just three hours, artificial intelligence literally evolved itself, creating ever more sophisticated programmes that turned the Earth into the home of a new lifeform - a huge, powerful global electronic super-intelligence. By 4pm, 90 per cent of the world's power stations, including the new fusion plants, were quietly, and without fuss, shutting down. Back in 1965, Jack Good, whose cryptographic work at Bletchley Park was a key part in the defeat of the Nazis, wrote that "the first ultraintelligent machine is the last invention that man need ever make".

DataOps, Monetization, and the Rise of the Data Broker: Questioning Authority with Tamr CEO Andy Palmer


In 2013, he and Stonebraker moved up the data value chain and founded Tamr, the Cambridge, MA-based software company aiming to provide a unified view of data in the modern enterprise. Those enterprise data sources should be managed and organized similarly to how search engines crawl and organize the modern world-wide web. From brokering that data internally to business units that want to run analytics, it's a logical extension to monetize data by selling it outside the company. TW: If I'm an enterprise customer, what criteria should I take into account as I look to adopt data integration, machine-learning, data self-service technologies?

IntelliFlux Artificial Intelligence-Based Control System from Water Planet Powers Demonstrations


The project, which is being done with Sweetwater Tech Resources, utilizes Water Planet's IMS-5000 Integrated Produced Water Treatment Solution powered by IntelliFlux. The "brains" in membrane systems, IntelliFlux learns how the filter responds to the influent water quality to determine custom-optimized flux maintenance actions (i.e., backwash, CIP, regeneration, etc.). It works in membrane systems designed to meet a wide array of applications including oil & gas produced water treatment (conventional, EOR, fracking, offshore); chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage waste treatment; refining, power and other industrial water treatment/recycling/reuse; seawater desalination pre-treatment for algae bloom resilience; and critical filtration in aerospace, automotive and biomedical industries. Water Planet's product lines include IntelliFlux membrane systems and PolyCera membrane products.