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Small Drones Are Giving Ukraine an Unprecedented Edge


In the snowy streets of the north Ukrainian town of Trostyanets, the Russian missile system fires rockets every second. Tanks and military vehicles are parked on either side of the blasting artillery system, positioned among houses and near the town's railway system. The weapon is not working alone, though. Hovering tens of meters above it and recording the assault is a Ukrainian drone. The drone isn't a sophisticated military system, but a small, commercial machine that anyone can buy.

NYC Mayor Adams floats 'new tech,' bag checks on subway system to detect weapons

FOX News

WARNING--Graphic footage: Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas has the latest on the investigation from Brooklyn, New York, on'Special Report.' New York City may be rolling out new technology and periodic bag checks to prevent future terrorist attacks, according to the mayor. New York City Mayor Eric Adams spoke with MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Wednesday about the previous day's terror attack on the city's subway system. The mayor touched on the possibility of new technology on public transportation to prevent similar acts in the future. "With the gun detection devices – oftentimes when people hear of'metal detectors,' they immediately think of the airport model," Adams said.

Project Skyway: World's largest network of 'drone superhighways' could be built in ENGLAND

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The idea of a drone superhighway may sound like a concept from the latest science fiction blockbuster. But it could soon become a reality in England, with the submission of plans to build a network across the Midlands and the Southeast. A consortium led by software provider Altitude Angel has submitted plans for a 165-mile-long superhighway network dubbed Project Skyway, connecting airspace above cities including Reading, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Coventry, and Rugby. If approved, the network could potentially then be extended to Southampton on the south coast and Ipswich on the east coast. The group hopes the superhighway will'unlock the huge potential offered by unmanned aerial vehicles,' with a decision from the government on whether to green light the project expected in the coming weeks.

How the Railroad Industry is Leveraging IoT Edge Computing


The railroad industry is one of the most complex industries in terms of digitization. From a technical perspective, it has many barriers that make it rather difficult to integrate existing systems into modern digital architectures. This can explain its low level of digitization. IoT Edge Computing can be the answer to many of the challenges for railroads. In a study in the Harvard Business Review, the transport industry is identified at the tail of digital maturity, and the rail sector, in particular, contributes significantly to this low level of digitization.

Artificial intelligence listens to the sound of healthy machines


Sounds provide important information about how well a machine is running. ETH researchers have now developed a new machine learning method that automatically detects whether a machine is "healthy" or requires maintenance. Whether railway wheels or generators in a power plant, whether pumps or valves--they all make sounds. For trained ears, these noises even have a meaning: devices, machines, equipment or rolling stock sound differently when they are functioning properly compared to when they have a defect or fault. The sounds they make, thus, give professionals useful clues as to whether a machine is in a good--or "healthy"--condition, or whether it will soon require maintenance or urgent repair.

'A train wreck': what happens to workers and towns when the lights go out on coal power?

The Guardian > Energy

When Jacqui Coleman heard that Australia's largest coal-fired power station was to close seven years earlier than planned, she initially didn't believe it. Coleman is a retail worker in Dora Creek, the closest suburb to the Eraring power station on the shores of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales. For years, she has been selling pies, coffees and sandwiches to some of the hundreds of workers who pass through the News'n' More grocery store on either side of a shift. On Thursday morning, Origin Energy announced it was bringing forward the station's closure to 2025. Many workers at the site first learned their jobs were to be terminated seven years early when they heard it reported on the radio.

Meta-learning with GANs for anomaly detection, with deployment in high-speed rail inspection system Artificial Intelligence

Anomaly detection has been an active research area with a wide range of potential applications. Key challenges for anomaly detection in the AI era with big data include lack of prior knowledge of potential anomaly types, highly complex and noisy background in input data, scarce abnormal samples, and imbalanced training dataset. In this work, we propose a meta-learning framework for anomaly detection to deal with these issues. Within this framework, we incorporate the idea of generative adversarial networks (GANs) with appropriate choices of loss functions including structural similarity index measure (SSIM). Experiments with limited labeled data for high-speed rail inspection demonstrate that our meta-learning framework is sharp and robust in identifying anomalies. Our framework has been deployed in five high-speed railways of China since 2021: it has reduced more than 99.7% workload and saved 96.7% inspection time.

InstaDeep raises $100 million for decision support AI - Actu IA


InstaDeep, one of the leaders in the design of decision-making Artificial Intelligence systems, announced on January 25 that it had raised $100 million (€88 million). The company closed a Series B round led by DeepTech investment firm Alpha Intelligence Capital and supported by CDIB. BioNTech, Chimera Abu Dhabi, Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures, Google, G42 and Synergie participated in this latest round. Founded in 2014 by Karim Beguir and Zohra Slim, InstaDeep is a leader in decision AI systems, it has been named two years in a row to the CB Insights AI 100 ranking of the world's 100 most promising private artificial intelligence companies. The company develops patented AI products such as its DeepChainTM protein design platform and collaborates with leading companies such as Google DeepMind, Nvidia and Intel.

Cincoze Gold GPUs


AIoT is the catalyst for the advent of the smart era, and edge computing devices lie at the core of real-time processing and analysis in the field. The Cincoze GOLD series is a range of GPU computers designed from the ground up to meet the needs of large-scale image processing, machine vision, and machine learning applications in AIoT. The series includes the GP-3000 and GM-1000, which are selectable according to application requirements like size, performance, I/O, functionality, and future upgradeability. Whether it is smart manufacturing, smart transportation, smart cities, or even national defense, the GOLD series is an excellent choice for building smart applications for AIoT. The GP-3000 series is a top-of-the-line GPU edge computer that supports 720W total system power.

InstaDeep raises $100M to inject enterprise decision-making with AI


AI has the potential to generate meaningful returns for the enterprise. Responding to a 2018 PricewaterhouseCoopers survey, 54% of business executives say that their adoption of AI within the workplace has led to a boost in productivity. A separate 2019 McKinsey report found that 44% of firms using AI achieved a reduction in business costs in departments where AI is implemented. But barriers stand in the way of deployment, including a lack of production-grade data and expensive tools and development processes. Among the top challenges enterprises face in adopting AI is an absence of in-house talent.