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Amazon patents bizarre accordion chute for delivery drones

Daily Mail

'When the aerial vehicle (drone) arrives at a delivery area, the shroud is extended from the underneath side of the aerial vehicle as the aerial vehicle descends,' the patent - which was filed on Tuesday - says. The patent states: 'A multi-level (ML) fulfillment center is designed to accommodate landing and takeoff of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), possibly in an urban setting, such as in a densely populated area.' 'By locating the fulfillment centers within the cities, items may be more quickly delivered to the growing population of people that live in the cities, as well as the large population of people who work in the cities.' It states: 'By locating the fulfillment centers within the cities, items may be more quickly delivered to the growing population of people that live in the cities, as well as the large population of people who work in the cities.'


FOX News

Looking to ever expand ways to deliver goods to its customers, Amazon has patented a way to allow its drones to deliver packages without ever having to land. The patent would not only provide a safe distance between the UAVs and the people receiving the packages, but also cut down on noise pollution, BizJournals noted. Bezos, now the world's third-richest man with an estimated fortune of $83.3 billion according to Forbes, first showed off Amazon's drone delivery unit in a Dec. 2013 interview on "60 Minutes." It recently filed patents for a beehive-like structure that would allow drones to pick up and drop off packages.

Banking on analytics and machine learning


Every day we hear about Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics... 'United Parcel Service saves 39 million gallons of fuel after using Big Data Analytics to optimise fleet operations'; 'PayPal uses Machine Learning on Customer, Financial and Network data to combat fraud'; 'Amazon uses Machine Learning to discover'lowest price' for over 20 million products'... Machine learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a method of data analysis that uses algorithms to iteratively learn from data and derive insights without being explicitly programmed. Other use cases for Machine Learning and Analytics in banking include fraud detection, compliance, next-best offer engine and geo-location based services to name a few. According to the latest report issued by Efma earlier this year, 58 per cent of banking providers believe Artificial Intelligence; along with several other technologies such as advanced analytics and big data will have a significant impact on the industry. Backed by strong technology development capability and a continued focus on Data and Analytics, we are well positioned across Africa and the Middle East to lead the way with cutting edge development.

Those amazing flying machines


Verity's drone is part of a larger performance system called "Stage Flyers." One of the most successful showings was Chicago-based Corvus Robotics, a software company that uses indoor aerial drones to scan inventory (similar to the Walmart example above). According to Dynamo's managing directors, Corvus is building enabling tools that allow operators to fly drones autonomously, scan & sync barcodes, and enter the SKU data into the existing warehouse management system. Corvus may be the latest indoor drone startup to enter an already crowded warehouse market, which includes established players like the Hardis Group, Smartx, and DJI.

Reinforcement learning for complex goals, using TensorFlow


To allow for greater flexibility, I will then describe how to build a class of reinforcement learning agents, which can optimize for various goals called "direct future prediction" (DFP). Reinforcement learning involves agents interacting in some environment to maximize obtained rewards over time. Q-learning and other traditionally formulated reinforcement learning algorithms learn a single reward signal, and as such, can only pursue a single "goal" at a time. If we want our drone to learn to deliver packages, we simply provide a positive reward of 1 for successfully flying to a marked location and making a delivery.

Dubai's Aramex harnesses power of artificial intelligence


Named "Aramex Bot", the service enables personalised, scalable conversations with customers about shipment-related queries and different service offerings. "Aramex Bot provides users with a convenient way to easily find Aramex nearest locations, track shipments and share preferred delivery location. It also offers enables customers in the UAE to schedule a delivery for personalised shipments and e-commerce parcels.," "The chatbot service will soon be available to all Aramex customers across the Middle East." Aramex customers need only search for "Aramex Bot" on their Facebook Messenger and start chatting with the bot in either English or Arabic, with more features and other languages in the near future, Aramex said.

Amazon building mobile drone stations, suggests patent

Daily Mail

On board computer systems could calculate the best place for a drone and vehicle to meet depending on how fast the vehicle is going or how much battery life the drone has. 'The intermodal vehicles may be coupled to locomotives, container ships, road tractors or other vehicles, and equipped with systems for loading one or more items onto the aerial vehicle, and for launching or retrieving the aerial vehicle while the intermodal vehicles are in motion.' The patent, which was published with the US Patent and Trademark Office, states: 'A multi-level (ML) fulfillment centre is designed to accommodate landing and takeoff of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), possibly in an urban setting, such as in a densely populated area. The hive is designed to accomodate landing and takeoff of unmanned aerial vehicles in urban settings where there isn't space to build outwards The patent states: 'There is a growing need and desire to locate fulfillment centres within cities, such as in downtown districts and densely populated parts of the cities.

Hayden Capital 2Q17 Letter: The 'Fintech' Approach To Data Science And Machine Learning


This warehouse is meant to replace another one 300 miles further, in order to cut the distance to the customer in half, and deliver goods quicker to households in the region. Using a rule of thumb of last mile shipping making up 50% of total logistics costs (which we determined by evaluating multiple e-commerce companies and speaking with logistics experts), we can estimate that it used to cost $3.50 to deliver from the warehouse to the doorstep. By saving $1.75 per package, this would equate to a total savings of $437,500 by building the warehouse ($1.75 per package x 5 packages per year x 50,000 households). This overlap creates numerous synergies, including collecting more data on the purchasing habits of these types of customers, cross-selling opportunities (since many Whole Foods households are already Prime members), and a higher likelihood of these customers adopting online grocery shopping.

Making logistics processes smarter with cloud


With artificial intelligence (AI) gaining pace, businesses are rethinking and redesigning their operations to make their logistics'smarter', to make new age solutions like anticipatory and elastic logistics possible. AI is transforming the way business operations are performed, making the ecosystem connected and making it a'smarter world.' When AI is infused with'cognitive' systems--next-generation systems that work side by side with humans, accelerating our ability to create, learn, make decisions and think--it then transcends barriers of scale, speed, scope and standards. Today, the confluence of four fundamental shifts - IoT, AI, changing business demands and real-time API's is making a huge paradigm shift that helps organizations become smarter and better.

DoorDash was built using AI to speed up food deliveries


AI for DoorDash means using machine learning to smooth the process out. DoorDash began experimenting with AI to introduce personal recommendations, which gave the company a 25 percent increase in orders over users who saw the most popular listings. The company currently offers delivery to 39 North American markets and, starting tomorrow, will begin introducing its service into three more -- Orlando, Florida; Long Island, New York; and New Jersey -- bringing the total to 42 markets. Tackling the challenges of a logistics system capable of delivering food opens DoorDash up to the opportunity of delivering goods from other stores and merchants.