Amazon adds Moto G6 Play and Z3 Play to Prime Exclusive phone lineup


Amazon already has quite a few Motorola phones in its Prime Exclusive roster, and now it's adding two more to its lineup. The e-commerce giant now offers the Moto G6 Play and Z3 Play as unlocked, Alexa-enabled devices that you can use with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint lines. You can summon Alexa on both phones by double pressing the power button when they're unlocked or by a long press on the home button if you set it as the default assist app instead of Google Assistant. For a limited time, you can also get a free Moto Smart speaker with a Z3 Play, so you can access the voice assistant hands free. If you'll recall, the Moto G6 is the more affordable version of the regular G6 launched in April.

A Report About Lie Detector App - very soon app might tell if you lie or not - Leamtechi News


Very soon, your phone might be able to tell if you are lying or telling the truth. There is new machine algorithm wants to tap into the digital interactions that reveal when you are bluffing. Researchers have been finding some ways in which they can turn your phone into a lie detector instrument. There is a new machine learning algorithm which has been built by computer scientists at the University of Copenhagen which can detect honesty and dishonesty by analyzing the way you swipe or tap a smartphone. The research is based on the assumption that dishonesty interactions always take longer and involve more hand movement than honesty interaction.

NVIDIAVoice: The New Normal: Artificial Intelligence And The Move To Voice-Based Search

Forbes Technology

When you think of the power and reach of voice through the lens of technology, you likely think back to simpler times--a time when whole families would gather in front of the radio and listen to Orson Welles' gripping narration of "War of the Worlds," or a time when the only contact you had with your crush was through a landline that you constantly had to fight off your annoying siblings to use. Telephony and radio were huge tech empires built on the power of voice, but as technology evolved, they quickly started becoming obsolete. Video killed the radio star, talking morphed into texting and voice as a tech powerhouse was cracking. But then the tides started turning yet again. Podcasts burst onto the scene and became a surprise hit.

Change Point Detection in Time Series with R and Tableau


This article was posted by Roberto Rösler on his personal blog about R and data mining. Roberto is a data scientist working at a major telecommunication company in Germany. Even if you still fight with the aftereffects of your new year's party, the following is something that may help in getting you more active because that's it what this blog post is about - Activity. Regardless of the business you are working in, I bet that customer activity is something that matters. An active customer typically is someone who is receptive for offers, whereas non-activity is a good indication for increasing churn probability or simply for a deteriorating customer relationship.

The SWORD is a weapon-detecting smartphone case


No matter how stylishly makers dress them up, most smartphone cases are really about one thing: protecting screens from smashing. They're fragile cargo, we get it. Of course, some enterprising companies have taken things further, whipping up cases that transform into Android phones and selfie drones. Now Royal Holdings has jumped into the fray with SWORD, a five ounce phone case that works like a 3D-imaging scanner. Let's get the drawbacks out of the way first.

Enabling a digital lifestyle using data analytics and machine learning OpenGovAsia


Globe Telecom is the leading full service telecommunications company in the Philippines, serving the needs of consumers and businesses across an entire suite of products and services including mobile, fixed, broadband, data connections, internet and managed services. Accounting for more than 50% of the Philippines' mobile revenues, Globe Telecom leads the mobile market, while also generating one-third of the country's fixed broadband revenues and enterprise data connections. To enhance customer experience for its 60 million customers, Globe Telecom looked into the use of machine learning to deliver real-time targeted marketing and optimised products and services, while maintaining compliance with the latest industry data regulations in the country. According to Chief Technology and Information Officer and Chief Strategy Officer of Globe Telecom Mr Gil Genio, the company strives to enable its customers to live a digital lifestyle that is supported by its robust and pervasive mobile network. Given the increasing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Globe Telecom's mobile data volumes grew by 66% in 2017, reaching 600 petabytes (PB).

Chinese artificial intelligence start-up SenseTime raises $620m for its facial recognition technology


Chinese artificial intelligence start-up SenseTime has raised $620m (£465m) in funding, a month after raising $600 million from e-commerce giant Alibaba. SenseTime, which is headquartered in Beijing, develops a facial recognition product which is used by the Chinese government for its surveillance system. Other SenseTime customers include Honda, which uses the technology in its driverless cars, and Chinese smartphone companies Huawei and Xiaomi. The latest investment in SenseTime came from Fidelity International, Hopu Capital, Silver Lake and Tiger Global. Qualcomm also invested in the latest round of funding through its Qualcomm Ventures division.

Norway Companies Collaborated To Develop UAV For Handling Emergencies


Major Companies of Norway like Robot Aviation, Telenor Svalbard and Andoya Space Center are collaborating to develop and test a specialised Norwegian drone for emergency situations. With increase in commercial shipping, tourism and cruises, the Norwegian technology companies want to use drones to strengthen the understanding of situations, communication coverage and the ability to handle events. "Large geographical distances and areas without adequate coverage for mobile communications, VHF or maritime broadband radio (MBR) in the area of Svalbard can be a challenge in accidents, natural disasters and the like," says Guttorm Albrigt Hansen, head of Telenor Svalbard. The UAS would be carrying photos, sensors as well as telecommunications equipment, and the system is intended as a solution that will provide communication coverage for major events or disasters.

Machine learning for a 5G future


Kaleidoscope 2018: Machine learning for a 5G future is the tenth in a series of peer-reviewed academic conferences organized by ITU to bring together a wide range of views from universities, industry and research institutions. The aim of the Kaleidoscope conferences is to identify emerging developments in information and communication technologies (ICTs) and, in particular, areas in need of international standards to aid the healthy development of the Information Society. Machine learning shows promise to assist smarter use of network-generated data, enabling ICT network operators and service providers to adapt to changes in traffic patterns, security risks and user behaviour. This will also affect ITU standardization work in fields such as coding algorithms; data collection, storage and management; and network management and orchestration. Kaleidoscope 2018 calls for original scientific papers addressing advances in research on machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques for future communication networks, covering all aspects of network design, management, implementation and optimization.

Telecom Operators Using AI to Boost Intelligent Customer Relationship Management


Tractica's recently published Artificial Intelligence for Telecommunications Applications report is a comprehensive examination of market and technology issues surrounding key telecom use cases. One of the cases in which telecom service providers are aggressively investing is intelligent customer relationship management (CRM). CRM systems help organizations track and make sense of customer sales, marketing, and support interactions. What was born primarily as a sales tracking tool has expanded, with the advent of digital and social media, into robust platforms designed to unify insights around broader customer interactions and transactions, beyond just sales. The goal of these systems is to facilitate a 360º view of individual customers, improving customer share and retention, reducing churn, and increasing revenue.