Zara Turns to Robots as In-Store Pickups Surge WSJD - Technology

To speed up the process, Zara said earlier this year it would roll out a robot-run version of click and collect, automating the service.

Amazon celebrates Alexa's third birthday with these deals


Amazon's voice-powered digital assistant Alexa just turned three, so the company is acknowledging its three years of existence by offering deals on the Alexa-powered devices below. Please note: Amazon says the deals will last for just over day, starting at 9 PM PST on Nov. 5 and ending at 11:59 PM PST on Nov. 6. Here's our take on the Fire Tablet, which Mashable senior tech writer Raymond Wong called "cheap" but "basic. Mashable tech writer Karissa Bell already calls this a good deal, because the Fire TV stick costs $69.99 on its own. Every editorial product is independently selected by Mashable journalists.

Finery wants to fix your wardrobe malfunction


Figuring out what to wear is such a drag that some smart people don what amounts to a uniform each day. Steve Jobs did it, Dean Kamen does it. It's not just choosing what to wear, but knowing your own clothing inventory. How many times have you discovered an item that you totally forgot about until you found it squished against the wall, suffocating under the weight of all the clothes you can see, but only infrequently wear? "A millennial woman will spend $250,000 to $300,000," on clothes over her lifetime says Whitney Casey, founder and CEO of Finery, a new site launching later this month that aims to be a personal clothing inventory, management, ensemble-selection and shopping service.

What's A Chatbot? Most Americans Don't Know


More than one in three Americans (37%) are willing to make a purchase through a chatbot, spending an average of $55.80 per purchase, according to a new report from Publicis Groupe's DigitasLBi. A chatbot is defined as computer software that can interact conversationally via text messages to solve simple, quick response requests from consumers for product information and to make online purchases. While only one in five Americans (22%) have heard of chatbots, men are nearly twice as likely to have heard of them (29% vs. 16%). But many consumers seem willing to interact with chatbots if they benefit from the exchange. Nearly six in 10 (59%) have or would be willing to communicate with chatbots to either receive offers and coupons, receive recommendations or advice (37%), and/or conduct online banking (14%).

The role of machine learning in real-time fraud detection


As the rate of fraud continues to increase, being able to detect such transactions and stop them before they are completed clearly needs to be a top priority for banking institutions. With the overall number of transactions rising hugely, and developments such as real-time payments helping make settlements faster, the solutions banks have in place for fraud detection are coming under more pressure than ever. In many cases, these systems will only have a matter of milliseconds to determine whether a transaction is genuine. The good news for banks, however, is that technological advancements can provide them with many more options for meeting these challenges, thanks to a new generation of big data analytics and machine learning applications. As more people turn to digital solutions for all their everyday activities, including banking and making payments, they will generate huge amounts of data that forward-thinking banks can use to identify trends and highlight suspicious behavior.

Artificial Intelligence Invades Fashion Industry [EXCLUSIVE]: How AI-Based Fashion Startup Tess. Uses Machine Learning To Create World's Greatest Virtual Styling/Shopping Service For Women


Tess. is a London-based online service created for women that offers personalized professional styling recommendations based on artificial intelligence. of 5 (Photo: MyTess/Dasha Egay) Today, artificial intelligence has become the latest trend in various fields, including education, healthcare, the environment and the business sectors. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if artificial intelligence invades the world of fashion? Whether people will admit it or not, fashion is playing an essential role in our daily routines. Since we are currently in an era where artificial intelligence is on the rise, some of us can't help but wonder how AI will change and influence the world of fashion. Earlier in May, people got a glimpse of how experts incorporated artificial intelligence into the ever-evolving field of fashion.