How AI-driven Search Empowers the Digital Workplace


If finding information in the workplace is a manual hunt-and-peck exercise, and you keep adding more digital information to the mix, your employees are getting frustrated, and even worse, disengaged. After all, they are used to easy, intuitive search experiences in their personal lives with tools like Google, Alexa, and Siri. Yet when it comes to the workplace, the systems don't deliver that ease of use. Get the eBook How AI-driven Search Empowers the Digital Workplace to learn how AI technologies and cognitive search deliver a personalized, highly relevant experience for information access in the enterprise, and help you engage a modern workforce.

Montreal AI startup Element AI hires ex-IBM chief to lead product and strategy efforts


Hot Montreal artificial intelligence startup Element AI has scored its third high-profile hire in the past month, recruiting former IBM chief innovation officer Linda Bernardi to join as its chief product and strategy officer. The Seattle-based Ms. Bernardi follows Denis Therien, McGill University's former vice-principal of research and international relations, and Valérie Bécaert, former director of partnerships with Montreal's Institute of Data Valorization, who joined Element AI last month. The Element AI moves come after the hiring of top-ranked Canadian AI research scientists by giant U.S. tech companies, including Facebook, Google and Uber Technologies, and the sale of a handful of AI startups to the likes of Microsoft. In the face of growing concerns over the loss of talent to these foreign heavyweights, Ottawa and the provinces have committed hundreds of millions of dollars to new AI institutes in Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton. Element, co-founded by University of Montreal professor and deep-learning pioneer Yoshua Bengio, has quickly emerged as one of the most heavily financed Canadian AI startups.

The AI Mindset:


AI will impact every facet of business–changing how we work, and the pace of innovation. It has the power to deliver immense business value, and help brands create the personalized experiences that customers demand. However, to realize its full potential requires a shift in how organizations invest their resources, develop their talent, and foster an AI mindset focused on unlocking creativity and collaboration. Join Bluewolf CEO Eric Berridge to learn key strategies for designing your workforce around a mindset and culture needed to compete and win with AI.

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David Ferrucci's official title is "IBM Fellow and Leader of the Semantic Analysis and Integration Department at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center." But to the world, he's the genius behind Watson, the question-answering supercomputer system that bested two humans in a nationally televised broadcast of the popular game show Jeopardy! On Monday, Ferrucci delivered a fantastic keynote at the ACM's 2011 Federated Computing Research Conference in San Jose, CA. Ferrucci walked the audience -- nearly 2,000 computer scientists from around the country -- through the creation of Watson, from its initial conception in 2004 to its nationally televised victory this past February. "The story goes," he began, "that an IBM vice president was dining at a restaurant" when, suddenly, everyone around him got up and rushed toward a TV.