Healthcare Informatics


As artificial intelligence (AI) gains more momentum in the healthcare sector, CIOs' use of these technologies has expanded. Emphasizing its growing importance of AI, more than four-fifths (84 percent) of healthcare executives surveyed as part of the research believe that AI will revolutionize the way they gain information from and interact with consumers, and nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of health organizations surveyed are already using virtual assistants to create better customer interactions." The company's co-founder and chief medical officer Jason Bhan, M.D., a family physician who previously worked at Clinovations, a company that helps hospitals implement health IT, recalls a project he was working on for a client in which the organization's CEO and chief medical officer turned and said to Bhan and his team, "We just spent $150 million on this [EHR] system, what did we do for ourselves?" He adds that the diagnostic information, however-- lab data, radiology, and tests that physicians are performing--is a gold mine, so that coupled with years of practice, and also years of making decisions based on looking at lab results, guided him towards thinking more about diagnostics in healthcare.

Recruiters, here's the best source of candidates you'll ever find… for FREE!


When a recruiter is always running against time to screen applications, schedule interviews, show traction on open positions in meetings with hiring managers, the last thing they want to be doing is struggling to mine the ATS for candidates. However, when a recruitment agency sends a great candidate's resume across and the recruiter realizes that the candidate was an applicant whose resume was in the ATS all the while, the recruiter does think "I needn't have paid the agency the placement fee for this candidate if I found this candidate myself". If these candidates (with their old resumes) show up as a good fit for your currently open positions, they'd make excellent candidates with their updated skills and experience (provided they haven't switched roles) How do you tap into it? The recruiter receives the updated resume of an old candidate from the ATS, who is a great match to the open job.

The Physics of Rick and Morty


For science fiction, the multiverse is a gold mine of compelling story ideas. Some physicists like Kleban believe we could detect evidence of the multiverse through something called bubble collisions. The hunt for bubble collisions continues, although Kleban himself has acknowledged finding one would be a long shot. "If convincing evidence of the multiverse is found, it would be one of the biggest discoveries in human history akin to the Copernican revolution," he said.

Google Adds Natural Language Queries to Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a gold mine of data, and the backbone of many digital marketing processes. Google's adding in a new natural language query process which will help users find relevant insights quickly and easily. Last September, they added Automated Insights which aims to highlight relevant fluctuations and changes in your Google Analytics data to help keep you on top of all the important measurements. Google does say that the system may not be able to answer all of these queries, as it depends on the surrounding context, but they are working to improve and upgrade the system based on use.

Mining Watson for data gold


Faced with growing costs for extraction and processing and increasing competition, mine operators are turning to advanced technology tools to speed the discovery of mineral deposits. For Goldcorp, these tools now include cognitive technology from IBM applied to multiple information sources to help geologists locate high-value exploration targets faster and with greater accuracy, thereby reducing extraction costs and environmental impact. According to Mark Fawcett, partner, IBM global business services and project lead, Goldcorp's Watson initiative was a collective effort that drew on the strengths of both the IBM and Goldcorp organizations in the implementation and training of the Watson system. The gold in any analytics project, the Red Lake project began with the collection of information resources, including structured and unstructured data.

Machine learning in the mining industry -- a case study


A gold mining company -- Newcrest Mining -- provided operating data for a number of its plants, with the aim that some of the teams attending could provide useful solutions grounded in Data Science. To keep autoclave sizes and capital costs down, Newcrest's autoclaves instead rely on purified oxygen, provided by an air separation unit (ASU). This presents an opportunity to minimise the excess oxygen and therefore reduce ASU electricity consumption -- saving money and reducing GHG emissions. The variables included temperature measurements, ore flow rate, and operating pressure.

UPDATED: Machine learning can fix Twitter, Facebook, and maybe even America


Someone called it "a clown car that drove into a gold mine," and like all clown cars, Twitter makes the passengers get out once in awhile. Then we can perform powerful mathematical operations on text to detect patterns and similarities, make predictions and apply categories to it. While media endorsements meant diddly squat this election cycle, the way that media and social media promoted false stories week after week to increase their eyeballs and mindshare had a huge effect. The tech platforms powering social media can help reconcile us with reality in many quiet ways, or they can join the indifferent and venal attention merchants that ushered a conman, a bigot and a sexual predator into the White House for the sake of an earnings report.

Nvidia sees government as its next A.I. goldmine


Nvidia, a publicly traded company that makes graphics processing units (GPUs), has been focusing its business more and more completely on artificial intelligence (A.I.) But the use of Nvidia's GPUs for A.I., and specifically deep learning -- an approach that involves training artificial neural networks on bunches of data, such as images, and then getting the neural networks to make inferences about new data -- has gained particular traction in the technology industry. Nvidia is hoping that government agencies start to grasp that the technology can outperform more traditional machine learning methods. In around 2011, Nvidia employees took the first steps in collaboration with Stanford computer science professor Andrew Ng to move the then-nascent Google Brain deep learning system from 16,000 CPUs onto 48 GPUs, making it faster and more cost-efficient, Dally said.