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Getting past the buzzwords to the meat of what is on offer in the machine learning services landscape isn't easy. That's why we've put together a little guide to help you understand how you can start utilizing real and true machine learning to accelerate your business. Lots of buzzwords these days actually reference open-source machine learning platforms and libraries, which often require knowledge of computer science, statistics, linear algebra, calculus and sometimes even more arcane math to fully utilize. These are separate from the technologies built on top of them, but can get conflated in the media landscape. Tensorflow is the (mostly) open-source library that Google maintains and presumably builds their internal and external machine learning services with.

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Python Type Conversion, Decisions and Loops – Type Conversion – Decision making -- a) If.. -- b) If..else -- c) Nested if..else -- d) If..elif..else – Loops -- a) For loop -- b) While loop -- c) Nested loops -- d) break, pass and continue

Five Latest Machine Learning eBooks


Working with real data means that you need to get real insight for your business; don't let the essential information slip out of your grasp - the world of machine learning awaits you! Here is a list of Packt's latest Machine Learning eBooks to help you stay updated with the technology. Machine learning and neural networks are pillars on which you can build intelligent applications. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Fundamentals written by Zsolt Nagy begins by introducing you to Python and discussing AI search algorithms. You will cover in-depth mathematical topics, such as regression and classification, illustrated by Python examples.

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If you follow my blog regularly then you may be wondering why am I writing an article to tell people to learn Python? Didn't I ask you to prefer Java over Python a couple of years ago? Well, things have changed a lot since then. In 2016, Python replaced Java as the most popular language in colleges and universities and has never looked back. Python is growing big time.

Want A Bigger Bang From AI? Embed It Into Your Apps


How might your everyday working life change if you have artificial intelligence and machine learning? Consider an employee who normally fills out his weekly time card on Thursday afternoon, because he doesn't work most Fridays. Machine learning that's built into a payroll application could help the app learn the individual working habits of each employee. Having learned this specific pattern, the app could ask him if he meant to fill out the time card when he goes to log out of the system Thursday. There's no policy there: It's a behavior pattern that machine learning can pick up on.

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Founded in 2006, Smartlogic is a leading San Jose, CA-based computer software company. Smartlogic's Semaphore is an enterprise-grade semantic platform that allows organizations to realize the business value of their information. Bringing structure to the unstructured, Semaphore scales to manage organizational volumes, and supports industry-standard semantic vocabularies. Its model-driven, rule-based semantic approach solves complex business problems that traditional technologies cannot. It integrates into and enhances the capabilities of existing technology to improve time to value for new opportunities.

Faster neural nets for iOS and macOS


One of the services I provide is converting neural networks to run on iOS devices. Because neural networks by nature perform a lot of computations, it is important that they run as efficiently as possible on mobile. An efficient model is able to get real-time results on live video -- without draining the battery or making the phone so hot you can fry an egg on it. Traditional neural networks such as VGGNet and ResNet are too demanding, and I usually recommend switching to MobileNet. With this architecture, even models with over 200 layers can run at 30 FPS on older iPhones and iPads.

Speedy Python 3 Developer - Create Calculator App in 1 hour


Learn to use Python professionally, learning both Python 3! Application or Software Development. Learn to use Object Oriented Programming Build a complete understanding of Python from the ground up! Learn to use Python professionally, learning both Python 3! You're here because you're ready to learn Programming from basics i.e. This course is designed for beginners point of view and thus does not require any prior knowledge about programming or python. At OneLit we believe in knowledge and thus this course is designed to teach students with examples. You are on the go and want to instantly learn python programming from scratch and thus this course will help you in learning python from zero by developing a calculator application.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business


In the race of modern marketing, there are many emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence taking the businesses trends to capitalize on the resources. After the introduction of the AI, enabled strategies difference can be noticed when it comes about the customer engagement levels. Artificial intelligence is allowing leading investors to streamline marketing processes with enhanced communication and individualized content. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also a key contributor to more seamless customer experiences. This advanced technology is helping brands to predict what their customers want when they visit them again.

Microsoft Office has changed, how you use it should too


The other day I came across an author on Twitter looking for a software package that had the writing and editing features of Microsoft Word with the collaborative editing of Google Docs so they could work on chapters of a book with their colleagues without emailing a Word document around and repeatedly merging changes. With the ghostly sobbing of every Office product and marketing person for the last five years ringing in my ears, I suggested that what they were actually looking for was Microsoft Word, with the document saved into OneDrive. Then there was the announcement about the latest frontline worker features in Teams; when it arrived, I spent a moment wondering if I should make a new section in OneNote for Teams information or if I should keep putting it into my Office section. As usual, I clipped it into the Office section, because new apps like Teams are what make Office what it is now: an evolving mix of applications that are continually adding new features and the cloud services that make those applications continually more powerful. That OneNote section is actually named Office 365, but for a long time it was called Office 15, because that was the pre-release name of Office 2013.