New Digital Technologies Will Disrupt Banking Forever


The next wave of digital technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, the internet of things (IoT), open banking APIs and robotic process automation (RPA). These new technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), blockchain, open banking platforms with application program interfaces (APIs) and robotic process automation (RPA). With the potential to increase efficiency, decrease costs and enhance the customer experience, these digital-enabled technologies will result in disruption of the way people do their banking and potentially what organizations deliver these services. The pace of digital change is about to accelerate exponentially, however, with the integration of AI, robotics, blockchain, open banking APIs and the internet of things.

AIs that learn from photos become sexist

Daily Mail

In the fourth example, the person pictured is labeled'woman' even though it is clearly a man because of sexist biases in the set that associate kitchens with women Researchers tested two of the largest collections of photos used to train image recognition AIs and discovered that sexism was rampant. However, they AIs associated men with stereotypically masculine activities like sports, hunting, and coaching, as well as objects sch as sporting equipment. 'For example, the activity cooking is over 33 percent more likely to involve females than males in a training set, and a trained model further amplifies the disparity to 68 percent at test time,' reads the paper, titled'Men Also Like Shopping,' which published as part of the 2017 Conference on Empirical Methods on Natural Language Processing. A user shared a photo depicting another scenario in which technology failed to detect darker skin, writing'reminds me of this failed beta test Princeton University conducted a word associate task with the algorithm GloVe, an unsupervised AI that uses online text to understand human language.

How to Operationalize Machine Learning with Talend


Today's world has recently taken up an increased focus on machine learning and with data scientists/data miners/ predictive modellers / *whatever new job term may emerge* operating at the cutting-edge of technology, it cannot be forgotten that machine learning needs to be implemented in such a way to aid in the solution of real business problems. In this blog, we will focus on the operational aspect of data science as well as how Talend can assist this process by bringing together IT and Data Science to ensure that critical machine learning models can be deployed seamlessly to downstream business applications and thus bridge the skill gap that exists between data scientist and IT developer. The IT developer coordinates with the data scientist and together they agree that the best way forward will be to develop the ALS (Alternating Least Squares algorithm) model using Spark and Apache Zeppelin while after persisting the ML model to a parquet file on the enterprise Big Data platform. The developer can then consume this model file using Talend into a wider data pipeline that can be deployed downstream for the business to consume in an easy manner.

Watson Lab welcomes high school interns with access to AI and cognitive APIs - Watson


Key Points: – We're kicking off Watson Lab's high school internship program for the spring semester – The curriculum prepares the students to work as Software Developers at IBM during their Senior year. At Watson Lab we are piloting a high school internship program for the spring semester. One of the teachers, David Conover IBM Champion for Cloud 2016 & 2017, introduced me to the Superintendent of Pflugerville ISD. The school curriculum prepares the students to work as Software Developers at IBM during their Senior year.

Rob High: The future of AI-powered chatbots


Watson powers the company's chatbot GWYN (Gifts When You Need) and helps it detect user tone. GWYN interacts with online customers using natural language and is designed to understand human intention behind each purchase by interpreting and asking several questions. Last year, an AI teaching assistant powered by IBM Watson helped moderate an online forum for a computer science class at Georgia Tech University, and most students didn't find out they were interacting with AI. IBM Watson did a pilot with the Australian government around Nadia, a virtual assistant platform that helps disabled people get information about government services.

Is artificial intelligence the future of finance?


AI has also been the subject of a recent European Commission (EC) consultation document, to which CFA Institute submitted a response. This'training' involves using a large training data set that the computer algorithm can repeatedly go through (but typically with guidance and supervision) to learn through trial and error how to connect the input data (e.g., credit history, employment history, assets, purchasing history) with the desired output (e.g., the correct identification of a suitable risky portfolio). Although some attempts have been made to check the source code of algorithmic traders, the most effective protection against algorithmic errors are circuit breakers on markets that limit the amount of damage a failing algorithm can cause. Consider attending the CFA Institute European Investment Conference, held in Berlin this November.

I built a chatbot in 2 hours and this is what I learned


While browsing my only aim was to guess and rationalize the developer's decision to choose the bot platform over the app platform to solve their problem. The bot industry is in its infancy right now and they are all competing for the same thing -- to find the next killer app that makes chatbots mainstream. After listing through some problems, I finally chose to make a chatbot that correctly calculates dates from natural language strings. With Facebook's Messenger Platform and Telegram's Bot Platform, abilities offered by,, and It was a very liberating exercise to learn something methodically and then go on ahead and make a working proof of concept.



Spark's unique use case is that it combines ETL, batch analytics, real-time stream analysis, machine learning, graph processing, and visualizations to allow data scientists to tackle the complexities that come with raw unstructured datasets. Next, we will help you become comfortable and confident working with Spark for data science by exploring Spark's data science libraries on a dataset of tweets. He has worked on various technologies including major databases, application development platforms, web technologies, and big data technologies. His typical day includes building efficient processing with advanced machine learning algorithms, easy SQL, streaming and graph analytics.

Barclays customers can now ask Siri to make payments for them


In today's edition of companies making it all too easy for us to spend money, Barclays has added a feature to its iOS app that will debit your account after hearing you utter but a few words. Or, less sinisterly put, Barclays' mobile banking app now lets you make payments with Siri commands. Provided you've granted Apple's assistant access to your account in the app, you can transfer money to any previously known payee, or anyone in your iPhone's contact list. That's technically true, though PayPal added the feature towards the end of last year and Santander added voice payments to its app in February, though it's not Siri you're asking in that instance.

Complete iOS 11 Machine Learning Masterclass - Udemy


If you want to learn how to start building professional, career-boosting mobile apps and use Machine Learning to take things to the next level, then this course is for you. The Complete iOS Machine Learning Masterclass is the only course that you need for machine learning on iOS. Jump the curve and adopt this innovative approach; the Complete iOS Machine Learning Masterclass will introduce Machine Learning in a way that's both fun and engaging. One of the hottest growing fields in technology today, Machine Learning is an excellent skill to boost your your career prospects and expand your professional tool kit.