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Worldwide AI software market to reach $62 billion in 2022 -- Gartner


The AI software forecast from Gartner is based on use cases, measuring the amount of potential business value, timing of business value and risk to project how use cases will grow. According to the global research firm and consultancy, the top five use case categories for AI software spending in 2022 will be knowledge management; virtual assistants; autonomous vehicles; digital workplace; and crowdsourced data. The AI software market encompasses applications with AI embedded in them, such as computer vision software, as well as software that is used to build AI systems. "The AI software market is picking up speed, but its long-term trajectory will depend on enterprises advancing their AI maturity," said Alys Woodward, senior research director at Gartner. "Successful AI business outcomes will depend on the careful selection of use cases. Use cases that deliver significant business value, yet can be scaled to reduce risk, are critical to demonstrate the impact of AI investment to business stakeholders."

Exclusive Interview with Naren Vijay, EVP of Lumenore


Organizational intelligence (OI) is the capability of an organization to comprehend and create knowledge relevant to its purpose. In other words, it is the intellectual capacity of the entire organization. Lumenore is a powerful, intuitive, and cloud-based BI and analytics platform that delivers organizational intelligence by sifting data from any business application. Analytics Insight has engaged in an exclusive interview with Naren Vijay, EVP of Lumenore. Lumenore is a powerful, intuitive, and cloud-based BI and analytics platform that delivers organizational intelligence by sifting data from any business application.

Fundamentals - Artificial Intelligence Ai-Know Ai Deeply A-Z - Medea Tech


Let me share my journey as Global Future Skills & Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence Expert. We have Served 4000 Students and 500 Teachers. I have done Global Future Skills Implementation and Future Skills Research for last 15 Years. I am Lifelong Lerner of Future Skills, Future Technologies. I am Self Taught Computer – Artificial Intelligence Scientist and Super Pure Consciousness Expert.

How can spend management be improved by artificial intelligence? - IntelligentHQ


Artificial intelligence is the next frontier in mankind's race to develop autonomous technologies. So far, there have been major breakthroughs in this particular field and most of them involve the use of deep learning algorithms that seek to build powerful systems for multiple purposes. In the specific case of financial technology, algorithms have the power to expedite multiple processes in areas such as lending, accounting, investing, and spend management. Mesh Payments is a developer of spend management software that is working hard to incorporate AI into its software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to keep helping businesses to better manage their finances. In this article, we explore how AI can enhance an organization's financial processes and what role spend management will play in achieving this particular goal. First, let's dig a bit deeper into the basics of artificial intelligence.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Stocks Set for a Bull Run in 2022


Multiple organizations are ready to serve smart functionalities of artificial intelligence across the world to make the world a better place. There are different domains of artificial intelligence that these organizations are identifying and explored in these recent years. The main aim is to boost productivity so that organizations can earn higher revenue in the nearby future with the utmost customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, investors are highly inclined towards AI stocks from an AI-based company to earn profit in digital wallets. Continuous innovations and advancements have shown that the global tech market is stable and profitable in nature. There are multiple AI stocks for the bull run in 2022 for the never-ending research and development through AI models.

What Makes Python An Ideal Programming Language For Startups - KDnuggets


With several programming languages outshining in the market, choosing the right one is always a daunting task when you are in the early stages of leading your startup. Whether you want to build a minimum viable product (MVP) to gain attention for your concept or want to release your finished product as soon as possible in the market, the choice of a programming language should be wise and based on sound reasons. Not all programming languages will suit your business requirements. Startups must carefully consider the popularity of the language, budget, speed of development, libraries, integrations, scalability, stability, software security, and cost of developers before choosing a programming language. It is for this reason Python is often considered one of the best startup programming languages, as it satisfies all these requirements.

The Beginner's Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Unity.


Do your non-player characters lack drive and ambition? Are they slow, stupid and constantly banging their heads against the wall? Then this course is for you. Join Penny as she explains, demonstrates and assists you in creating your very own NPCs in Unity with C#. All you need is a sound knowledge of Unity, C# and the ability to add two numbers together. In this course, Penny reveals the most popular AI techniques used for creating believable character behaviour in games using her internationally acclaimed teaching style and knowledge from over 25 years working with games, graphics and having written two award winning books on games AI.

Machine Learning Project Actions and SmartLinks


This action copies the machine learning project and the associated machine learning scenarios. Some fields on the machine learning project are reset to blank such as Last Exported to Machine Learning and Last Loaded into Analytics.