How Enterprises Can Scale their Machine Learning - InformationWeek


Enterprise organizations recognize the key functions that artificial intelligence and machine learning will play in their businesses in the future, and, depending on what survey you have read in the last year, they are investing to make that future a reality. But what does it take to build a successful AI and machine learning practice? What does it take to go beyond building that practice and actually integrate AI and machine learning tools into the business itself where professionals across the organization touch it every day? How can we make these technologies which promise to provide a competitive edge into the lifeblood of the enterprise. A couple of new Forrester Wave reports, which evaluate predictive analytics and machine learning tools, provide a blueprint for the successful AI-driven business of the future.

BPM development goes beyond low-code with AI, RPA


The next wave of low-code BPM development tools aims to bring AI and RPA capabilities to lightweight process, application development and customization. A legacy of monolithic IT, business process management suites (BPMS) represent a model that businesses now eschew in their process application customization, modernization and digital process automation initiatives. To remain relevant, BPMS vendors expanded BPM development capabilities, starting with low-code tooling. Now they're reaching for AI features and integration with robotic process automation to automate decision-making and eliminate repetitive processes. The expectations from BPM initiatives have changed dramatically in the last few years, as businesses focus more on user-centric design and improved customer engagement.

Software 'Robots' Power Surging Values for Three Little-Known Startups WSJD - Technology

They were all founded in 2005 or earlier, but it wasn't until the past few years that they took off after hitting on their current business automating simple back-office tasks and dubbing it "robotic process automation." UiPath on Monday completed a new funding round at a $3 billion valuation, said a person familiar with the process, six months after a prior round valued it at $1.1 billion. In July, rival Automation Anywhere raised its first round of financing at a $1.8 billion valuation. Shares in Blue Prism, a public company in the U.K., have risen nearly 30 times since they were listed in March 2016. It raised about $60 million in a secondary share sale in January.

Sapho aims to use machine learning to save employees more time navigating systems


Sapho is banking that machine learning will allow it to manage your personal enterprise applications so you don't have to. The company, which is focused on integrating enterprise applications into what it calls an Employee Experience Portal, plans to use machine learning to monitor how an employee uses business applications and then dish out the most relevant information to them. Time savings from Sapho's machine learning tools would come from less time searching, navigating various systems and completing work within legacy systems. Sapho estimates that employees spend one day a week searching enterprise systems for work information. Sapho's machine learning features are being rolled out with key features being in tech preview.

How is Artificial Intelligence Impacting E-Commerce?


Technology is dominating today for people, to live happily in this world. Here, the impact of technology enables us to see things, the work we do, and the way in which we interact with our surroundings. This is making our lives more convenient as there is a huge inheritance of innovation, giving way to the higher level of growth, amongst business organizations. They evolve their businesses around these modern technological innovations. One of the most recent innovations relate to the sweeping industry is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

IBM launches tools to detect AI fairness, bias and open sources some code


IBM said it will launch cloud software designed to manage artificial intelligence deployments, detect bias in models and mitigate its impact and monitor decision across multiple frameworks. The move by IBM highlights how AI management is becoming more of an issue as companies deploy machine learning and various models to make decisions. Executives are likely to have trouble understanding models and the data science under the hood. IBM said its technology will monitor AI so enterprises comply with regulations. In addition, IBM's software works with models build on machine learning frameworks such as Watson, Tensorflow, SparkML, AWS SageMaker, and AzureML.

Visual Studio Live! Keynote: Artificial Intelligence Makes Visual Studio Smarter -- Visual Studio Magazine


Microsoft's Visual Studio team has long made each release of the IDE faster, more functional, less buggy and so on, but now, with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it's actually getting smarter. That was a main takeaway from today's keynote session at Visual Studio Live! in Chicago, where Microsoft's Amanda Silver detailed the latest enhancements to the IDE and what's coming soon. The Director of Program Management for Developer Tools featured AI and ML throughout her presentation -- titled "The Present and Not Too Distant Future of Visual Studio" -- which covered advancements in personal productivity, IntelliCode, DevOps and more. "Our mission with Visual Studio is really to provide the best-in-class tools for any developer building any kind of app," Silver told the jam-packed VSLive!

Machine Learning on the Edge is Here. – – Medium


At one of our goals is to bring the power of machine learning to the devices we use every day. In a recent post on the medical selfie, our Co-Founder and COO, Sam De Brouwer, wrote about the advantages of leveraging machine intelligence on edge devices such as our mobile phones, including speed, privacy, and personal control. In that post she discussed's new mobile machine learning model that, from a selfie which never leaves your phone, can infer biometric data such as your age, sex, height, and weight. As part of our effort to accelerate the pace of mobile machine learning is excited to announce two open source projects, Net Runner and TensorIO. Both are available on GitHub and both have been published with a permissive Apache 2 open source license.

AI And Analytics – the Triple A rated way of testing success


Especially if that something is damaging the way customers perceive the brand. We live in a technical world, and if these problems aren't fixed quickly, disgruntled customers may very well go elsewhere. So, how can organisations around the world ensure that these technical problems don't occur? Step forward'AI And Analytics' – a Triple A rated way of testing for success that is helping companies deliver amazing digital experience to delight users and help prevent them from turning to competitors. AI and Analytics helps to identify issues quickly, focusing testing on the parts of the digital experience that have the biggest impact on user experience.

ASU researcher shifts big data computing into high gear


Every second, approximately 6,000 tweets are posted on Twitter. That's a significant amount of data -- and it represents only one social media platform out of hundreds. Social media offers an enormous volume of unstructured data that can generate knowledge and help make better decisions on a larger scale. While humans are clearly efficient data generators, computers are having a difficult time processing and analyzing the sheer volume of data. Arizona State University Associate Professor Ming Zhao leads the development of GEARS, a big data computing infrastructure designed for today's demanding big data challenges.