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AI-Powered Data Extraction from Clearwater Analytics – A Team


Clearwater Analytics, a Software-as-a-service (Saas) buy-side data aggregation and portfolio reporting specialist, this week launches a new machine learning-based information extraction service. The data extraction solution focuses on data aggregation and normalization, drilling into transactional data to create a service that automates the ingestion of many types of data which are traditionally manually entered. The solution uses advanced AI techniques including natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning to identify key data elements in a variety of document types, then extracts the data and feeds it into Clearwater's data aggregation engine to be reconciled. "We are committed to providing our clients with the most accurate data possible for their reporting needs," says Warren Barkley, Chief Technology Officer at Clearwater Analytics. "Machine learning-backed data extraction eliminates the need for manual intervention with unstructured data and allows our clients faster access to more accurate information."

Top 10 AI Consulting & Development Companies 2020 - South Florida Reporter


Artificial intelligence technology has reached the point where it's less of a trend than a business necessity across virtually every business. In the next four years, it is expected that AI's industry growth will start to explode and its impact on business and society will begin to emerge. Businesses looking for an effective AI development partner often face difficulties connected with an oversaturated market and a multitude of vendors offering similar services as choosing the right service provider you should consider many factors, starting from the location of the company, it's size, rates, technologies they use, their expertise, and so on. The companies mentioned below are at the forefront of digital transformation. And some of them provide best-in-class AI solutions, products, and consulting services that will unleash even more innovations in the years to come.

5 Innovative AI Software Companies You Should Know


With AI often thrown around as a buzzword in business circles, people often forget that machine learning is a means to an end, rather than an end in itself. For most companies, building an AI is not your true goal. Instead, AI implementation can provide you with the tools to meet your goals, be it better customer service through an intuitive chatbot or streamlining video production through synthetic voiceovers. To help shed light on some real-world applications of machine learning, this article introduces five innovative AI software that you should keep on eye on throughout 2020. Scanta is an AI startup with a very interesting history.

It's Personal: AI Leader Partners With IBM, Builds New Buy Zone


As IBM (IBM) and Red Hat team up with Adobe (ADBE) on artificial intelligence and personalization technology, Adobe stock is trying to customize a new base and buy point. The IBD Long-Term Leader is also setting its sights on a fresh all-time high. In July, Adobe, IBM and Red Hat announced a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating the digital transformation and strengthening of real-time data security for enterprises, with a focus on regulated industries such as banking and health care. Building on IBM's acquisition of Red Hat in 2018, the goal of the partnership is to "enable companies to deliver more personalized experiences across the customer journey, driving improved engagement, profitability and loyalty." Having already made its own successful shift to a software-as-a-service model, Adobe has become a major player in cloud-based creative, personalization and analytics products.

4 Ways AI Can Level Up Your Sales Coaching


As a sales leader for the past ten years, I've spent hundreds of hours listening to calls and searching for the best examples to use in training. It's impossible to listen to every call, though, so sometimes valuable best practices go undiscovered. Here at Armstrong Steel, we sell pre-engineered steel buildings. Our sales reps are sometimes asked very technical questions about our products. Those questions change over time, so our coaching and training needs to adjust to reflect that and address our prospects' current needs.

Future of AI in video games focuses on the human connection


Since the dawn of chatbots and digital assistant creation, one critique has been universal: the helper is not human-like enough. This issue spans enterprises, and IT developers and startups are now developing AI that is human-like, emotional and responsive. Christian Selchau-Hansen, CEO of enterprise software company Formation and former manager of product at social game development company Zynga, said that one of the major uses of AI in video games is the implementation of generative adversarial network (GAN) technology, image recognition and replication in character design. The ability of an algorithm to read emotion, generate emotion from text and accurately portray emotion enables a heightened level of gameplay. "Whether it's GPT-3 or the processing and techniques of developments like deepfakes … the good things that come from [these developments] are more immersive worlds," Selchau-Hansen said.

Build your First A.I chatbot in 30 minutes


Step1: Make sure you have that Microsoft VC compiler, Anaconda navigator is properly installed in your system. I hope you have python and Microsoft VC then skip the below process and go to step 2. Otherwise, you can download those from the given links. After Microsoft VC compiler, you have to download Anaconda Navigator. To download anaconda navigator click here and then scroll down where you can see Anaconda Installers and click on (python 3.7) 64-bit graphical installer or 32-bit graphical installer depends on your system version then save. Depends on internet speed it will download in 5 to 10 minutes and then install.

Microsoft's Cortana is saying goodbye to Android and iOS in 2021


In an announcement posted on July 31, the company said it would pull the Cortana mobile app from both iOS and Android devices in early 2021. While this is new for American users, Microsoft did a similar scrubbing of mobile Cortana in regions like Canada, Australia, and the U.K back in Jan. 2020. As Mashable tech reporter Alex Perry explained back then, this means that, "your reminders and lists won't work through [mobile Cortana] anymore. They'll still be synced to the Microsoft To Do app, as a minor consolation prize. It's also being integrated into Microsoft 365 apps."

Sales Doesn't Seem Ripe for Automation, but It Is


Modern sales is more about long-term customer relationships than big, one-and-done deals. This has always been true -- lower customer churn decreases marketing costs -- but it's especially true today, as everything from designer clothing to SaaS products moves toward a subscription model. "The best way to be successful in sales is to know yourself, know your customer and know how you create strong relationships with other people," Samantha Harrington opined in Forbes. "Once you've built that relationship, shown you care, and earned their trust, you are on the road to making [a prospect] a customer," Lee Ann Obringe wrote in HowStuffWorks. Machine-learning algorithms can master repetitive, predictable, and, in a word, mechanical tasks -- but despite the future foretold by Her, artificial intelligence hasn't yet learned to empathize or make jokes.

What's Ahead for Data Processing, Hosting Industry?


Artificial intelligence (AI) may have popularized big data but applications like the internet of things (IoT) are taking it to the next level. The need to analyze large datasets to come up with insights and the increasing internet traffic is increasing the demand for data and digital storage services. The global data center market should expand by $304.87 billion between 2020 and 2024, according to a Technavio report. This puts the current global data center market size to more than $300 billion. According to Internet World Stats, in mid-2019 there were more than 4.5 billion Internet users worldwide, That's 58.8% of the global population with Internet access and the numbers are growing as internet penetration improves.