Salesforce acquires Tel Aviv-based conversational AI startup Bonobo for a reported $50 million -


Editor's note: This exclusive article from CTech (Meir Orbach) was syndicated with permission. Inc. is acquiring Tel Aviv-based conversational AI startup Bonobo, incorporated as Bonobot Technologies Ltd., the company announced Thursday. The company did not disclose the financial terms of the deal, but one person familiar with the matter who spoke to Calcalist on condition of anonymity put it at $50 million. Founded in 2017 by Barak Goldstein, Efrat Rapoport, Idan Tsitiat, and Ohad Hen, Bonobo develops conversational AI technology designed to extract insights from online customer interactions. The company's technology integrates directly with various sources of customer interaction data, such as voice, chat, video, and email, running AI algorithms to analyze the data.

Announcing ML.NET 1.0 .NET Blog


We are excited to announce the release of ML.NET 1.0 today. ML.NET is a free, cross-platform and open source machine learning framework designed to bring the power of machine learning (ML) into .NET applications. ML.NET allows you to train, build and ship custom machine learning models using C# or F# for scenarios such as sentiment analysis, issue classification, forecasting, recommendations and more. You can check out these common scenarios and tasks at our ML.NET samples repo. ML.NET was originally developed within Microsoft Research, and evolved into a significant framework used by many Microsoft products such as Windows Defender, Microsoft Office (Powerpoint design ideas, Excel Chart recommendations), Azure Machine Learning, PowerBI key influencers to name a few!

Tech Q&A: Upgrading Windows 7, Siri tricks, find out if someone blocked your number and more

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Apple's latest feature might allow you to unlock your phone using your ears or cheeks. Q: I am a freelancer working from home, and I want to record calls with my clients. How can I record calls on my smartphone? A: Android makes it much easier to record calls, depending on the device, of course. Android 9 Pie, for example, disabled the ability for third-party apps to record calls.

Upgrading Windows 7, Siri tricks and more: Tech Q&A

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Q: I am a freelancer working from home, and I want to record calls with my clients. How can I record calls on my smartphone? A: Android makes it much easier to record calls, depending on the device, of course. Android 9 Pie, for example, disabled the ability for third-party apps to record calls. Some smartphone apps require you to set up calls like a conference call, so it may take a few extra steps to get going.

All that glitters is not quantum AI


Why hasn't the field of artificial intelligence created the equivalent of human intelligence? Is it because the problem, "artificial general intelligence," isn't well understood, or is because we just need much faster computers, specifically quantum computers? The latter view is the source of a vibrant field of research, "Quantum Machine Learning," or QML. But a bit of skepticism is warranted. "We need to look through a skeptical eye at the idea that quantum makes things faster and therefore can make machine learning advances," says Jennifer Fernick, the head of engineering at NCC Group, a cyber-security firm based in Manchester, U.K. Fernick was a keynote speaker a week ago at the O'Reilly A.I. conference in New York.

Salesforce updates Sales Cloud with AI-based productivity features


Salesforce on Tuesday announced a slew of new productivity features in Sales Cloud that aim to streamline administrative tasks for sales reps. Salesforce posits that sales reps spend roughly 9 hours per week searching for information that they need to close deals, which translates into less time doing actual selling. With that in mind, the latest Sales Cloud update focuses on features that make access to information and collaboration more efficient. Among the updates is the new Inbox Now app. Salesforce said the app, powered by its AI system Einstein, is a tool that let sales reps integrate account, contact and meeting information directly into their calendar so insights are surfaced in context.

The latest Windows patch is breaking even more PCs with antivirus installed


The last major Windows update broke some systems with particular antivirus software installed, and it's seemingly getting worse. Earlier this week we reported that Microsoft halted updates to Windows PCs running Sophos and Avast's security solutions, following user complaints that their machines were locking up or failing to boot. Since then, the list of known issues for the rogue update was itself updated to acknowledge compatibility issues with Avira and ArcaBit antivirus installed, with Microsoft temporarily blocking updates to those affected systems, too. Today, Ars Technica noticed that Microsoft is investigating compatibility issues for systems with McAfee antivirus installed, though it hasn't started blocking the April 9 update from those PCs just yet. Windows 7 and 8.1 computers can fall prey to the bug, along with some Windows Server installations.

Global Artificial Intelligence Software Market Analysis And Trends 2019 – Industry to 2024 - Global Industry Journal


Global Artificial Intelligence Software Market Report 2019 encircles the market completely and provides comprehensive analysis for every factor associated with the global Artificial Intelligence SoftwareMarket. The report deeply studied the historical and present sitch of the market and has reviewed a valuable forecast for market size, share, growth, sales volume, and revenue. Current manufacturing and market trends, changing market dynamics, growth boosting elements, Artificial Intelligence Software market driving factors, and end-user consumption tendencies are also profoundly explained in the report. The report further emphasizes vital industry segments which play an integral part in the determination of actual market size. Proposed segmentation analysis evaluates each segment precisely and renders essential enlightenment based on their consumption, sales volume, production volume, and revenue.