How AI can connect customers to your brand


A survey last year found that 98 percent of smartphone owners had used their device's artificial intelligence-based virtual personal assistant (VPA). Similarly designed in-store robot assistants can walk customers through self-service buying decisions, conversing with consumers in a more natural way to determine product preferences and enable more informed decision-making. In an increasingly competitive, data-driven market, forward-thinking brand leaders can gain an edge by leveraging conversations between humans and their AI assistants. Brands that create a seamless experience that delivers personalized, relevant offers will have a clear advantage.

Nick Kohlschreiber - Media Expert and Adboom on Artificial Intelligence


A recent article in Business Insider suggests that artificial intelligence transforms marketing by changing how consumers are discovered, connected to, and communicated with. According to Nick Kohlschreiber, AI is far superior to in-house data scientists and their old-school methods of prediction. A recent article in Forbes suggests that in addition to personalization of marketing based on superior data collection and analysis, AI can help create content, answer questions (think Siri), and even improve team performance. With the use of technology, including artificial intelligence, Kohlschreiber helps companies grow organically by driving brand awareness.

Artificial Intelligence & robotics: Will exit affect Infy's tech edge?


"On occasion, the board could have just bluntly asked the promoters to put their questions (on corporate governance issues, severance package, salary increases, etc) at the right forum -- which is the company's annual general meeting. These aside, a senior HR executive said, Sikka's initiatives presented a "logical continuity" in the company's growth path. In fact, in July when Infosys released its results for the first quarter of the current financial year, Sikka and COO Praveen Rao arrived to announce the results in an autonomous golf cart. It will probably be a person who will focus on margins and operating costs to make the company profitable,'' a senior Infosys employee said.

The future capabilities of Facebook and IBM chatbots


Chatbots of the future will have advanced capabilities in five key areas: natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding, contextual awareness, anticipate customer needs, and sentiment analysis. Natural Language Processing is the process a machine goes through when translating, summarizing, contextualizing, and analyzing text – or the same process that Google Translate uses to translate text. With natural language understanding, developers can analyze semantic features of text input such as categories, concepts, emotion, entities, keywords, metadata, relations, semantic roles, and sentiment. Facebook recently launched its own Facebook messenger chatbot called Assistant M, as well as a open source developer toolkit for bots.

[P] AI learning to play • r/MachineLearning


The authors say no, they are waiting for permission from the slither guys before releasing what is essentially a bot for the game. They might release the code when they have prettied it up and removed the functionalities that allow it to interface with the game (to cut down on the number of bots). They rely on real people playing the game so that the bot can learn right.

The Importance of Building a Branded Voice Banking Solution


As consumers increasingly rely on voice artificial intelligence (voice AI) to answer questions and make life easier, it will be important for banks and credit unions to be part of this transformation. In addition, implementing voice AI to connect customer service and front-line personnel can provide an integrated solution, further enhancing the overall customer experience. Internet banking and phone apps pushed banks and credit unions into data warehousing and aggregation to enable real-time views of account data, when other industries were still viewing data as an operational initiative instead of a customer service initiative. Compared to chatbots, conversational AI solutions are personalized, automated messages that integrate data from multiple sources to deliver answers based on real-time information.

[P] Trying out DQN with gym and keras. Bug? • r/MachineLearning


The best performing submissions for cartpole you see on openai gym are discrete q learning with a q table represented as a lookup table. Hyper parameters are a bitch to tune, and q learning isn't remotely stable 99% of the time until you balance them well enough so it can easily seem like nothing is working. And yes, you may well have a bug or two as it's hard to debug when it could just be a tuning problem. The end of the dqn and double dqn papers have a final short paragraph with hyperparams which are a good starting point.

Six Key Internet Of Things (IoT) Trends To Watch For In 2018


LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 04: Tim Baxter, President and Chief Operating Officer of Samsung Electronics America, speaks during a press event for CES 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on January 4, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Based on analysis of over 200 hardware startups, the HAX Hardware Trends Report has identified six key ways the world of connected devices has evolved and will impact our lives in the coming years.

Boston Univ. student transfers out because of death threats after rally - White supremacist kicked off dating site OkCupid - MEDIA BUZZ: Trump rips the press as Charlottesville backlash intensifies

FOX News

Nicholas Fuentes, an 18-year-old student who attended the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Va., this past weekend, said that he's received death threats for months over his conservative viewpoints -- enough for him to decide it's time to leave Boston University. "I went to represent this new strain of conservatives, of people in the right wing who are opposed to mass immigration and multiculturalism," Fuentes told Fox News on Thursday. "The picture the media keeps using is of one person with a Nazi flag, there were more one thousand there who didn't have Nazi flags," Fuentes said. "It was one of my first picks after high school," Fuentes continued, adding that the "friendly territory" of the Deep South will enable him to express his opinions freely without jeopardizing his safety.

JuliaCon 2017 Sustainable Machine Learning Workflows ... with Julia Daniel Whitenack


Sign in to report inappropriate content. Julia Language 753 views Andrew Grangaard - "Adventures in Failure: Error handling culture across languages" - Duration: 40:58. Julia Language 601 views JuliaCon 2017 AoT or JIT: How Does Julia Work? JuliaCon 2017 AoT or JIT: How Does Julia Work?