Enterprise AI Landscape - Infographic


I always enjoy these industry-spanning infographics. They sometimes point me to companies I want to understand in greater depth. The inclusion of SAS for example as a BI enterprise system and the total absence of IBM SPSS from the data science category are huge red flags. These two companies alone control what is at least 1/3rd of the data science platform market among the global 8,000 companies with more than $1 Billion in revenue.

Google acquires Nevada land for future data center


Google has acquired a significant piece of land in Nevada, near Reno and Tesla's Gigafactory site, which will house a future data center, and could also host a testing track for Waymo, the Alphabet-owned autonomous driving company. The purchase of the 1,210 acres in Nevada's Tahoe Reno Industrial Center was reported by The Wall Street Journal on Monday, and follows the filing of documents detailing the transaction late last week.

Machine Learning Algorithms Today: Usage and Results - DATAVERSITY


Machine Learning algorithms can predict patterns based on previous experiences. The overarching practice of Machine Learning includes both robotics (dealing with the real world) and the processing of data (the computer's equivalent of thinking). These algorithms find predictable, repeatable patterns that can be applied to eCommerce, Data Management, and new technologies such as driverless cars. The full impact of Machine Learning is just starting to be felt, and may significantly alter the way products are created, and the way people earn a living.

Japan: The Land of Rising Automation - Enterprise Irregulars


And back to our emerging coverage of Asia/Pacific… where people tend to focus on China, India and Australia. However, the Japanese IT services market is larger than these three markets combined – and is growing. So, let's have our Asia/Pacific research lead, Andrew Milroy, discuss some of the important – and unique – aspects of this lucrative market.

Amazon Launches New Device to Watch You Dress

#artificialintelligence Inc., seeking a bigger slice of the clothing market, is casting itself as a style adviser.

The inventor of Siri says one day AI will be used to upload and access our memories


Artificial intelligence may one day surpass human intelligence. But, if designed right, it may also be used to enhance human cognition.

Artificial intelligence has potential to make superhumans


Intelligent machines of the future will help restore memory, mind your children, fetch your coffee and even care for ageing parents.

German court upholds WhatsApp-Facebook data transfer ban


Facebook must obtain the permission of German users of WhatsApp before processing their personal data, a German court confirmed on Tuesday.

Real News Alert! Artificial Intelligence Is Redefining Marketing


Digital technologies are at the center of everything. The ability to act smarter and move faster determines whether a business flourishes or flounders. Yet generating greater value for customers while producing new efficiencies for an organization requires more than sophisticated devices, systems, and data frameworks.