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As a consultant, Shanthi has helped several large organizations, such as Canon, Cisco, Celgene, Amway, Time Warner Cable, and GE among others, in areas such as data architecture and analytics, master data management, service-oriented architecture, business process management, and modeling. Viswa has taught extensively in diverse fields, including operations research, computer science, software engineering, management information systems, and enterprise systems. He has written several peer-reviewed research publications in journals such as Operations Research, IEEE Software, Computers and Industrial Engineering, and International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education. Apart from his deep interest in technical fields such as data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, computer science, and software engineering, Viswa harbors a deep interest in education, with a special emphasis on the roots of learning and methods to foster deeper learning.

How AI can connect customers to your brand


A survey last year found that 98 percent of smartphone owners had used their device's artificial intelligence-based virtual personal assistant (VPA). Similarly designed in-store robot assistants can walk customers through self-service buying decisions, conversing with consumers in a more natural way to determine product preferences and enable more informed decision-making. In an increasingly competitive, data-driven market, forward-thinking brand leaders can gain an edge by leveraging conversations between humans and their AI assistants. Brands that create a seamless experience that delivers personalized, relevant offers will have a clear advantage.

Nick Kohlschreiber - Media Expert and Adboom on Artificial Intelligence


A recent article in Business Insider suggests that artificial intelligence transforms marketing by changing how consumers are discovered, connected to, and communicated with. According to Nick Kohlschreiber, AI is far superior to in-house data scientists and their old-school methods of prediction. A recent article in Forbes suggests that in addition to personalization of marketing based on superior data collection and analysis, AI can help create content, answer questions (think Siri), and even improve team performance. With the use of technology, including artificial intelligence, Kohlschreiber helps companies grow organically by driving brand awareness.

Artificial Intelligence & robotics: Will exit affect Infy's tech edge?


"On occasion, the board could have just bluntly asked the promoters to put their questions (on corporate governance issues, severance package, salary increases, etc) at the right forum -- which is the company's annual general meeting. These aside, a senior HR executive said, Sikka's initiatives presented a "logical continuity" in the company's growth path. In fact, in July when Infosys released its results for the first quarter of the current financial year, Sikka and COO Praveen Rao arrived to announce the results in an autonomous golf cart. It will probably be a person who will focus on margins and operating costs to make the company profitable,'' a senior Infosys employee said.

The future capabilities of Facebook and IBM chatbots


Chatbots of the future will have advanced capabilities in five key areas: natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding, contextual awareness, anticipate customer needs, and sentiment analysis. Natural Language Processing is the process a machine goes through when translating, summarizing, contextualizing, and analyzing text – or the same process that Google Translate uses to translate text. With natural language understanding, developers can analyze semantic features of text input such as categories, concepts, emotion, entities, keywords, metadata, relations, semantic roles, and sentiment. Facebook recently launched its own Facebook messenger chatbot called Assistant M, as well as a open source developer toolkit for bots.

The heart in Artificial Intelligence (AI) - State of Digital


Although AI has been all over the press lately, it is not news… It is rather a 30-year old corpus of work, aimed at creating intelligent machines, by combining three building blocks: machine learning, human learning and data science. Just like children get their foundational learnings from their parents, teachers and by the school books they read, machine learning is based on known properties, and the machine learns from the data. As mentioned before the computing advancements have enabled a fast acceleration of three technologies which underpin the maturation of artificial intelligence: object recognition, natural language processing and speech. Capitalizing on the progress of machine learning around object recognition, natural language processing and speech, we have seen our expectations towards AI graduate from the most basic to much more advanced outcomes.

The Rise of Machine Intelligence


Calit2's Qualcomm Institute Has Established a Pattern Recognition Lab For Machine Learning on non-von Neumann Processors "On the drawing board are collections of 64, 256, 1024, and 4096 chips. Based on Community Input and on ESnet's Science DMZ Concept, NSF Has Funded Over 100 Campuses to Build Local Big Data Freeways Red 2012 CC-NIE Awardees Yellow 2013 CC-NIE Awardees Green 2014 CC*IIE Awardees Blue 2015 CC*DNI Awardees Purple Multiple Time Awardees Source: NSF 33. Next Step: The Pacific Research Platform Creates a Regional End-to-End Science-Driven "Big Data Superhighway" System NSF CC*DNI Grant $5M 10/2015-10/2020 PI: Larry Smarr, UC San Diego Calit2 Co-Pis: • Camille Crittenden, UC Berkeley CITRIS, • Tom DeFanti, UC San Diego Calit2, • Philip Papadopoulos, UCSD SDSC, • Frank Wuerthwein, UCSD Physics and SDSC Letters of Commitment from: • 50 Researchers from 15 Campuses • 32 IT/Network Organization Leaders 34. Adding a Cognitive Hardware and Software Ecosystem To the Pacific Research Platform • Working With 30 CSE Machine Learning Researchers – Goal is 320 Game GPUs in 32-40 FIONAs at 10 PRP Campuses – PRP Couples FIONAs with GPUs into a Condor-Managed Cloud • PRP Access to Emerging Processors – IBM TrueNorth, KnuEdge, FPGA, and Qualcomm Snapdragon • Software Including a Wide Range of Open ML Algorithms • Metrics for Performance of Processors and Algorithms Source: Tom DeFanti, Calit2 Multiple Proposals Under Review FIONA with 8-Game GPUs 38.

Free Amazon Echo Dot: Apparent Promo Gives Away Alexa Devices

International Business Times

Amazon's Echo Dot was made available for free through The apparent promo appeared to shut down around 4 p.m. EDT, with some users showing notifications that the product was no longer available. There is no listing of the promotion, which is applied at checkout and is listed as an "Audible Promo," presumably in reference to Amazon's audiobook service Audible. It is unclear if the deal or apparently giveaway was intended solely for Amazon Prime customers, but customers without Prime were also able to order the product for free as of Friday afternoon. Amazon message that Echo Dot is no longer available.

Graphcore's AI chips now backed by Atomico, DeepMind's Hassabis


It's building dedicated processing hardware plus a software framework for machine learning developers to accelerate building their own AI applications -- with the stated aim of becoming the leader in the market for "machine intelligence processors". Commenting in a statement, Uber's Ghahramani argues that current processing hardware is holding back the development of alternative machine learning approaches that he suggests could contribute to "radical leaps forward in machine intelligence". Graphcore is building what it calls an IPU -- aka an "intelligence processing unit" -- offering dedicated processing hardware designed for machine learning tasks vs the serendipity of repurposed GPUs which have been helping to drive the AI boom thus far. "Building systems capable of general artificial intelligence means developing algorithms that can learn from raw data and generalize this learning across a wide range of tasks.

8 ways AI can enhance your marketing strategy today


You can already find AI chatbots in nearly every industry – from sales to customer support, consumers are seeing tangible improvements to user experience, fueling the surge in this tech revolution. As a branded Facebook Messenger bot, Hyatt customers can get up to date information in seconds. Using your customer's' previous purchases and support questions, these sales-minded AI chatbots deliver personalized product recommendations that consumers are most likely to purchase. In the second installment of our series on AI-based predictive analytics, we look at 5 brands using predictive analytics to improve growth and performance.