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Top Startup Companies in Machine Learning System Tycoonstory Media


Artificial Intelligence is an important thing these days. Many people are using this system for supporting their daily tasks. This system can accelerate any progress in your job. You will be able to find some companies that are focusing their businesses in this industry. There are some popular startup companies in the machine learning system.

The best weekend deals on Amazon

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You can still get Cyber Monday prices on these popular products this weekend. The holiday season is officially underway, which means obviously, it's the time of year for gift-hunting. You can save a ton of money this weekend by shopping just on Amazon, where you can still get Cyber Monday prices on a variety of cool, top-selling products, from Ninja blenders to affordable earbuds, and more. Here are our five favorite weekend deals. Get a Ninja blender for an insane discount.

AI Weekly: Amazon plays the long game in health care AI


Today concludes Amazon's re:Invent 2019 conference in Las Vegas, where the Seattle company's Amazon Web Services (AWS) division unveiled enhancements heading down its public cloud pipeline. Just Tuesday, Amazon announced the general availability of AWS Outposts, a fully managed service that extends AWS' infrastructure and services to customer datacenters, co-location spaces, and on-premises facilities. And it debuted in preview Amazon Detective, which helps to analyze, investigate, and identify the root cause of potential security issues and suspicious activities. That's not to mention AI-powered fraud detection and code review products and an expanded machine learning experimentation and development studio, as well as a dedicated instance for AI inferencing workloads. But perhaps the most intriguing launch this week was that of Amazon Transcribe Medical, a service that's designed to transcribe medical speech for clinical staff in primary care settings.

Zenia is using computer vision to build an AI-driven fitness trainer


As in just about every area of the health and fitness market, technology is increasingly infiltrating yoga, with startups and investors pushing to capitalize on the $80 billion market. Last year, Germany-based Asana Rebel raised more than $17 million from notable backers that include Greycroft to grow its virtual yoga platform, while New York's Mirror has raised sizable funding rounds for a connected mirror that delivers virtual fitness classes, such as yoga and Pilates. Zenia recently entered the fray with a mobile app that leverages machine learning, computer vision, and motion tracking with the promise of helping improve your yoga poses. The company calls it "the world's first AI-powered yoga assistant," and plans to expand its technology to cover all areas of health and fitness. Zenia was officially founded out of Belarus in May of this year by software engineer Alexey Kurov, and the company has secured an undisclosed investment from such notable backers as Misha Lyalin, CEO and chair of Russia-based game developer Zeptolab, and Bulba Ventures, a Belarusian venture capital (VC) firm that invests in AI startups.

7 Reasons Why A Smartwatch Can Be Beneficial For Your Health With AI


A Smartwatch is a popular device that is usually worn by athletes and health enthusiasts. As most watches do, it can help you tell the time and date. Aside from that common feature, a smartwatch comes loaded with applications that offer a lot of extra features. Some of these features are receiving and reading messages, answering calls, listening to music, playing games, and a weather forecast. If you know where to look, you can definitely customize a smartwatch's functionality according to your preferences.

ESA sends floating robot with a face to the ISS to help astronauts cope with life in space

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This week, astronauts on the International Space Station got a new helper that goes by the nickname'Simon.' More formally known as Crew Interactive Mobile Companion 2 (CIMON 2), Simon was developed in a joint project by IBM's Watson team, Airbus, and the German Aerospace Center. The Crew Interactive Mobile Companion 2 (CIMON 2, pronounced'Simon,' pictured above) will help astronauts conduct experiments and talk through their feelings The robotic helper was delivered to the ISS on SpaceX's Dragon capsule launched from Cape Canaveral this week. Last year, an earlier model of CIMON was sent to the ISS, but the new version has been updated with AI enhancements that IBM says will make it more'emotionally intelligent.' 'The overall goal is to really create a true companion,' IBM's Matthias Biniok told ABC. 'The relationship between an astronaut and CIMON is really important.'

The Human-Centric Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Lenovo StoryHub


Dressing one morning, as she usually does, Jane notices a strange skin discoloration on her arm. Still smaller than a dime, but she swears it used to be half that size and certainly more symmetrical. She asks her virtual assistant to scan the area and assess. A camera built into her bathroom mirror fires up, captures photos, and checks them against archival images from Jane's entire photo library. Jane was right; something is wrong.

Artificial intelligence-based fitness is promising but may not be for everyone


Sarmishta Neogy, a fitness enthusiast from Delhi, uses the HealthifyMe app to log and track her calorie intake. Neogy recently upgraded from the company's free service to a paid tier, which gives her access to an artificial intelligence (AI)-based assistant called Ria. However, Neogy says she still uses the app mostly for their recipes, tips and to document food. She found the AI's tips generic and not very helpful. "The Ria service is very basic, so I don't know if I will benefit from it. For instance, if you ask Ria what is missing from my diet, it will tell you what is missing but nothing more," she added.

FITIV Pulse: Using Artificial Intelligence to Take the Guesswork Out of Weight Loss


Using artificial intelligence, FITIV PULSE can intelligently predict a user's rate of weight loss and provide curated activity and nutrition advice to help them reach their goals. This new feature is called FITIV Insights - making it easier than ever to interpret health and fitness data by displaying data trends and providing expert advice to help users create actionable fitness goals and receive objective measures of their progress. Founder Sylvio LeBlanc's early life was fraught with years of gaining and losing the same 20 pounds, over and over, without consistent and sustainable progress. "I developed FITIV for myself, primarily. I'm the kind of person that needs to know that what I'm doing is working. Seeing those numbers really kept me motivated and tracking my calories was the key to my success."

5 smart gadgets to make decorating for the holidays stress free

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The holidays are here, and if you haven't already started decorating, it's time to get going on creating an awesome display. Is the thought already stressing you out? You can simplify managing your amazing holiday light show by using smart plugs and other products that can be controlled remotely. Here are the five smart products you need to create an awesome holiday display. Control your holiday lights (or other festive decorations that plug into an outlet) from anywhere when you use an outdoor smart plug.