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The solution to our education crisis might be AI


Robots will replace teachers by 2027. That's the bold claim that Anthony Seldon, a British education expert, made at the British Science Festival in September. Seldon may be the first to set such a specific deadline for the automation of education, but he's not the first to note technology's potential to replace human workers. Whether the "robots" take the form of artificially intelligent (AI) software programs or humanoid machines, research suggests that technology is poised to automate a huge proportion of jobs worldwide, disrupting the global economy and leaving millions unemployed. But just which jobs are on the chopping block is still a subject of debate.

Professor in Artificial Intelligence (134370) University of Agder


The Department of ICT has several large and active research groups in Information and Communication Technology including 12 Professors, 15 Associate Professors, 10 Assistant professors and about 15 Research Fellows on the PhD programme in ICT. The department has successfully led a number of large research projects funded by the Research Council of Norway; the EU research programmes FP7 and H2020, as well as national and international industries. Within these strategic research areas, CAIR researchers head or contribute to a number of research projects, funded by the Research Council of Norway and EU research programmes. The responsibilities of the open professor position include: a) research and PhD/master's student supervision in the area of machine learning, and b) teaching on artificial intelligence (theory, algorithms and implementation) at the master's and PhD level.

Classroom robotics: Training teachers to code


The teachers started with simple exercises in RobboScratch, a visual programming environment; moving the character, creating series of multiple commands, and learning the advantages of the infinite loop when making programs. Our pedagogical guide is a comprehensive educational tool with instructions, exercise cards and ideas for creating the ultimate learning experience. The pedagogical guide includes an introduction to RobboScratch, Lab and Robot kit as well as up to 28 exercise cards to help you along the way. If you'd like to to learn more about ROBBO or download our free guide, visit our website: http://robbo.world/support/ "The teaching guide is a great support when learning coding.

Learning to Improve the World

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Since then, many more programs have been developed to expand the range of opportunities for global education, including student and teacher travel, global curriculum, programs to support teachers, and programs that deploy internet-based communication technologies to facilitate teacher and student global collaboration such as iEarn, the Global Scholars program at Bloomberg Philanthropies or the Out of Eden Project at Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The Asia Society has developed excellent materials to support curriculum development, teacher preparation and collective leadership on global education. Organizations like the Peace Corps or World Teach provide college graduates opportunities to develop their global skills through global service.