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Jeb Bush demands US education reform

Daily Mail

U.S. education systems must prepare students to compete with robots in the future's job market, warns Jeb Bush.

Report: Robots could replace half of American workers. What can be done?

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A report on the future of technology in the workplace predicts that as many as 47 percent of US jobs are at risk in coming years due to increasing computerization, and that one of the best hopes for keeping people employed may come from a dedicated effort to improve a lagging American education system.

Obama's Education Department Has a Flawed Plan for Student Debt Forgiveness

U.S. News

If a change is needed, it is of a different kind. The process through which students may petition for loan forgiveness may need to be streamlined and made clearer. If it acts at all, the Department of Education should redefine the current process and better communicate its availability to students. The new initiative, even if that is not its intention, has the potential to go too far because those who feed off society's productive activities – because that's where the money is – will take it there.

The 1 Trillion Economic Impact of Software

Huffington Post

I will be discussing the study's findings, as well as the need to expand the pipeline of software talent, at a New America event today called "Software's Economic Impact The Drive for Talent." I will be joined by Ryan Burke, Senior Policy Advisor, National Economic Council, The White House; Mark Doms, PhD, Former Undersecretary for Economic Affairs, Department of Commerce; Lisa Guernsey, Director of New America's Learning Technologies Project; Melissa Moritz, Deputy Director of STEM, Department of Education; and Cameron Wilson, COO and VP, Government Relations, Code.org.