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Using Design Slam to Foster Lifelong Learning Solutions

IEEE Computer

An architecture firm used the hackathon model to design spaces that integrate lifelong learning with other aspects of our daily lives, such as working, playing, and socializing.

Automation And The Future Of Work


What began with the famous study from Oxford University academics Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne back in 2013, which highlighted the huge number of white and blue collar jobs that could be disrupted by automation, has progressed to growing interest from governments around the world.. For instance, a report by the British government's Science & Technology Select Committee into AI examined the issue from a range of aspects, from ethics to employment. Further afield, you have a recent report from the United Nations that looked at the disruptive possibilities of automation in the labor market. Whilst the White House report makes a number of measured responses, including greater funding for adult education and an expanded welfare safety net, the response of the new Trump administration is much less certain. In reality, the answers are largely the same in both instances, whether it's providing greater support for lifelong learning, supporting people to move where the jobs are, and so on.

Artificial Intelligence & Education: Lifelong Learning Dialogue Toru Iiyoshi TEDxKyotoUniversity


In this talk, Prof. Iiyoshi goes head to head with an AI questioning the fate of education and lifelong learning! Toru Iiyoshi was previously a senior scholar and Director of the Knowledge Media Laboratory at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (1999-2008), and Senior Strategist in the Office of Educational Innovation and Technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2009-2011). He is the co-editor of the Carnegie Foundation book, "Opening Up Education: The Collective Advancement of Education through Open Technology, Open Content, and Open Knowledge" (MIT Press, 2008) and co-author of three books including "The Art of Multimedia: Design and Development of The Multimedia Human Body" and numerous academic and commercial articles. He received the Outstanding Practice Award in Instructional Development and the Robert M. Gagne Award for Research in Instructional Design from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

Lifelong learning a hallmark of MIT pursuits

MIT News

On July 27, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Philip Gschwend presented on environmental topics to approximately 75 MIT alumni in Mashpee, Massachusetts. Korelitz then introduced Gschwend, the Ford Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and director of the Ralph M. Parsons Laboratory for Environmental Science and Engineering, who spoke on the topic: "Environmental Pollution: Do Our Remedial Solutions Solve the Problems?" Gschwend explained that this solution was insufficient, however, because it was discovered that it is not only hydrocarbon emissions causing the high concentration of ozone, but also nitrogen oxide emissions. President and webmaster of the class of 1956, and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering alumnus, Ralph Kohl said he "very much enjoyed" the day, and found Gschwend to be "very lively," adding "I can only imagine what his exams would be like!"