Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

Boston Herald

Google's voice-activated assistant can now recognize who's talking to it on Google's Home speaker.

Burger King ad backlash

FOX News

Burger King's latest marketing stunt not only resulted in some less-than-flattering descriptions of its Whopper sandwich online but now Wikipedia is calling on the fast food chain to apologize.

Now you can order and pay for Subway in Facebook Messenger


Six-inch, foot long, toasted bread or multi-grain, you can now order it all and pay for it through Facebook Messenger.

Burger King's new TV ad will hijack Google Home speakers

Daily Mail

Google Home owners beware: Burger King is plotting to hijack your smart speakers with its latest advertising campaign.

MashTalk: Did Burger King cross the line with its Google Home stunt?


Burger King decided to run a 15-second TV ad that posed that question, which would then remotely trigger peoples' Google Homes to read out loud an edited Wikipedia entry describing what's inside of a Whopper.

5 troubling scenarios as brands like Burger King hijack our voicebots


News today about a Burger King ad that takes over your Google Home speaker is a sign of things to come. In the ad, an employee triggers the speaker to read a description of the Whopper burger on Wikipedia (which may have been altered by an employee of the company). It worked, although you have to have the volume turned up in the ad and Google moved quickly to attempt to shut down the trigger phrase.

OK Google, Burger King Hijacked Your Speakers ... And Failed Pretty Quickly


Real quick, here's a list of ingredients you're unlikely to find in your next Burger King Whopper:

Too invasive? Burger King debuts Whopper ad that triggers Google Home devices

FOX News

Fast-food chain Burger King said on Wednesday it will start televising a commercial for its signature Whopper sandwich that is designed to activate Google voice-controlled devices, raising questions about whether marketing tactics have become too invasive.