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Chatbot -- the beginner guide for Startups


A Chatbot is a pure magic. AI-powered virtual assistants are the future of the tech industry that opened the door for all companies to interact with their users. The Chatbot is not a new concept. Although they have been technically using since the 1950s, virtual bots are hottest in the technology and digital marketing world. Many popular brands such as Uber, Pizza Hut implemented them to reach more customers efficiently. As a survey of 2018, 38% of Americans would use Chatbots to interact with a company or brand.

Artificial Intelligence Robot 'Aglio Kim' Serves Customers At South Korean Restaurant


For the restaurant industry which is trying to cope with challenges while providing the services minimising human contact and maintaining social distance are the two crucial challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic. In South Korea's Seoul, a trolley-like robot has been designed which uses artificial intelligence (A.I) to serve food to the customers at a restaurant. Known as'Aglio Kim', the robot helps in minimising human interaction. After customers order through a touch-screen digital menu on the table, the 1.25-meter-tall robot, developed by South Korean telecoms company KT Corp, brings the food to the table. It has been designed to use its visual SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) capabilities to avoid obstacles while serving and navigate around customers. The robot is equipped with food trays which can carry up to 30 kilograms and can reportedly deliver food to up to four tables at once.

China Looking to Lead on Robot Innovation - Stories - David South Consulting


Since the 1950s, science fiction has been telling the world we will soon be living with robots. While robots have emerged, they have been mostly kept to heavy industry, where machines can perform dangerous, hot and unpleasant repetitive tasks to a high standard. But China is pioneering the move to mainstream robots in more public spheres. And the country is promising big changes in the coming decade. Robots, strange as it may seem, can play a key role in development and fighting poverty.

Wendy's employee goes viral for unique voice: 'Thought he was a recorded voice'

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on A Wendy's employee has gone viral for his unique voice, which was captured on video by a drive-thru customer. The customer, TikTok user Cherokee Chica, recorded herself ordering food at the fast food chain's drive-up kiosk. As the cusomer is ordering, the person on the other end is heard responding to her order requests with a monotonous tone that sounds more robot than human.

Human experience platforms


These technologies are engaging you--a human driving a car--in human terms. Myriad technologies that detect physical states such as alertness are increasingly being used to infer emotional states such as happiness or sadness. Unlike their machine forebears that set rigid rules of engagement, these systems will follow rules, reading your mood, intuiting your needs, and responding in contextually and emotionally appropriate ways. Welcome to the next stage of human-machine interaction, in which a growing class of AI-powered solutions--referred to as "affective computing" or "emotion AI"--is redefining the way we experience technology. These experiences are hardly confined to automobiles. Retailers are integrating AI-powered bots with customer segmentation and CRM systems to personalize customer interactions while at the same time capturing valuable lead-nurturing data.2 Apps are designing custom drinks and fragrances for fashion-show attendees based on emotional quotient (EQ) inputs.3 A global restaurant chain is tailoring its drive-through experiences based on changes in the weather.4

Pizza topping narc tattles on gloveless employees


A company that developed a monitoring technology to make sure fast food employees were doing a good job putting toppings on pizzas has found a new use for its AI-based computer vision quality management system during the pandemic. As worries about cleanliness upend the traditional restaurant ecosystem, smart cameras can be used to ensure cleanliness and sanitation in food prep. The company, Dragontail Systems, already has contracts with brands like Dominos and Pizza Hut. The expansion from operations management to hygiene will enable those brands to better position themselves amid fast-shifting customer expectations. "Dragontail Systems' technology will empower fast-food services and restaurants of any size to address the growing concern of health and safety during the coronavirus pandemic," explains Ido Levanon, CEO and Director of Dragontail Systems.

A Detailed Guide to Chatbot In 2020


It is no doubt that Chatbots alias virtual assistants are creating wonders in the technology space. It has transformed the technology landscape to its next level and has brought a tremendous revolution in its respective industries. This article deals with more of chatbots, its nitty-gritty aspects, and the industries that are about to get revolutionized because of chatbots. Chatbots are nothing but computer programs, which are mostly used across various industries to have productive conversations with its customers. The mode of conversation carried over by chatbots can be of different types.

'Chipotle IQ' test offers prizes for first 250,000 winners, finds them by lunchtime

FOX News

Despite only announcing the promotion on Wednesday morning, Chipotle Mexican Grill has already awarded all of the allotted prizes to the first 250,000 winning participants of an online "Chipotle IQ" quiz. THIS IS EACH STATE'S FAVORITE FAST-FOOD FRENCH FRY, STUDY CLAIMS The quiz, which promised digital buy-one-get-one coupons for winners, tasked participants with successfully answering 10 trivia questions about the chain's "sourcing, ingredients, recipes, and sustainability efforts." Some of the questions, such as, "What percentage of Chipotle bowls are made of compostable fiber?", seem quite obviously designed to tout the brand's sustainability measures (spoiler alert: it's 100%), while others, like "When is Chipotle's birthday," are a little more obscure. "There were 250K Chipotle brainiacs who came before you, so unfortunately we're fresh out of BOGO prizes," reads a message greeting visitors to the Chipotle IQ test. "Chipotle IQ allows our customers to discover Chipotle in a whole new way and rewards our most devoted brand experts," said Chris Brandt, Chipotle's chief marketing officer, in a press release. "We're introducing a test our fans will actually be excited to take."

AI Under the Hood: Flippy the Robot - insideBIGDATA


In this regular insideBIGDATA feature we highlight our industry's movers and shakers, companies that are pushing technology forward, and setting trends for innovation. We look at companies with a focus on big data, data science, machine learning, AI and deep learning – some new, some old, always leading, always dynamic. We also take deep dives into new technology promoted (or hyped) as "AI" or my favorite "AI-powered-XYZ" to provide transparency for what's really going on under the hood. In this installment of "AI Under the Hood" I introduce "Flippy" by Miso Robotics. Flippy works in fast-food kitchens, operating a frying station for example.

Can Artificial Intelligence Improve Your Customer Service?


Excelling customer service has never been more important for businesses. Today, businesses are adopting AI-powered digital solutions to improve customer support operations and outdo their competition. Let's have a look at how artificial intelligence can help your business ace customer support. With advanced systems powered by automated solutions, customers can now reserve a table at a restaurant, order a pizza, book a movie ticket, hotel room, and even make a clinic appointment. The customer service industry is gaining much momentum especially due to automation powered by artificial intelligence.