Amazon opens Fresh Pickup grocery pickup kiosks in Seattle

Daily Mail

Amazon has launched a Fresh Pickup service that will have your online grocery order ready to in collect in as little as 15 minutes. Amazon set up at two locations in Seattle back in March, to test out their FreshPickup service on employees of the firm. Customers can drive up and park underneath canopies and Amazon staff will bring your order to your vehicle. Customers can drive up and park underneath canopies and Amazon staff will bring your order to your vehicle.

Food Service Robot Mixes Perfect Salad in 60 Seconds


Using proprietary robotics technology, Sally can dispense and accurately measure 21 different healthy ingredients, including romaine, kale, seared chicken breast, Parmesan, California walnuts, cherry tomatoes and Kalamata olives. The Chowbotics' robot precisely measures each salad ingredient, ensuring that the customer order contains the exact number of calories listed on Sally's digital menu. Chowbotics CEO and founder Deepak Sekar says that fast food restaurants with Sally serving up salads will attract more health-conscious patrons, as her recipes with their healthy ingredients contain far fewer calories than the typical 400 calorie options available at many quick-serve restaurants and salad bars. "Sally is the next generation of salad restaurant," Sekar told the San Francisco Chronicle.

DoorDash sees 25% lift from AI recommendations


Food delivery company DoorDash says personalized restaurant recommendations based on AI are seeing a significant lift in orders, compared to regular recommendations based on popularity. Machine learning (ML) based recommendations made within DoorDash's app saw a lower lift on orders, Liu said. So if you've indicated from your searches that you like Asian food, DoorDash might offer up Korean or Japanese restaurants, even if you haven't previously specifically searched for or ordered those Asian cuisines. Also, a new "most popular items" feature announced today will highlight the hottest items on a restaurant's menu.

How automotive assistants will become intelligent co-pilots


They were mechanical marvels of technology that could perform many impressive functions within and unto themselves, but artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, true driver personalization, and external data exchange capabilities were still conceptual. Its value will be judged by how elegantly it understands and communicates with its users using speech and natural language, while accessing and delivering a world of information from a wide range of "expert" sources to instantly and/or proactively deliver the right answer, content, or action. Similarly, the automotive assistant, while highly capable itself, delivers the best experience for users by intelligently coordinating all pieces of the connected world ecosystem. Taken together, rapid advances in AI interoperability, personalization, and contextualization will allow automotive assistants to significantly enhance car mobility for drivers and passengers.

How Burger King Revealed the Hackability of Voice Assistants

U.S. News

FILE - In this Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016, file photo, Google Home, right, sits on display near a Pixel phone following a product event, in San Francisco. Voice assistants such as Google Home, Apple's Siri and Amazon Alexa have always been susceptible to accidental hijack. Burger King's manipulation of Google Home illustrates the vulnerabilities intrinsic to voice assistants that can be targeted by brands, or worse, hackers. But the stunt might help speed up the next developments for home voice assistants: individual voice recognition and even image recognition.

Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

Boston Herald

Google's voice-activated assistant can now recognize who's talking to it on Google's Home speaker. An update released Thursday enables Home's built-in assistant to learn the different voices of up to six people, although they can't all be talking to the internet-connected speaker at the same time. Google quickly blocked Burger King's commercial from toying with the Home assistant, but the marketing stunt illustrated how the technology can be manipulated. Voice-personalization eventually could enable Home's users to block others from accessing the device, but Google isn't ready to do that yet.

Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

Daily Mail

Users simply say'OK Google' and'Hey Google' two times each, which are analyzed by a neural network that is designed to recognize certain characteristics of a person's voice. This feature will start rolling out today for Google Home users in the U.S., but will expand to the U.K. in the coming months. Then say'OK Google' and'Hey Google' two times each, which are analyzed by a neural network that is designed to recognize certain characteristics of a person's voice The Echo doesn't yet recognize different voices, so Alexa can't retrieve more personal information for different accounts. This feature will start rolling out today for Google Home users in the U.S., but will expand to the U.K. in the coming months The voice-distinction feature also isn't being offered for the same digital assistant that operates on Google's Pixel phone and other smartphones running on the latest version of its Android software.

Burger King ad backlash

FOX News

"You're watching a 15-second Burger King ad, which is unfortunately not enough time to explain all the fresh ingredients in the Whopper sandwich," an actor playing a Burger King employee says directly into the camera. Any Google Home devices set to respond to voice commands were then set off when the actor said, "OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?" For years, the first sentence of the Whopper page read, "The Whopper is the signature hamburger sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain Burger King and its Australian franchise Hungry Jack's." The letter alleges that the new copy was inserted by two users (one named Fermachado123, which sounds strikingly similar to the Whopper chain's senior vice-president of global-brand management Fernando Machado, and another user called Burger King Corporation.)

Now you can order and pay for Subway in Facebook Messenger


Subway and partner MasterCard announced this week the immediate availability of a Subway ordering chat bot for Facebook Messenger -- one of several mobile payment-enabled food-based chatbots, including ones for Fresh Direct and The Cheesecake Factory. With the new chat bot, Facebook Messenger users can construct their perfect Subway sandwich and complete the order with MasterCard's Masterpass. Fresh Direct, whose chat bot will arrive later this year, noted that they've seen mobile usage increase 42 percent year-over-year. While you can engage in a lengthy conversation with the Chat Bot about your sandwich choices, MasterCard noted that, if you have a regular order, it could eventually be boiled down into an emoji.

Mastercard : Masterpass-Enabled Bots Launch on Messenger with FreshDirect, Subway and The Cheesecake Factory 4-Traders


The bots leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to enable consumers to interact with the merchant brands, build their order and securely checkout via Masterpass, all without leaving the Messenger platform. Masterpass-enabled bots on Messenger offer both merchants and consumers innovative, compelling and secure digital payments on an extremely popular and active platform," said Garry Lyons, Chief Innovation Officer, Mastercard. Mastercard products and solutions make everyday commerce activities – such as shopping, traveling, running a business and managing finances – easier, more secure and more efficient for everyone. The Company, through its subsidiaries, owns and operates 208 full-service, casual dining restaurants throughout the U.S.A. and Puerto Rico, including 194 restaurants under The Cheesecake Factory mark; 13 restaurants under the Grand Lux Cafe mark; and one restaurant under the RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen mark.