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British AI robot finds malaria killer in common toothpaste ingredient - Xinhua


SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) -- An artificial intelligence (AI) robot made by a British university has become a big hero after it helped scientists find a malaria killer in a common toothpaste ingredient, a new study revealed Thursday.

Kohler has smart kitchen and bath products to show at CES


One of the oldest names in kitchen and bath fixtures is getting serious about the smart home. Kohler announced Friday that it will show seven new smart home products at CES 2018, including mirrors, faucets, toilets, and bath products in its Kohler Konnect line.

How is Artificial Intelligence enhancing the health and beauty industry


Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing that the world is both excited and worried about. Taking the good sides of its applications, any industry can be taken to a paradigm shifting level. Heavy research is continuously developing the AI platform and making it more efficient. A recent study from the house of Frost & Sullivan states that the market for AI applications in the healthcare domain will reach $6 billion by the end of 2021.

Olay talks AI: "Personalisation is something that's very interesting to us"


From automated chatbots to intelligent recommendation engines, AI is enabling brands to personalise the products in new and exciting ways. One of the latest firms to take advantage of this technology is P&G skincare brand Olay, which has recently expanded its Olay Skin Advisor service to customers worldwide. We obviously had a lot of skin expertise, the deep learning area was newer for us, but we did actually do it internally, we have a bio-informatics group and they built the algorithm internally." Women-focused brands are often neglected by the tech industry, but according to Dr. Neuser, it's an area that's ripe for disruption when it comes to improving the customer experience through mobile technology and artificial intelligence.

Olay Unveils Global Skin Analysis Platform Olay Skin Advisor – The First-Of-Its-Kind Application of Deep Learning in the Beauty Industry


BARCELONA, Spain--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, global skincare brand Olay celebrated its Mobile World Congress debut with the global launch of Olay Skin Advisor, a new platform designed to help women better understand their skin and find the products best-suited to their personal skincare needs. Rooted in a suite of artificial intelligence technologies, Olay Skin Advisor marks the first application of deep learning in the beauty industry, arming women with the knowledge they need to care for their skin and better navigate the often-confusing beauty aisle. "Shopping for skincare has never been more overwhelming, as women are faced with thousands of products and promises," said Dr. Frauke Neuser, Principal Scientist for Olay. "Olay's research shows that browsing the shelf is the #1 purchase influencer for women, yet 1/3 of women do not find what they are looking for. We saw an opportunity to help women understand their skin better than ever, before they even step foot in the store.

Robot room service is coming to US hotels

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The next time you call room service for extra towels, your order may be delivered by a robot. It might not be able to change your sheets, but Savioke's Relay hospitality robot can bring everything from toothpaste to Starbucks, and it uses Wi-Fi and 3D cameras to navigate. The robot is already being used by some hotels in the US, and with recent funding of $15 million, autonomous butlers could soon become a lot more popular. The next time you call room service for a new tube of toothpaste, your order may be delivered by a robot. It might not be able to change your sheets, but Savioke's Relay hospitality robot can bring everything from clean towels to Starbucks, and it uses Wi-Fi and 3D cameras to navigate Each of the Relay robots stands roughly three feet tall.

World's First AI-capable Toothbrush "Ara" Brings Machine Learning to Oral Care - 1redDrop


AI is going everywhere – into space, inside the human body and now, into your mouth. Ara, the world's first AI-capable toothbrush will actually teach you how to brush your teeth better. If you're a dentist, you'll probably get to keep your day job. Ara, from Kolibree, a French oral care company with offices in France and the United States, connects with an app on your smartphone to transmit data about your brushing habits. It will know exactly how you brush and whether or not it's good enough to keep dental problems at bay.