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Olay's A.I. Powered Skin Advisor Tool Tells You How Old Your Skin Is


The beauty and skincare world is oversaturated, especially if you include all the affordable convenience store brands. If you're a shopper with a budget, you are likely mixing different products and blindly guessing which combinations will work – like a chemist without a periodic table.

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There is a tendency with any new technology to believe that it requires new management approaches, new organizational structures, and entirely new personnel. That impression is widespread with cognitive technologies -- which comprises a range of approaches in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning. Some have argued for the creation of "chief cognitive officer" roles, and certainly many firms are rushing to hire experts with deep learning expertise. "New and different" is the ethos of the day.

Olay talks AI: "Personalisation is something that's very interesting to us"


The rise of AI and machine learning is impacting every sector, not just in terms of the marketing tools that exist to reach consumers with the right messages at the right time, but in the very products that brands can offer to their audience. From automated chatbots to intelligent recommendation engines, AI is enabling brands to personalise the products in new and exciting ways.

Olay Unveils Global Skin Analysis Platform Olay Skin Advisor – The First-Of-Its-Kind Application of Deep Learning in the Beauty Industry


BARCELONA, Spain--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, global skincare brand Olay celebrated its Mobile World Congress debut with the global launch of Olay Skin Advisor, a new platform designed to help women better understand their skin and find the products best-suited to their personal skincare needs. Rooted in a suite of artificial intelligence technologies, Olay Skin Advisor marks the first application of deep learning in the beauty industry, arming women with the knowledge they need to care for their skin and better navigate the often-confusing beauty aisle.

Can artificial intelligence make supply chains sustainable?


Last week's World Economic Forum in snowy Davos, Switzerland, brought a blizzard of proclamations about the disruptive impact of artificial intelligence, along with an avalanche of debate over its job-killing potential.

The weakest link

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TaylorMade, an Adidas subsidiary, has three titanium drivers in its 300 Series, the most popular line with professional golfers. But the company doesn't know which $499 club will score best with plain old duffers. To find out, TaylorMade is turning to a fortune-teller: demand management software.

Robot room service is coming to US hotels

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The next time you call room service for extra towels, your order may be delivered by a robot.

World's First AI-capable Toothbrush "Ara" Brings Machine Learning to Oral Care - 1redDrop


AI is going everywhere – into space, inside the human body and now, into your mouth. Ara, the world's first AI-capable toothbrush will actually teach you how to brush your teeth better.

Meet Frank - MyWave's Personal Digital Assistant


Get a sneak peek of the MyWave Personal Digital Assistant, we call him Frank. He gets you what you want, when you want it, the way you want it, as well as more free time. If you're a business Frank brings you customers and helps you serve them better, and happy customers spend more and tell their friends.

Microsoft (msft) ceo wants to create trustworthy, transparent artificial intelligence


The race to create more advanced artificial intelligence continues, realized most recently in the creation of personal digital assistants to help with daily tasks.