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What makes a great chatbot? Laser focus on customers


At a time when software is driving unprecedented levels of automation, companies are using chatbots to help customers order anything from food to office supplies to additional computing capacity. Perhaps no one is better equipped to answer these questions than Conversable CEO Ben Lamm, whose company has built chatbots for the likes of TGI Fridays, Whole Foods, Budweiser, and, most recently, Shake Shack. Others, echoing Lamm's comment about "boiling the ocean," try to apply automation technologies to as many things as possible right out of the gate. A laser focus on the customer experience may offer enterprises the best recipe for a successful chatbot, the technology must be expertly built.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Brand Grow


Consider IBM, Google, Facebook, Tesla, Lenovo, Coca Cola, Adidas, Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, and Uber. Here come AI personal shop assistants and chatbots that replace human beings in the communication chain. AR has already become an inherent part of our lives, and virtual reality (VR) glasses, virtual desktops, Google's Tilt brush, and many more tools and toys are selling themselves on the net. Likewise, AI technology in website design has boosted Cosabella's sales by 35.6 percent.

Top 6 robotic applications in food manufacturing


As we discussed in our previous article on the food industry, food manufacturing can be separated into two stages: primary food processing and secondary food processing. Primary processing involves handling raw food products, which are cleaned, sorted, chopped, packaged, etc. For more advanced cutting and slicing, however, the food industry has relied on human workers but robotics is starting to make its way into the industry. Secondary processing involves handling products which have already undergone primary processing.

We've Run Out of Beer Names and AI is Here to Help


Craft brewers are running out of beer names. That's what scientist Janelle Shane (who uses artificial intelligence for this purpose frequently) decided to do. THIS sounds like a job for..." In a later article about her neural network-generated metal band names, I told Shane to "Please send me the beer name dataset if you have it." Will artificial intelligence solve the great beer naming crisis?

Artificial intelligence proves that craft beer names are total nonsense


So what happens when you employ a neural network to create new craft beer names? Researcher Janelle Shane did it by feeding a neural network a bunch of beer names from BeerAdvocate's database -- the project was initiated by Gizmodo's Ryan Mandelbaum -- and the AI came up with a bunch of names which mostly sound very odd, just like real craft beer names. Some examples include Indian Pale Ale names like Dang River, Toe Deal, Earth Pump, Heaven Cat, and Heart Compost, all of which (with possible exception of Toe Deal) I'd devour in a second. Strong Pale Ale and Amber Ale names the AI has conjured are even stranger, with highlights being Slambertangeriss, Brother Panty Tripel, The Vunker the Finger, Thrennt Rem Wine Barrel Aged Monkay Tripel, Gate Rooster, Rickin Organic Red Deaath, and River Smush Hoppy Amber Ale.

It's official: AI is better than humans at naming craft beers


I often tell people not to worry about robots taking our jobs, but if you're in the business of branding craft beer, your career might well be nearing its end, thanks to a clever new AI that's figured out how to do it on its own. Researcher and electrical engineer Janelle Shane, who's previously taught AI to conjure up pick-up lines and christen guinea pigs, developed a neural network system to name craft brews by learning from an extensive dataset spanning 90 types of beer culled from Here are some of my favorites, which I'd happily consider drinking if I spotted these names on a tap or label: Do those sound good or what? There's more where that came from over at Shane's blog, and you can also hand over your email address for a PDF with 100 more great names.

Amazon, Fourth Largest U.S. Retail Employer, May Become Big Job Killer

International Business Times

Amazon is currently holding a multi-city job fair where it is expected to hire more than 50,000 people for retail jobs. Read: Walmart Plans To Create 1.5 Million Jobs, Unveils Manufacturing Strategy The company is also offering good incentives -- a minimum wage of $14 along with health insurance, retirement savings plan and stock awards, which is why thousands of people are queuing up for positions at its fulfillment centers. Brittain Ladd, a supply chain consultant who worked on Amazon's push towards grocery retail, told Bloomberg in June -- post the company's acquisition of Whole Foods -- that it is working on building automated warehouses for its grocery business. It is developing lower cost structures and trying to lower prices at an unprecedented rate and will take everything in its path that accelerates this process.



Now, she's turned her AI naming capabilities towards beer. While writing about her neural network-generated paint color names, Gizmodo's Ryan Mandelbaum mentioned the issues craft brewers were having coming up with names for their beers -- issues that have at times led to legal action. Not long after that, with the help of a Gizmodo reader who put together a dataset of beer names culled from, Shane plugged the names into a neural network and out popped a bunch of new names for brewers to use. "For these names I turned the neural network's creativity variable higher and got results that can be described mainly as ... interesting," she said on the blog.

Starbucks Is Preparing to Unleash Creepy New Artificial Intelligence That Sucks More Money From You


This fall as Starbucks rolls out more of its new cloud-based Digital Flywheel program, backed by artificial intelligence (AI), the chain's regulars will find their every java wish ready to be fulfilled and, the food and drink items you haven't yet thought about presented to you as what you're most likely to want next. If it's your birthday, Starbucks will offer a personalized birthday selection. "Starbucks is one of the best companies in the world that connects brand, user and consumer experience between digital mobile and the real world," said Solis. " They are still pushing forward, rolling out their Digital Flywheel strategy to be more dynamic to further integrate digital and real world."

'Friendly' robot stock boys coming to U.S. grocery stores

Daily Mail

The chain announced the introduction of a fleet of robot stock boys named Tally with screens to'make them appear friendly' to its workforce - and while these robo employees don't have limbs and can't physically stock the shelves, they'll be tasked with wandering the isles to check inventory and verify prices. The next step after automating the warehouses could be bringing robots into Whole Foods stores to manage stock levels. It will also have multiple sensors and cameras atop a circular base'that resembles a Roomba vacuum' to enable it to navigate the store and detect out-of-stock items, which it will then report to the management. The robots will also have multiple sensors and cameras atop a circular base'that resembles a Roomba vacuum' to enable it to navigate the store and detect out-of-stock items, which it will then report to the management'The goal of Tally is to create more of a feedback mechanism,' Brad Bogolea, CEO of Simbe, the San Francisco-based company that developed the robot, said.