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Israeli Startup Raises $15 Million to Boost AI Due Diligence Platform


CTech – Israeli business intelligence startup Intelligo Group, which has developed an automated due diligence and personnel background platform based on AI (artificial intelligence), has announced a $15 million Series B financing round led by Behrens Investment Group and including several existing investors. Intelligo has raised a total of $22 million to date. The company was founded in 2014 by CEO Shlomo Mirvis, Chief Research Officer Dana Rakovsky and COO Nadav Ellinson. Intelligo currently has more than 100 clients, including top corporations. The company employs 42 people and is in the process of adding to its workforce.

The 12 Coolest Machine-Learning Startups Of 2020


Artificial intelligence has been a hot technology area in recent years and machine learning, a subset of AI, is one of the most important segments of the whole AI arena. Machine learning is the development of intelligent algorithms and statistical models that improve software through experience without the need to explicitly code those improvements. A predictive analysis application, for example, can become more accurate over time through the use of machine learning. But machine learning has its challenges. Developing machine-learning models and systems requires a confluence of data science, data engineering and development skills.

Abacus.AI Lands $22M Series B


With Abacus.AI, an organization’s team of developers--with access to the organization’s data--can use its platform to create deep-learning systems that can make accurate predictions without having to invest the time and resources to do so from scratch.

EdgeQ raises $51 million to fuse AI compute and 5G within a single chip – TechCrunch


No, it's not bingo at your local silicon chip enthusiast meetup, and no, I am not trying to game Google's search algorithms (well, maybe just a bit). Rather, it's a combination of technologies that are predicted to become critical for the future of the Internet of Things across industries as diverse as shipping and security. One way to get all these technologies into single devices is just to agglomerate a bunch of off-the-shelf silicon chips and jam them into a product. Take a wireless radio chip, add some computing capacity, add some AI chip wizardly and voilà, you have yourself a modern IoT device. There's just one problem: These devices often have a lot of constraints.

AI startup nabs $22 million in Series B funding to automate creation of deep learning models

ZDNet has gotten $40.5 million to help companies put deep learning forms of AI into production. Seen here, company co-founders, from left, Siddartha Naidu, previously a principal engineer for Amazon's fulfillment team and also a developer of the BigQuery software at Google; Bindu Reddy, previously head of "AI Verticals" for Amazon's AWS; and Arvind Sundararajan, previously engineering lead for Google's ad delivery technology., the year-and-a-half-old San Francisco startup that seeks to automate deep learning models for customers, said Wednesday it has received $22 million in financing in a Series B round led by venture capital firm Coatue, bringing the company's total funding to $40.5 million. Coatue joins former investors Index Partners, which participated in a Series A investment round totaling $13 million in July, and new investor Decibel Ventures. The firm has an impressive list of individual investors among the technorati, including Google CEO Eric Schmidt, investor and former Amazon executive Ram Shriram, and Yahoo! co-founder and onetime CEO Jerry Yang.

Shoreditch tech firm set to "democratise AI" on a global scale with £7.1m investment


A London machine learning tech company has secured multi-million pound investment to grow its international footprint and bolster its research and development capabilities. Shoreditch-based Seldon has raised £7.1m in a Series A funding round in order to develop new offices in both the UK, the US and Asia. Founded in 2014, Seldon specialises in cloud agnostic machine learning deployment, and works in partnership with brands such as Google, Red Hat, IBM and Amazon Web Services. The firm's suite of products aims to enhance machine learning deployment pipelines with explainability, governance and monitoring functions. Co-led by AlbionVC and Cambridge Innovation Capital, the round also saw participation from existing investors Amadeus Capital Partners and Global Brain, with follow-on investment from other existing shareholders.

Arrikto raises $10M for its MLOps platform


Arrikto, a startup that wants to speed up the machine learning development lifecycle by allowing engineers and data scientists to treat data like code, is coming out of stealth today and announcing a $10 million Series A round. The round was led by Unusual Ventures, with Unusual's John Vrionis joining the board. "Our technology at Arrikto helps companies overcome the complexities of implementing and managing machine learning applications," Arrikto CEO and co-founder Constantinos Venetsanopoulos explained. "We make it super easy to set up end-to-end machine learning pipelines. More specifically, we make it easy to build, train, deploy ML models into production using Kubernetes and intelligent intelligently manage all the data around it."

Major Venture Capital Firms Funding AI Research Labs


Venture Capital firms accelerate Research work in AI labs. Every start-up or research organization requires investment to proceed with the work that they aim to do, and this requires funding from an external source that baits into the funding process. These funding organizations are called venture capitals firms and organizations. Over the years, the venture capitalist firm has pro-actively invested in technology. Artificial Intelligence and its subsidiaries, and big data are counted as the top investments by venture capitalist firms.

Twitter and Google's head of A.I. just backed a new VC fund -- here's why


LONDON – A 32-year-old venture capitalist's new fund has caught the eye of Twitter, Google execs and the billionaire founder of Clash of Clans maker Supercell. Nathan Benaich, founder and general partner of boutique VC firm Air Street Capital, announced last week that he has raised a new $17 million fund from a host of big names to invest in start-ups in the U.S. and Europe that have artificial intelligence at their core. But who is this investor and why are people in Silicon Valley and beyond so keen to back him? Benaich has straddled the worlds of venture capital and artificial intelligence for almost a decade. Unlike many VCs, he is known for having a firm grasp on the latest developments in AI and which companies are behind them.

AI startup Minieye secured ¥270 Million in Funding


Minieye, a Chinese company that focuses on the development of sensing systems for autonomous driving, has now secured RMB 270 million in a Series C funding round. It aims to implement Artificial Intelligence to offer reliable sensing and decision making solutions for autonomous driving. The company focuses highly on improving the automation degree and, at the same point of time, reducing the accident rate and guaranteeing the safety of both the drivers and passengers. The round was backed by the Oriental Fortune Capital, Vision Capital, Harvest Fund, and NavInfo. The company, as of now, has plans to use the fresh funds to relieve the pressure on the supply chain caused by mass delivery and to increase the cash reserve, and keep investing in research and development (R&D) of advanced autonomous driving technologies.