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Metrics to measure model performance. Metrics to measure model performance. Logistic regression case study on churn modeling. Case study on using decision trees to predict churn.

Smart digital tools: How machine learning can boost employee training


Several surveys on learning outcomes have highlighted the emerging characteristics of the new age learners who have low attention span, prefer just-in-time access to knowledge repository rather than proactive just-in-case training and content served up based on their respective specific needs. In view of the benefits of enabling employees access learning anywhere, anyplace, several organisations have invested in building e-learning modules or they subscribe to publishers of such content. In the physical dimension of contextual learning, cues present in the learning environment are encoded in the memory of the learner and when these cues are presented again in the context of the content, the learner is likely to recall the content. The cognitive dimension of context improves learning and retrieval via activation of prior knowledge, storage of retrieval cues and elaboration.