Training Manual

Embedded Vision Alliance offers deep learning training course in Hamburg


This training is ideal for engineers creating algorithms and software for visual machine perception in all types of applications (e.g. It's also appropriate for managers who want to get a flavor for creating deep neural networks and using TensorFlow. After the training, attendees will be ready to begin using TensorFlow productively in their work. In addition, for attendees who require an introduction to deep neural network algorithms, the Embedded Vision Alliance will offer a two-hour video tutorial presentation online prior to the TensorFlow class.

Analytics training courses


Metrics to measure model performance. Metrics to measure model performance. Logistic regression case study on churn modeling. Case study on using decision trees to predict churn.

LinkedIn adding new training features, news feeds and 'bots'


LinkedIn wants to become more useful to workers by adding personalized news feeds, helpful messaging "bots" and recommendations for online training courses, as the professional networking service strives to be more than just a tool for job-hunting. But LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said his company hopes to incorporate some of Microsoft's technology as it builds more things like conversational "chat bots," or software that can carry on limited conversations, answer questions and perform tasks like making reservations. LinkedIn is also adding more personalized features to its news feed, where members can see articles and announcements posted by their professional contacts. While many people already turn to Facebook, Twitter or individual news sites for similar updates, LinkedIn managers suggest their feeds will be more tailored to each user's professional interests, by a combination of human editors and computer algorithms.