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Senior Machine Learning Engineer


The Machine Learning (ML) team supports production-facing experiences and solutions including search engines, style and template recommendations, dynamic content generation, phishing detection, personalized user experiences and more. You will be a Senior ML Product engineer reporting to the manager of Machine Learning. ML Product builds production systems and services to bring machine learning to engineering teams across Squarespace. Squarespace has access to incredibly rich sources of user content and behavior, and our team is focused on leveraging those unique datasets to provide every customer with the experience they need to be successful. You will engage with stakeholders, refine requirements, rapidly prototype, deploy and maintain production machine learning systems.

Accelerate AI-Voice to End the 911 Phone Line Staffing Crisis - Coruzant Technologies


AI, not humans, should immediately screen 911 calls. There are too many stories like this one about a 3-month-old baby who died in Florida. The baby's parents frantically called 911 on New Year's Day when their baby stopped breathing and turned blue. Staffing 911 and 311 phone lines is a critical challenge, especially since the pandemic. We have all read how people have left jobs in droves in the "Great Resignation." Most of the jobs changing have been a Great Reallocation of the workforce to positions with more meaning.

🇺🇸 Remote Machine learning job: Senior AI Programmer at PlayStation (Bend, Oregon, United States)


Senior AI Programmer at PlayStation United States › Oregon › Bend (Posted May 26 2022) Do they allow remote work? Remote work is possible, see the description below for more information. PlayStation isn't just the Best Place to Play -- it's also the Best Place to Work. Today, we're recognized as a global leader in entertainment producing The PlayStation family of products and services including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, acclaimed PlayStation software titles from PlayStation Studios, and more. PlayStation also strives to create an inclusive environment that empowers employees and embraces diversity.

AIhub coffee corner: can AI make humans better?


This month, we ask if AI can make humans better. Joining the discussion this time are: Joe Daly (AIhub and University of Bristol), Tom Dietterich (Oregon State University), Sabine Hauert (University of Bristol), Sarit Kraus (Bar-Ilan University), Michael Littman (Brown University), Lucy Smith (AIhub) and Oskar von Stryk (Technische Universität Darmstadt). Joe Daly: I recently saw this Twitter thread, about how AI has made human players better at the game of Go, then this article about the game of bridge, and more generally about AI's influence on us. People were actually discussing how AI can make us better at stuff, and how we can learn things from AI. What are people's thoughts on that?

Inductive Logic Programming At 30: A New Introduction

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research

Inductive logic programming (ILP) is a form of machine learning. The goal of ILP is to induce a hypothesis (a set of logical rules) that generalises training examples. As ILP turns 30, we provide a new introduction to the field. We introduce the necessary logical notation and the main learning settings; describe the building blocks of an ILP system; compare several systems on several dimensions; describe four systems (Aleph, TILDE, ASPAL, and Metagol); highlight key application areas; and, finally, summarise current limitations and directions for future research.

Voice Ordering AI Retains Restaurant Customers


Since the start of the pandemic, many restaurants have seen great success taking their menus online, offering off-premise ordering via digital platforms. In a challenging labor market, these ordering channels provide a more efficient option for restaurants, enabling consumers to act as their own order taker. Yet, for all brands' efforts to incentivize adoption by making these channels as convenient and intuitive as possible, many consumers still prefer to call their order in via phone, the old-fashioned way. The ongoing popularity of phone ordering poses challenges for restaurants at a time when there is not always time to answer all the calls coming in. Victor Matchie, owner of Aloha, Oregon-based sandwich chain Monkey's Subs, spoke with PYMNTS about how the company's conversational artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant, from speech recognition company SoundHound, enables the restaurant to meet this demand without the bottlenecks that can otherwise result from call-in orders at peak times.

Oregon is dropping an artificial intelligence tool used in child welfare system

NPR Technology

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., speaks during a Senate Finance Committee hearing on Oct. 19, 2021. Wyden says he has long been concerned about the algorithms used by his state's child welfare system. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., speaks during a Senate Finance Committee hearing on Oct. 19, 2021. Wyden says he has long been concerned about the algorithms used by his state's child welfare system. Child welfare officials in Oregon will stop using an algorithm to help decide which families are investigated by social workers, opting instead for a new process that officials say will make better, more racially equitable decisions.

When I First Saw Elon Musk for Who He Really Is


On a beautiful day in May 2015, I drove the 13 hours from my home in Portland, Oregon, to Harris Ranch, California, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. At the time, Tesla was touting a battery-swap station that could send Tesla drivers on their way in a fully powered vehicle in less than the time it takes to fill up a car with gas. Overtaken by curiosity, I had decided to spend a long Memorial Day weekend in California's Central Valley to see if Elon Musk's latest bit of dream weaving could stand up to reality. There, amid the pervasive stench of cow droppings from a nearby feedlot, I discovered that Tesla's battery swap station was not in fact being made available to owners who regularly drove between California's two largest cities. Instead, the company was running diesel generators to power additional Superchargers (the kind that take 30 to 60 minutes to recharge a battery) to handle the holiday rush, their exhaust mingling with the unmistakable smell of bullshit.

ep.351: Early Days of ICRA Competitions, with Bill Smart


Bill Smart, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics at Oregon State University, helped start competitions as part of ICRA. In this episode, Bill dives into the high-level decisions involved with creating a meaningful competition. The conversation explores how competitions are there to showcase research, potential ideas for future competitions, the exciting phase of robotics we are currently in, and the intersection of robotics, ethics, and law. Dr. Smart does research in the areas of robotics and machine learning. In robotics, Smart is particularly interested in improving the interactions between people and robots; enabling robots to be self-sufficient for weeks and months at a time; and determining how they can be used as personal assistants for people with severe motor disabilities.

Democratic lawmakers want FTC to investigate controversial identity firm


A group of Democratic lawmakers led by Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate, the controversial identification company best known for its work with the Internal Revenue Service. In a letter addressed to FTC Chair Lina Khan, the group suggests the firm misled the American public about the capabilities of its facial recognition technology. Specifically, lawmakers point to a statement made at the start of the year. After CEO Blake Hall said the company did not use one-to-many facial recognition, an approach that involves matching images against those in a database, backtracked on those claims. It clarified it uses a "specific" one-to-many check during user enrollment to prevent identity theft.