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Informatica IPO: Better the second time around?


Today, Informatica is going public, once again. The company, which went private in a $5.3 billion deal back in 2015, expects to raise $841 million on this round. Informatica's emergence from private equity comes as the company has transitioned to a cloud-first business where subscriptions have climbed to nearly half of overall revenue. Informatica's journey into private equity has been a familiar one: a company seeks to transform its core business without the pressure of having to deliver quarterly results to Wall Street. It's a well-trod path that has been followed by a wide range of household names, and most recently in the data world, Cloudera.

A.I. Breakthrough Could Disrupt the $11 Trillion Medical Sector


A massive disruption now appears imminent in one of the world's largest – and most important – industries. In much the same way that Amazon disrupted the retail business – and how PayPal disrupted the payments industry – one under-the-radar health technology company now seeks to transform the $11.85 trillion global health industry. By moving healthcare away from brick and mortar, traditional medicine into an AI-driven tool that offers unprecedented speed, efficiency, and accuracy... Investors still have a brief window of opportunity to get in on this transformational investment opportunity while it still flies beneath Wall Street's radar. But as you'll soon discover, this company's technology is so powerful that it could become a valuable addition to hundreds of millions of households worldwide. Whether most patients, providers, or large healthcare companies realize it or not, the healthcare industry is already in the early stages of significant change. That's because patients now desire access to more information – and better information – in the blink of an eye. In a recent survey of U.S. health consumers, 71% reported facing major frustrations through their experience with healthcare providers. Concerns ranged from difficulties scheduling appointments to impersonal visits.

🇺🇸 Machine learning job: Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Tapad (NYC, New York, United States)


Machine learning developer jobs, Senior Machine Learning Engineer Small Teams; Big Data At Tapad, we look for individuals who are motivated by complex and challenging work. We want to work with people who share compelling solutions to those challenges, solutions informed by their unique experiences, passions, and expertise. We a

4 ways startups can use AI to make a real social impact, right now


In northern Canada, translator apps are helping researchers preserve a threatened Inuit language and connecting the remote communities that still speak it. In London, developers are working to make object recognition more personal for blind and low-vision individuals, a critical step in including the users of the technology in collecting the data that creates it, and improving their access to the world. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, cognitive search functions are being used to tag and classify artworks in more detail than ever before in order to make the collection accessible, in a meaningful way, to people who may never set foot inside. Scientists at the CSIRO in Australia are reducing plastic waste flowing into the ocean by using object recognition on river bridges and sensors in stormwater drains to identify, quantify and remove rubbish before it reaches the sea. The common denominators in these initiatives is the fact they are powered by AI and supported by Microsoft Azure's cloud technology, with funds also provided by Microsoft.

1 Artificial Intelligence Stock With Over 95% Upside, According to Wall Street


As we observe the S&P 500 stock market index near all-time highs, it becomes increasingly challenging to find companies that still present great value. If you don't already own them, it might feel like you've missed out on some of the most popular high-growth technology stocks as they continue to trend higher. But there's one technology company the market might be overlooking right now. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging industry, and (NYSE:AI) has developed an entire market all for itself. Known as Enterprise AI, the company can build AI applications for just about any industry in the world, and customers are flocking to it.

The Growing Importance of Data and AI Literacy – Part 1


This is the first part of a 2-part series on the growing importance of teaching Data and AI literacy to our students. This will be included in a module I am teaching at Menlo College but wanted to share the blog to help validate the content before presenting to my students. Apple plans to introduce new iPhone software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to churn through the vast collection of photos that people have taken with their iPhones to detect and report child sexual abuse. See the Wall Street article "Apple Plans to Have iPhones Detect Child Pornography, Fueling Priva..." for more details on Apple's plan. Apple has a strong history of working to protect its customers' privacy.

UiPath fiscal Q2 results top expectations, raises recurring revenue view


UiPath, the robotic process automation startup that came public April 21st, this afternoon reported fiscal Q2 revenue that topped Wall Street's expectations, and a surprise profit per share were analysts expected a loss, and raised its forecast for its recurring revenue this fiscal year. Despite the upbeat report, UiPath shares dropped over 7% in late trading. CEO and co-founder Daniel Dines remarked that the company "continued our very strong momentum in the second quarter of fiscal year 2022." Added Dine, "Our results were driven by both new customer additions, ending the quarter with more than 9,100 customers, as well as robust expansion with existing customers, reflected in our best-in-class dollar-based net retention rate of 144 percent." "The opportunity to unlock human potential is vast and we are in the very early stages of the automation market. "We believe we have a long-term opportunity to drive durable growth and build a company that will transform how organizations compete, employees experience work, and companies interact with their customers." CFO Ashim Gupta said the company "continue to drive meaningful growth at scale." Added Gupta, "Our land and expand go-to-market model delivered record net new ARR, a testament to our competitive differentiation and the power of our platform to drive meaningful return on investment for our customers.

Is Stock a Buy?

#artificialintelligence's (NYSE:AI) stock tumbled 10% on Sept. 2 after the artificial intelligence software provider posted its first-quarter earnings. Its revenue rose 29% year-over-year to $52.4 million, beating estimates by $1.1 million. It posted a net loss of $37.5 million -- compared to a slim profit of $150,000 a year ago -- but its loss of $0.37 per share still matched Wall Street's expectations. Should investors buy C3 after its post-earnings plunge? Or is it still overvalued even after plummeting more than 70% from its 52-week high?

With 45.70% CAGR, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Food and Beverages Market Share Will Reach USD 29.45 Billion by 2026, Globally: Facts & Factors


New York, NY, Aug. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Facts and Factors have published a new research report titled "Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Food and Beverages Market By Organization Size (Small, Medium & Large Enterprises), By Application (Food Sorting, Quality Control, and Safety Compliance, Consumer Engagement, Production and Packaging, Maintenance, and Other Applications), By End-Use Industry (Food Processing, Grocery, Hotels & Beverages Industry, and Others Region: Global & Regional Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecasts, 2021 – 2026". "According to the recent research report, the demand of global Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Food and Beverages Market size & share expected to reach to USD 29.45 Billion by 2026 from USD 3.07 Billion in 2020, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45.70% during the forecast period 2021 to 2026" Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the process of developing intelligent robots that act and react similarly to humans. The objective is to teach machines how to think intelligently in the same way humans do. Until recently, the machines did exactly what they were programmed to do. AI, on the other hand, will allow machines to think and behave in the same way that people do. In the food processing industry, artificial intelligence is being utilized to improve a variety of products, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.

Meet the designer who makes high-tech nail art and fights facial recognition with flowers


Technology designer Joselyn McDonald creates bus passes, thumb drives, and green screens on her fingernails. She also strategically applies makeup to combat facial recognition software. Based in North Carolina, McDonald is the co-founder of Blink Blink Creative Circuit Kits, which makes gender inclusive STEM education products, and previously served as creative technologist in residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Media Lab. Mashable talked to McDonald about her 3D-printed nails, anti-facial recognition workshops, and hopes for the future of the tech industry. Mashable: How did you come to focus on beauty and women's interests in your tech innovation work?