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India, Germany to work together on Artificial Intelligence Start-Ups – PSU Connect


New Delhi: India and Germany have agreed to work together with focus on Artificial Intelligence ('AI') StartUps as well as AI research and its …

ANVI introduces India's first AI powered alternative digital bank to deliver financial inclusion for the underbanked and unbanked at the bottom of the pyramid


New Delhi [India], March 23 (ANI/PNN): ANVI is building a fully digital, comprehensive banking and financial services ecosystem across India by connecting a population of one billion underbanked Indians, retailers and SMEs to deliver essential financial services for free and bring them affordable credit. India has a significant and growing population of unbanked and underbanked individuals who have no access to credit cards or formal credit. This enormous population of one billion Indians mainly comprises blue-collar workers and their families who earn and spend in cash. As digitisation sweeps the nation, it catalyses positive change while exacerbating deep socio-economic divides. Since existing fintech solutions require smartphone wallets or bank accounts, they remain out of reach of the nation's bottom one billion people.

Digital Disruption through Technologies like AI, ML and Blockchain Set to Transform Indian Real Estate Ecosystem


New Delhi [India], November 26 (ANI/NewsVoir): Artificial intelligence has emerged as one of the biggest disruptors and game changers in the real estate landscape today, enabling a strategic, and empowered buying and selling experience. With the potential to carry out massive technological reforms across the sector AI is driving change with a technology-led immersive experience made possible just at the click of a button. These views were expressed by eminent leaders from the industry at'Leveraging AI in the Real Estate Landscape', a webinar organized by Techarc, a leading technology analytics, research and consultancy firm in association with Compass, the overseas development centre of Urban Compass Inc., a US-headquartered technology platform leading change with new age technologies such as AI & ML in the real estate industry. The panel called for leveraging the power of AI and its potential to transform the real estate landscape especially in India with appropriate investments. Incorporating data and AI based algorithms is enabling leading real estate platforms like Compass, in decision making process and at the same time is also assisting them in managing the substantial volumes of historic data that has been generated within the industry over the years and monitor bespoke KPIs in order to expedite procedures and extract useful data.

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is altering the marketing landscape?


New Delhi [India], October 11 (ANI/ATK): In this technological era, new technologies are being introduced in the market now and then. Businesses are no more using the traditional marketing methods to generate ROI (Return on Investment). Businesses are using new-age technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) for better marketing and promotion. Many young marketers are looking for a certification in AI & ML for securing better job roles in the marketing industry. The marketing landscape is continuously changing, and businesses need a sustainable solution. Read on to know how AI & ML are disrupting the traditional marketing landscape.

Hike hiring ML Intern (Remote) in Delhi, Delhi, India


Description A NEW SOCIAL FUTURE How is it that in a world that's evolving so quickly that social products still feel the same? Strangely enough, we're still using products that were invented in the 2G era. There seems to be an emptiness with the current experience and today's products are built to force humanity to be superficial. We'd like to change that. With the advancements in technology, so much more is possible today that wasn't even possible, just a few years ago.

How to start a career as artificial intelligence - Illinois News Today


New Delhi [India], July 21 (ANI / PNN): According to the World Economic Forum, 133 million new jobs will be created in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) by 2022. Job demand and growth is projected in three key areas: data analysts and data scientists, AImachine learning specialists (including AI software engineers), and big data specialists. At the peak of decision-intelligence companies, use software that embeds AI within organizations across sales, marketing, planning, and supply chains to transform decision-making. The company has grown rapidly in the last 12 months, expanding its teams in Jaipur (India) and the United Kingdom, as well as opening new offices in the United States and Pune (India). As a result, Peak is creating 150 new jobs worldwide this year, including roles in data science and AI software engineering.

India well-positioned to become global leader in artificial intelligence: Amitabh Kant - Times of India


NEW DELHI: India today is well-positioned to become a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and there is a need to adopt it across all sectors, Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said on Monday. Addressing a virtual FICCI event, Kant further said the government has a crucial role to play in positioning India as the'tech garage' of the world. "India today is well positioned to become a global leader in Artificial Intelligence... We need to adopt AI and accelerate it across all sectors," he said. Kant also said AI has been catalysing leadership in the last few years and it is a game changer. Noting that India has the third largest startup ecosystem in the world, he said, "We have the talent and now data system to build AI ecosystems."

Covid-19 Spurs Indians to Replace Their Household Help With Appliances WSJD - Technology

NEW DELHI--India's middle-class households are culling their armies of domestic helpers amid the Covid-19 pandemic, eliminating a crucial source of jobs and spurring an appliance-buying binge. Ila Rallan used to have five different home assistants troop through her apartment in Mumbai every day: one cook, three cleaners and one nanny. At the beginning of India's lockdown, they all returned to their villages. Additionally, her building wouldn't let in outsiders. For the first time in her life, she had to do everything around the house without the help of staff.

India can be AI capital, policy framework for technology can accelerate development: Chandrasekaran


New Delhi: India can become the artificial intelligence (AI) capital of the world because of the talent pool and complex problems that it has, and a policy framework for the technology can accelerate development, Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran said on Friday. He said AI can shape the future and direction of the country. "India clearly has the potential to become the AI capital of the world. The reason I say this is not just because I am here in India and I love India and so on. We are in a sweet spot where we have talent and a kind of complexity that only AI can solve," Chandrasekaran said while speaking at RAISE Summit. He said if India is able to solve the problems using AI, then the solutions can spread to developing as well as developed nations.

Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore Mumbai Delhi India USA


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