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Video games becoming a new frontier in digital rights

The Japan Times

New York – Critical digital rights battles over privacy, free speech and anonymity are increasingly being fought in video games, a growing market that is becoming a "new political arena," experts and insiders said on Thursday. With the industry set to more than double annual revenues to $300 billion by 2025, questions about how video game operators, designers and governments handle sensitive issues take on added urgency, said participants at RightsCon, a virtual digital rights conference. In recent months, a Hong Kong activist staged a protest against Beijing's rule inside a popular social simulator game called Animal Crossing, and a member of the U.S. Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, campaigned in the game as well. The game Minecraft, meanwhile, has been used to circumvent censorship, with groups using it to create digital libraries and smuggle banned texts into repressive countries. "Video games have become this new political arena," said Micaela Mantegna, founder of GeekyLegal, an Argentinian group that focuses on tech policy.

Australia tells U.S. it has no intention of hurting relationship with China

The Japan Times

Washington – The United States and close ally Australia held high-level talks on China on Tuesday and agreed on the need to uphold a rules-based global order, but the Australian foreign minister stressed that Canberra's relationship with China was important and it had no intention of injuring it. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Mark Esper held two days of talks in Washington with their Australian counterparts, Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Defense Minister Linda Reynolds, who had flown around the world for the meetings despite the COVID-19 pandemic and face two weeks of quarantine on their return. At a joint news conference, Pompeo praised Australia for standing up to pressure from China and said Washington and Canberra would continue to work together to reassert the rule of law in the South China Sea, where China has been pressing its claims. Payne said the United States and Australia shared a commitment to the rule of law and had reiterated their commitment to hold countries to account for breaches, such as China's erosion of freedoms in Hong Kong. She said the two sides had also agreed to form a working group to monitor and respond to harmful disinformation and would look at ways to expand cooperation on infectious diseases, including access to vaccines.

With 5G+AI Twin Engines - Qualcomm, WIMI and Samsung Bring New Opportunities to the Industry


HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2020 / The arrival of 5G will bring new explosive points for market development. Undeniably, the promotion of 4G promoted the increase of users, and the operators made a lot of investment and construction of data centers to meet the needs of users, which led to a wave of high tide of server procurement. Compared with 3G and 4G, 5G has improved its speed by about 10 times, which has achieved a qualitative leap in the development of server market. In the future, 5G rate is expected to increase by tens of times, which will undoubtedly inject more vitality into the market. For example, industries that were previously limited by data processing speed are expected to break through bottlenecks and achieve substantial growth.

InsurTech company YAS unveils microinsurance marketplace in Hong Kong


Hong Kong-based regional InsurTech venture – YAS Digital Limited (YDL), unveiled today YAS, a microinsurance marketplace which utilizes innovative technologies such as 5G, AI, blockchain, data analytics, and open API, to reshape the insurance industry while creating an ecosystem and business model for B2B and B2C customers. YDL has mentioned that it is the first InsurTech venture in Hong Kong to employ YAS, which functions like an app store and empowers insurers with open APIs ready to plug and play. YAS utilizes a customer-centric open marketplace that offers a diverse and affordable range of products tailored to the customer's needs. Andy Ann and William Lee, Cofounder of YDL said, "YAS is a perfect blend of technological innovation, digital capabilities, and customer-centric experience; it fosters to build a community with utility, loyalty, and experience to protect people through lifestyle. What's more, it also forms a powerful transformative insurtech business model and ecosystem, leading the evolution of the global insurance market, and reshaping the insurance industry for the next generation.

Study finds 195 robot deployments worldwide in response to the pandemic


Over 66 different kinds of "social" robots have been piloted in hospitals, health centers, airports, office buildings, and other public and private spaces in response to the pandemic, according to a study from researchers at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Pompeu Fabra University. Their survey of 195 robot deployments across 35 countries including China, the U.S., Thailand, and Hong Kong found "clear expansion" in the use of robots that perform roles directly addressing the need for distancing and physical isolation, like those that support hospital staff and deliver food. It's not surprising the worsening COVID-19 health crisis is hastening the adoption of certain robots and drones. They require disinfection but promise to minimize the risk of spreading disease, which is critical in health care settings. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control estimates that health care workers represent over 25% of diagnosed COVID-19 cases in some parts of the world.

Use Machine Learning to Predict Horse Racing


I am a part-time student of master of computer science at HKU. After last semester exams, I was thinking it would be fun and cool to apply machine learning on a real world dataset. It took me no time to find out the great website for machine learning, Kaggle. Kaggle has a lot of interesting datasets for data science students and professionals. I searched for "Hong Kong" because I would like to find a dataset that is close/related to me, and I got the dataset for Horse Racing in HK.

How Artificial Intelligence Innovations Induced Industrywide Advancements?


Moreover, across the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, technology is making great advancements. Living under the reign of terror induced by a coronavirus, no other generation than us can understand the true benefits of technology in reshaping the healthcare industry. Today AI and its subsets are being used extensively for drug discovery and medical treatment planning. However, the upsurge of AI in this industry has been noted in 2019 when a Hong Kong biotech startup called InSilico Medicine partnered with the University of Toronto researchers to create a drug in order to advance the concept to initial testing. As noted by Fortune, the significance of AI on pre-clinical development and on the economics of healthcare is worth watching.

[online] Hong Kong Machine Learning Meetup Season 2 Episode 8


Time: June 15,[masked]:00 PM Hong Kong Illya Barziy - Codependence with MlFinLab Illya will present the MlFinLab package which implements Machine Learning tools for Finance, largely based on the work of Marcos Lopez de Prado. Amongst the many modules (feature engineering, labeling, portfolio optimization, backtest overfitting, ...), Illya will present one in particular: Codependence.

New Google Maps feature will show routes to nearest public transport

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Google Maps is working on a new feature that will show you how to reach the nearest public transport connection, according to new leaked screenshots. The new Maps filter will let users choose what mode of transportation they will be using at the very beginning of their daily commute, the screenshots show. Once rolled out, the feature will allow commuters to work out their preferred route to various transport connections, such as the train station, when they return to the workplace after the coronavirus pandemic. The screenshots also reveal an option to get more accurate Uber fares using data from Google Maps and a slightly new design for the Maps interface. 'Google Maps is working on route options with "Connections to Public Transit", such as car and transit, bicycle and transit, auto rickshaw, ride service [and] motorcycle and transit,' said Jane Wong, a Hong Kong-based hacker, tech blogger and software engineer, who leaked the screenshots.

DeepFaceDrawing Uses AI Machine Learning to Turn Simple Sketches Into Realistic Faces – TechEBlog


Chinese Academy of Sciences and the City University of Hong Kong led a research team that developed an AI-powered machine learning approach capable of generating lifelike human portraits from simple sketches. Current deep image-to-image translation techniques may be faster at generating human face images from sketches, but they often overfit their inputs, or in other words, require a professional artist to sketch the face first. Other deep learning based solutions for sketch-to-image translation interpret input sketches as fixed constraints and then attempt to recreate the missing texture information between strokes. This new approach learns the space of plausible face sketches from real ones and finds the point in this space that best approximates the input sketch treating it as a'soft' constraint used to guide image synthesis. It consists of three modules: CE (Component Embedding), FM (Feature Mapping), and IS (Image Synthesis). Recent deep image-to-image translation techniques allow fast generation of face images from freehand sketches.