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Here's One Way Microsoft's Amazon Alexa Rival Could Win


A man dressed in white from head to toe was posted outside the Las Vegas Convention Center last week. His outfit included just a few colorful exceptions: four bubbles in red, yellow, blue, and green splashed in the center of his T-shirt, and a fluffy red poof atop his ski cap. Those multicolored spots should look familiar to anyone who's used Google's virtual assistant on their smartphone. After all, those dots form the same logo that appears in the Google Assistant app. That's because he, like others at CES in the same attire, was dressed as the Google Assistant.

Business travel will be disrupted by advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning- Technology News, Firstpost


The business travel industry is in the throes of a new era of transformation as it gradually evolves into a technologically-equipped sector. Dynamic growth in business travel due to a recovering global economy and increasing customer expectations are important factors driving this change. Companies are striving to harness emerging technologies to enhance operational efficiencies in travel and expense management while delivering unparalleled user experience. Not only are they inclined towards technology innovation and proliferation of devices, applications and capabilities, but also towards experiences that will drive real value. Customised travel solutions offering new sources of revenue and growth, and streamlining of budgets through a uniform experience across platforms, are the need of the day.

Are AI chatbots about to change the way we bank?


SOME of the biggest players in the banking world are catching up with the artificial intelligence rush by launching chatbots to serve their tech-savvy customers. HSBC Holdings is among the most recent of these players, implementing a virtual assistant named'Amy', which uses AI technologies such as natural language processing to answer customer queries. The launch of the chatbots come after the city's banking regulator, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), released measures over the past two years to encourage local lenders to develop fintech. The aim is for banks to develop innovative products or technology to both cut down costs and offer better, speedier service to its customers. According to a report by Juniper Research, chatbots are expected to help save global banks over US$8 billion per year by 2022.

Artificial Intelligence: Everything You Want to Know


By the end of this 10-minute read, you will hopefully have a comprehensive overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We'll try our best to give you straightforward and relatable answers on this quite heavy subject. After defining AI and its subfields, we will have a look into the brief history, current use cases, most common fears, and mind-boggling predictions for the future. We encourage you to dig deeper into the 10 great resources we have listed for you at the end of this article. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE HAS BECOME THE NEW BUZZWORD leaving IoT, Big Data, Automation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in shade.

The Future of AI: 'We Have a Long Way to Go'


PitchBook, a Morningstar company, tracks every aspect of the public and private equity markets, including venture capital, private equity, and M&A. LAS VEGAS--For many of us, it feels like the future is now, and that's largely thanks to AI-powered technology such as virtual assistants and robots. AI is on the front lines of new technology, and venture capital investors have certainly taken note, pouring more and more money into the space each year. But there's still a lot to come for the red-hot industry. That's the view from a panel of AI executives who attended CES.

How virtual humans could transform the brand experience


For years, marketers have talked about brands as having personalities. Now they have the tools to bring those brands to life – virtually at least. Rapid developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are being combined with Academy Award-winning animation skills to create virtual humans that are the closest yet to flesh and blood. And for brands, that offers the opportunity to put a very human-looking face on a corporate body. One of the latest iterations of these virtual humans comes from Auckland-based company, Soul Machines, whose co-founder and CEO, Mark Sagar's ground-breaking work in computer-generated faces on films, King Kong and Avatar, was recognised with consecutive Oscars.

The Five Fundamental Building Blocks for Artificial Intelligence in Banking


To find success with artificial intelligence, banks and credit unions will need to cultivate new capabilities -- from machine learning to natural language processing. Computer scientist and celebrated futurist Ray Kurzweil says artificial intelligence will match human intelligence by 2029, and that by 2045, it will have multiplied the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion times. Predictions like this abound amid the hype surrounding AI. Real understanding however, is less common. Many enterprises are unclear about what constitutes AI, where it can be applied, and how to prioritize its use cases within the organization.

Paid Program: AI Can Bolster Higher Ed


There is probably no other industry that could benefit more from Artificial Intelligence (AI) than higher education. The U.S. educational system is struggling with funding challenges, teacher shortages, overcrowded classrooms and poor student retention. All of these issues and others can be alleviated by selectively using AI to take over mundane tasks, allowing professors and other educational professionals to do more of what they do that is irreplaceable. For example, AI can automate a myriad of mundane administrative tasks, requiring fewer resources and freeing administrators to do a better job of running the institution. The more AI augments administrative and academic processes, the more time teachers have to teach.

The new normal: Robots, hyper-collaboration and smart meetings


This finding, which is the result of Polycom's The Changing World of Work research, shows that this percentage is going to increase exponentially over the next 12-18 months. Following on from the survey, Polycom has released their top five drivers that are set to impact business collaboration in the year ahead. The cloud space has transformed, not just our office and workspaces but the way we work. If we look at the next generation of technology – it's modular, it's adaptive, it's solutions based and it is cloud based. As cloud continues to move into the mainstream, the conversation is no longer about that sub 50 office space, the one-to-three user space is back on the table.

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Get a Personal Assistant Gadget ?


You're reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. Technology is incorporated into every single aspect of our life, right from waking up from the smartphone alarm to using maps while driving. It was created to make our life easier. When used correctly, the negative impact of technology can balance the positive. Virtual assistant technology is another buzzword in the startup world that is helping entrepreneurs by performing tasks on their behalf.