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With technology shaping businesses inside out, the above mentioned is the motto every business should swear by. If you are an entrepreneur yourself, you know how technological advancements have flipped things over in the business arena. It's okay for business leaders to feel this way, especially when they have an investment at stake. Nevertheless, technology is here to stay. And the only coping mechanism you have is to embrace it.

Scientists Imagine a Dream World of AI


Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the 1950s when the concept has entered the minds of scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers. Alan Turing is often mentioned as one of the precursors of the artificial intelligence we know and use in our times. Moreover, his 1950 paper, Computing Machinery and Intelligence details how to build such intelligent machines and how to assess their intelligence. Since then, the concept of machine learning has made incredible progress. Deep learning systems are no longer in need of human programming. They learn on their own based on data sets to identify patterns and anomalies.

Rise in Technological Advancements to Drive Military Robot Market - Fatpos Global


The market size of the military robot market will rise considerably in the coming years owing to improving border surveillance and patrolling. The growth of inefficient border research and growing ISR functions has led to military robot industry propulsion. The robots are for defensive drive purposes and are remotely controlled which can perform dangerous activities making them more efficient than the other tools. The wider market will be influenced by a growing need for advanced monitoring, targeting and information-gathering systems in the military due to the presence of challenging and life-risking activities. Furthermore, the rising need for isolated processes for a long period and technological developments in unused systems worldwide is another factor that significantly increases the growth of the market.

AI, Robots, and 3D Printing: How Technology is Helping the Healthcare Industry in India


In the contemporary world, technology plays a crucial role in transforming the way we do business and lead businesses on a path of development. Similar to the disruptions caused by technology in education, e-commerce, finance, among many others, it is also driving major innovations in the healthcare industry. Technology has assisted the field with an abundance of progress, in the terms of treatments, diagnoses and medicinal devices. It has resulted in saving and improving countless lives all across the world. Healthcare sector in India is growing at a rapid pace and is also undergoing multiple technological advancements.

Digitization, Digital Transformations and Humans in the Loop Workflows


This article will take you through what digital transformations are, what drives it, how to aid successful digital transformations, how AI and deep learning can help, the challenges you might face in implementation and how to work around them. We will also talk about what the current pace of technological growth means for the future of work and what we can do about the paranoia that goes along with increasing automation. While talking about singularity or Skynet taking over is not the point of this blog, it would be a little apathetic to not acknowledge the risks that come with acceleration in technological advancement. Have a data extraction problem in mind? Head over to Nanonets and start building models for free!

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Cybersecurity


While the world marvels at the massive technological advancements at play in a variety of fields, there's a particular niche that is growing rather concerned. Despite all the promises and brighter outlooks promised by technology, there is an increased threat to cybersecurity that experts are trying to wrap their heads around to plan a solution for. There was a need to introduce a new player into the world of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in cybersecurity as it showcased the understanding of cyber-attacks. Organizations through advanced tools will be able to not only track but also provide effective responses to security incidents using the latest technologies. A massive improvement might be the introduction of next-generation firewalls with learning technology that can find patterns from network packets and block flagged threats.

Symbiosis between Artificial Intelligence and human creativity will define the Future of Jobs - ET CIO


By Ratna Mehta Technological advancement is a double-edged sword; while it oils the wheels of advancement and innovation leading to breakthroughs that improve efficiency, rationalise cost and improve the quality of life, it has its fallouts, i.e. job losses, health issues and environmental pollution. Man vs Machine With the rise of AI, there is increasing anxiety around massive job displacement. This is substantiated by widespread research: - Accountants have a 95% chance of losing jobs - 29% of legal sector jobs could be automated in 10 years - Intelligent agents and robots could replace 30% of the world's current human labour Being a trader was an esteemed profession, but with AI systems that can analyse information from markets, social media, corporate filings and economic conditions to quickly decipher trades, these systems can trade better than any human. As per analysis firm Oxford Economics, up to 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world could be replaced with robots by 2030. Man and Machine Joining Forces How we use technology depends on our perspective; we can use it to'replace' humans or we can leverage it to'augment' humans.

Enabling AI advancements with low-code technology


Due to rapid technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now found in various aspects of our daily lives – though most of us are often completely unaware of how regularly we use it. From the recommendations we receive on Amazon or Netflix to the AI-driven camera software used to improve the photos we take on our smartphones, AI forms parts of the popular services that are used multiple times a day. Even the map and Satnav applications we use rely on AI. Company chatbots are a more well-known use of AI, and can now be found on nearly every company website you visit. In fact, it's been predicted that 80 per cent of companies will be using chatbots this year.

Applications of Machine Learning in Healthcare and the Rise of mHealth - DZone AI


The healthcare space is growing by leaps and bounds. According to a report, global healthcare expenditure is expected to reach USD 10 trillion by 2022. Owing to multiple factors like technological advancements, expensive infrastructure, growing health-related awareness, and a rise in chronic health conditions, the healthcare market is evolving faster than ever. With time, the use of technology has brought structural changes to the healthcare industry, for the better. Whether it's managing endless administrative processes in hospitals, providing personalized care and treatment, or facilitating better access, technological advancements like mobile healthcare, also known as mHealth, and machine learning in healthcare have streamlined the healthcare sector to a great extent.