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technical lead

Technical Lead - Language Engineering - DeepSource


Been a Senior Software engineer or Technical Lead. A polyglot developer and can write proficient code in 2 mainstream programming languages, and you are genuinely interested in working with syntax trees, code transformations, lexical parsing, etc. Can articulate complex technical problems clearly using written and verbal communication, and set a vision that gets your team members excited. Can articulate complex business problems clearly using written and verbal communication, and set a vision that gets your team members excited. Have experience with building tools where the intended user are developers; this is an advantage but not a requirement.

Technical Lead, Data Engineering and Machine Learning at Thrive Global


Thrive Global is changing the way people live through our behavior change platform and apps used to impact individual and organizational well-being and productivity. The marriage of data and analytics, our best-in-class content and science-backed behavior change IP will help people go from knowing what to do to actually doing it, enabling millions of consumers to begin the Thrive behavior change journey. As a technical lead on Thrive's Data Science and Analytics team, you will play a significant role in building Thrive's platform and products.

Streamlio, an open-core streaming data fabric for the cloud era


This Tricky aphorism of a song came to mind once more a couple of years back, when Streamlio came out of stealth. Streamlio is an offering for real-time data processing based on a number of Apache open source projects, and it directly competes with Confluent and Apache Kafka, which is at the core of Confluent's offering. Also: Processing time series data: What are the options? In 2017, Apache Kafka was generally considered an early adopter thing: Present in many whiteboard architecture diagrams, but not necessarily widely adopted in production in enterprises. Since then, Kafka has laid a claim to enterprise adoption, and Confluent has acquired open-core unicorn status after its latest funding.

Technical Lead, Machine Learning Solutions, New York @ HyperScience


HyperScience delivers machine learning solutions for the enterprise, working with Fortune 500 companies. The HyperScience team is guided by the belief that AI is destined to be the biggest event in the history of human labor since the industrial revolution. HyperScience offers leading global businesses the tools to take advantage of this new technology and create innovative solutions ranging from predictions, automated classifications and anomaly detection in any domain. There are many examples of AI currently applied to everyday life, ranging from self-driving cars to medical software that diagnoses patients. The company already counts a number of businesses in the Fortune 500 as customers and their engagements start at the C-suite, solving these large businesses-- most challenging problems.