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120 million people may need retraining to work with AI - Software Testing News


Companies could potentially have to retrain employees to work with AI and keep up with the forecasted $97.9 billion (£79 billion) that this market is expected to reach by 2023, Forbes reports. It's predicted that as many as 120 million workers across 12 of the world's biggest economies may have to be re-educated because of the impact that AI is having on firms. This information is taken from numerous surveys and studies, according to American business magazine, Forbes. Analysing the data, it was found that just 41% of CEOs believe their staff has the skills and resources to execute the correct business strategies. Which is why so many people are opting for AI instead.

AI security tool released that thinks 92% faster than humans - Software Testing News


A new ground-breaking cybersecurity tool has been launched that thinks like a human but works at the speed of a computer. The machine learning AI device was developed and released by cyber defense company, Darktrace. It is revolutionary in digital defense because of the way that it has been trained to make human-like decisions at such high velocity. The quickness at which cybersecurity judgments are made has been cut by 92% with the new design. Whereas it normally takes a human around 30 minutes to an hour to explore a single suspicious security report.

How to identify machine learning talent - Software Testing News


What once was a shortage of coding and software engineering expertise has now translated into a shortage of skills in artificial intelligence and algorithmic engineering – machine learning talent. According to a recent survey on enterprise AIOps adoption, 67% of enterprise IT organisations in the US have experimented with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for data management and incident remediation. What's more, global research and advisory firm, Gartner, fully expects that artificial intelligence is expected to create more jobs than it replaces by 2020 . AI is moving fast and enterprises need new talent today, not tomorrow; and not just any old talent. Here, I'm going to discuss some of the things I've learnt and some of the practical questions you can pose to uncover and secure the talent you need to help both your enterprise and potential employees succeed and excel.