software micromanage call center employee

Software micromanages call center employees by monitoring their vocal cues

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Artificial intelligence could soon replace the need for office managers - in call centers, at least. According to a recent report from the New York Times, new software by AI firm Cogito can micro-manage workers by monitoring when they talk too fast, lack enthusiasm, or even when their voices aren't conveying enough empathy. Workers are then notified of their performance in real-time via symbolized prompts like a coffee cup or cartoon heart depending on which metrics the program deems are lacking. And the tech is gaining traction: the Times reports that MetLife now uses Cogito - which claims its has 20,000 users, including the health insurance company, Humana - for 1,500 of its call center workers and claims the AI has helped boost customer satisfaction by 13 percent. Call center employees for the insurance giant MetLife are managed by an artificially intelligent boss that can offer tips based on their vocal cues.