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Researchers explain why they believe Facebook mishandles political ads

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Facebook has worked for years to revamp its handling of political ads -- but researchers who conducted a comprehensive audit of millions of ads say the social media company's efforts have had uneven results. The problems, they say, include overcounting political ads in the U.S. -- and undercounting them in other countries. And despite Facebook's ban on political ads around the time of last year's U.S. elections, the platform allowed more than 70,000 political ads to run anyway, according to the research team that is based at the NYU Cybersecurity for Democracy and at the Belgian university KU Leuven. Their research study was released early Thursday. They also plan to present their findings at a security conference next August.

Trends To Watch In 5G Connected Vehicles


We all know 5G networks are here. Although autonomous vehicles are getting a substantial amount of attention, it is actually the technology that connects through fast speed and low latency cellular technology that is rapidly changing this industry with connected cars. As vehicles continue to advance, they are becoming more defined, automated, and electrified. In-vehicle connectivity is now thought to be a requirement from the outset. This transition to connected vehicles, that are intelligent, is certainly here and the smartphone will act as a personal assistant, providing music, the latest reports, and also maps that are needed.

Artificial intelligence -- our next HR?


A brief list of our favorite sourcing and recruiting tools, including those that are based on self-learning algorithms. Along with other parts of the business, human resources have also been digitized since the pandemic started. It became obvious that you cannot organize a physical interview with the potential candidates. And that many of them left crowded, expensive cities and went home, to their native towns or countries. Traveling is now open again, but it does not give a guarantee that one can hire new developers or marketers in a traditional way, like it was before the COVID19.

🔴 AI+ML in Business Functions


Most businesses are laggards in adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Any business which does not AiDigiTransform will die. AI ensures digi-savvy approaches and monitoring of performance using digital dashboards of real-time results. ML helps clearly understand business opportunities to both automate tasks and identify ways to improve products. AI and ML help in market research, strategy execution, target advertising, chatbots to resolve problems, support sales, and boost CX.

The opportunity for AI in Healthcare


Over the past decades, Artificial Intelligence (AI), has played a robust and growing role in the world. What many people don't realize is that AI presents itself in several different forms that impact everyday life. Logging into your email, social media, car ride services, and online shopping platforms all involve AI algorithms to ensure a better user experience. The medical field is one key area where AI is experiencing rapid growth; specifically, in managing treatment and diagnostics. There is significant research undertaken into how AI can help aid in clinical decisions, increase the efficiency of treatment, and support human judgment.

Facebook Says Its New AI Can Identify More Problems Faster


A recent trove of documents leaked from Facebook demonstrated how the social network struggles to moderate dangerous content in places far from Silicon Valley. Internal discussions revealed worries that moderation algorithms for the languages spoken in Pakistan and Ethiopia were insufficient, and that the company lacked adequate training data to tune systems to different dialects of Arabic. Meta Platforms, Facebook's owner, now says it has deployed a new artificial intelligence moderation system for some tasks that can be adapted to new enforcement jobs more quickly than its predecessors because it requires much less training data. The company says the system, called Few-Shot Learner, works in more than 100 languages and can operate on images as well as text. Facebook says Few-Shot Learner makes it possible to automate enforcement of a new moderation rule in about six weeks, down from around six months.

PS5 restock alert: Walmart has a gaming consoles release Wednesday with Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5

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Walmart members will have another chance to vie for the most popular video game consoles Wednesday. The world's largest retailer posted on its website that it has a "Gaming consoles special release – exclusively for Walmart members!" starting at noon ET/9 a.m. Three different consoles are listed on Walmart's early access page: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5 Digital and Xbox Series X. Walmart has quickly sold out of the consoles online during its Cyber Monday sale as well as its third Black Friday sale that started Nov. 22. The consoles sold out during the two early access events for subscription members. During the earlier sales, shoppers who didn't get one of the consoles took to social media to complain.

The Myth of Artificial Intelligence


This article appears in the November/December 2021 issue of The American Prospect magazine. The term "artificial intelligence" is widely recognized by researchers as less a technically precise descriptor than an aspirational project that comprises a growing collection of data-centric technologies. The recent AI trend kicked off around 2010, when a combination of increased computing power and massive troves of web data reanimated interest in decades-old techniques. It wasn't the algorithms that were new as much as the concentrated resources and the surveillance business models capable of collecting, storing, and processing previously unfathomable amounts of data. In other words, so-called "advances" in AI celebrated over the last decade are primarily the product of significantly concentrated data and computing resources that reside in the hands of a few large tech corporations like Amazon, Facebook, and Google.



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