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German court upholds WhatsApp-Facebook data transfer ban


Facebook must obtain the permission of German users of WhatsApp before processing their personal data, a German court confirmed on Tuesday.

Facebook's 'M' AI offers suggestions based on your Messenger conversations - Mobile Marketing


More than a year after announcing its automated assistant, Facebook has launched its'M' AI assistant in Messenger in the US.

Transcribing Audio Sucks--So Make the Machines Do It


A new voice-transcription technology can tell you not only what's being said, but who is saying it.

Innovation Through Crowdsourcing and AI – Innovation Excellence


If artificial intelligence (AI) is the future, the future is now, and it's all around us. Despite what science fiction and futuristic fantasy may have you believe, AI isn't all about recreating human consciousness. Rather, it's a practical, efficient way to help business technology get smarter as a product gains traction. AI allows companies to use insights from a large community of users to continually improve upon their products.

Brands see visual intelligence as key part of AI strategy 7wData


Ever since neural networks began their renewed renaissance in 2012, computer vision has been a ripe field of study and innovation for AI researchers and a fruitful area of applied AI for enterprises. Deep learning enables incredible feats of machine vision, such as classifying image subjects at human parity and dynamically generating completely new imagery.

Instagram bug means that people haven't been able to leave it for months

The Independent

People who attempt to deactivate their account are instead finding that they have to stay on it – apparently because the app is broken.

Good news: this dating app is using their data to help you suck less at finding love.


Dating apps have a crapload of data on their users, and they know exactly what works and doesn't. So why not use that to help us out?

World's Last Male Rhino Getting Help From Tinder Dating App

U.S. News

FILE In this Monday Dec. 21, 2009 file photo, Sudan, a northern white rhino, arrives at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. There's just one male northern white rhino left in the world, and he's getting some help from the Tinder dating app. A Kenyan wildlife conservancy is teaming up with Tinder for a campaign called "The Most Eligible Bachelor in the World," focusing on the rhino named Sudan. They are raising money for research to save the species from extinction.

How AI Startups Must Compete with Google Dr Fei-Fei Li (Google Cloud) & Mike Abbott (KPCB)


Mike Abbott, Partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, sits with Dr. Fei Fei Li, Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford, and the Director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab and the Stanford Vision Lab. Dr Li's main research areas are in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and cognitive and computational neuroscience. She has published more than 150 scientific articles in top-tier journals and conferences and invented ImageNet and the ImageNet Challenge, a critical large-scale dataset and benchmarking effort that has contributed to the latest developments in deep learning and AI.