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AI Meets Localization


Taryn Southern, a well-known YouTube star and musician, became interested in how AI could enhance her listeners' experience and personalize their music discoveries. Spotify for instance, uses collaborative filtering to collect as much data as they can regarding a listener's music preferences and then compares this data to data collected on other users. Pandora uses a combination of human expertise and algorithms – experts tag various songs with a multitude of tags, such as music genre, artist name, and language. Then, when a listener selects a particular song or artist, the algorithm then matches this selection to these characteristics and suggests "radio stations" that the listener will likely enjoy. Southern also loves how AI enhances her musical creative process and explains that part of the charm of using AI in her music development is the creative control she is afforded.

Hong Kong brokers bypass AI chatbots in favour of social media apps


Hong Kong brokers prefer to use popular messaging apps such as WhatsAapp and WeChat to stay in touch with clients, even as artificial intelligence powered chatbots are being embraced by large financial institutions, according to a survey by the Hong Kong Securities Association. Banks such as HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank are leveraging AI-powered chatbot platforms to answer enquiries by customers, trhjoining a growing global trend which is seen as offering improved customer service and lower business costs. Many small and medium-sized brokerages, which make up most the city's 500 licensed securities dealers, have no intention of using the technology, the survey found. Of the 300 brokerages polled in January and February, 81 per cent said they had no plans to introduce a chatbot, while only 8 per cent said they currently use one. About a tenth of those surveyed said they plan to adopt the technology to support their customer service initiatives.

Artificial Intelligence: What's Now and Next in IoT-Driven Supply Chain Innovation


Like most people, coffee is one of the most important rituals in my morning routine. There's something about the aroma and taste that kick-starts my ability to have a great day. So imagine my surprise when I found out that a favorite coffee shop was closed before I had to jump on an early-morning flight home. The employees were in the shop, but the gate locked out coffee aficionados, like me, that really needed that jolt of caffeine. Although this experience was understandably a letdown, it was also a source of inspiration.

Facebook's data gold rush

Daily Mail

Facebook revenues soared to billions of pounds after it started giving away users' details. The social media giant practically doubled its takings every year after opening up profiles to'tens of thousands' of app developers. Facebook users were yesterday waking up to how much private information has been handed out. During the data gold-rush – which lasted from 2009 to 2015 – it appears almost anyone who described themselves as a'developer' could freely mine Facebook's database. Facebook revenues soared to billions of pounds after it started giving away users' details In this period, the technology firm's revenues rose sharply, from £500million in 2009 to nearly £13billion by 2015.

AI In Telecom: Intelligent Operations is the New Norm


The move towards an intelligent world is faster and more rapid than it ever was before. The increase in this transition has been propagated through the role of several high key stakeholders that have redefined the way we look at technology. One of the key players in this transition is Huawei. Huawei's recent UBBF conference held in Hangzhou on October 18-19 was a step towards awareness in this regard. Being personally present at this conference, there were numerous intakes that I noted down and would like to present to my readers.

[P] How to write a persuasive ICLR review: text mining the OpenReview dataset • r/MachineLearning


It's an interesting thought, and it looks like you can see how a review was revised. Assuming you could get enough data, it would be possible to see what language may have inspired reviewers to increase their scores.

Driverless trucks may inevitably take over the road


Multiple companies are rolling out automated semi-trucks, but this technological progression threatens the livelihood of millions of truckers. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Multiple companies are rolling out automated semi-trucks, but this technological progression threatens the livelihood of millions of truckers.

The Academic at the Center of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal Is Speaking Out


Aleksandr Kogan, the Russian-American academic at the center of the Cambridge Analytica controversy, has been relatively vocal yet strikingly calm in public since news broke that the company had acquired personal information from more than 50 million Facebook accounts and later used it to boost Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Cambridge Analytica and Facebook have both blamed Kogan for the imbroglio, though he's denied any wrongdoing. In Facebook's first statement disclosing Cambridge Analytica's activities on Friday, the company accused Kogan of lying and breaking its policies. According to its narrative, Kogan gave data he had gathered from users and their friends through his personality prediction Facebook app to the political consulting firm. Developers are not allowed to give such data to third parties.

How Companies Like Amazon and Google Turn Data into a Competitive Advantage - and How You Can Too


Everyone knows the answer: Data. All of these companies have managed to leverage the vast amounts of information they get from their multitude of users - whether it be their search habits, the posts they share, the products they buy, or the music they listen to - into major revenue streams. It's not just the fact that these companies have been able to gather data on millions (or billions, in the case of some of these companies); it's that those companies have managed to effectively utilize that data to better understand and market to their users. All of these companies are using artificial intelligence (or, more accurately, deep learning) to do this. Of course, it's important to note that you don't have to be a dominating enterprise like Amazon or Google to turn data into a competitive advantage.