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How AI can impact work productivity


COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work in the longterm. For some, the long periods of time spent stuck in doors zapped their productivity levels and mental health, leaving them with no energy to work or create. For those with jobs that could work from home, they were left with a host of new challenges to overcome while also trying to do an honest, productive day's work. Time is perhaps the most valuable commodity in business, and, as a society, we're obsessed with doing the most in as little time as possible. We equate being productive at work with being successful.

Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain -- When Celeb Chef Meats AI


In life, Anthony Bourdain could cook up a right storm in the kitchen. In death, the celebrity chef has cooked up a storm of a whole different flavour. Only it wasn't really him who cooked up that storm. In his new documentary, film-maker Morgan Neville drops a pinch of artificial intelligence into his recipe, using the technology to construct a few lines of voiceover by Bourdain. A lot of critics -- including Bourdain's ex-wife Ottavia -- find Neville's creative choice completely unpalatable, suggesting the end result amounts to little more than a deepfake.

The best dating sites to help you find a connection this weekend


If you've dated in the past 20 years, it's likely that you've encountered a dating site or app. You might have even encountered a few of them (no judgement here). As our lives have moved online in recent years, digital dating has allowed us more freedom to meet others how we choose. The only real issue with online dating is that there are a lot of sites and apps out there to consider. With so many options, it can be really tricky knowing where to find the best crop of potential partners.

All the best dating sites and apps for women


The online world isn't always the friendliest of places for women, particularly when it comes to trolling and misogyny on social media. From Twitter reply guys, to other forms of online harassment, to straight up cyberstalking, letting women exist in peace seems to be a hard concept to grasp. When it comes to dating apps specifically -- where others often assume that a dating app profile means that one is willfully subjecting themselves to creepy comments -- the chance of women enduring such unsettling experiences feels doubled. The onslaught of men grasping at straws for attention with messages saying "think they saw you somewhere" or requesting nudes in their opening line is an online dating specialty. Is it easier to shoot your shot by simply using a hot selfie on your Instagram story as bait for your crush?

What if Facial Recognition Technology Were in Everyone's Hands?


We know we are not anonymous online. Our every move in the digital sphere is tracked, collected, analyzed. It's all fascinating to our spies, who know our identity at every step. They can pinpoint us by the way we write our emails, use the mouse on our computer screens--even how we hold and swipe our cellphones. Soon we may not be anonymous in public either.

Online workers are creating new tools to improve their working conditions. Will it work?


Mechanical Turk requesters outsource paid tasks and processes via the platform, where they are made available to workers, or Turkers. About a year ago, shortly after having a baby boy, Brittany set out to find ways that she could contribute financially as a stay-at-home mum. She soon discovered the crowdsourced work marketplace Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT) – and after working her way through the platform, started landing jobs that pay up to $50 per hour. At times, she laughs, she is even making more money than her husband. That is not to say that the "good work" came easily. Some savvy Googling and a few Reddit channels got things moving, but she still remembers starting off with "crappy stuff". Which video conferencing platform is right for your business? We've gathered details about 10 leading services. "I compare it to a video game," says Brittany, who did not want her full name reported.

Four different roles AI can play in organizations


How the board should understand and consider AI is, of course, highly dependent on the usage scenarios for AI within the organization. An organization might utilize AI purely as a decision-making support tool with the capability to better structure and analyze the available data. A more integrated approach could be to connect AI into the organization's operational processes. More advanced usage could be taking AI to customers as part of an existing product or offering. And its deepest role would emerge where an entire product is architected on top of AI capabilities.

Utilising AI to predict buyer intent in a digital world - Information Age


The growth of digital data worldwide is accelerating at an unprecedented, virtually incomprehensible rate. The search engines we use constantly collate data about our browsing habits, merchant websites create a profile about the combination of products we keep returning to, and our social media accounts merge all our data to build a profile of our digital avatar. However, despite this, our scattered data is often stored in farms without a purpose, leaving us with poor recommendations and ads that do not respond to our interests and needs. This results in poor targeting and a bad experience both for buyers, who are being sold products they neither want nor need, and sellers, who are expected to sell products and services to the wrong audience. In the world of B2B, this is not simply annoying – this poor targeting ends up harming the reputation of the brand behind the seller.

3 Disney World employees and registered nurse among group arrested in child sex sting: sheriff

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on An undercover child sex sting in Florida led to the arrests of over a dozen predators, including three Disney World employees and a registered nurse, investigators said Tuesday. In total, 17 people were taken into custody in the operation dubbed "Operation Child Protector" and face a total of 49 felony and two misdemeanor charges, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced during a press conference. Undercover detectives posed as children between the ages of 13 and 14 on social media platforms, mobile apps and online dating sites to investigate child predators from July 27 through Aug. 1.

Why Twitter wants ethical hackers to fix its algorithmic biases


Twitter is applying the bug bounty model to machine learning. The micro-blogging site has launched the industry's first algorithmic bias bounty competition. The challenge was created to identify potential harms in Twitter's notorious image cropping algorithm, which was largely abandoned after exhibiting gender- and race-based biases. Attend the tech festival of the year and get your super early bird ticket now! The company now wants to incentivize the community to find further unidentified risks of the algorithm.