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Impact of Industry 4.0 & IIoT


The term industry 4.0 is the new buzzword. Conferences, articles and reports dedicated to the subject seem to indicate it. But … What is industry 4.0? And most importantly, what is behind this concept? According to AppStudio, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also recognized as Industry 4.0, is altering the manner companies' function and thus the contexts they are compelled to compete in.

Tinder boss Elie Seidman: 'If you behave badly, we want you out'

The Guardian

Swipe right for "would like to meet", left for "wouldn't". Seven years after Tinder made choosing a date as simple as flicking your thumb across a smartphone screen, it is by far the most-used dating app in the UK and the US. Downloaded 300m times and with more than 5 million paying subscribers, it is the highest-grossing app of any kind in the world, according to the analysts App Annie. For Americans, apps and online dating are the most common way to meet a partner. "It's an amazing responsibility, and an amazing privilege," says Elie Seidman, Tinder's 45-year-old chief executive.

About - Maybe*


The patent-pending Maybe* platform uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help organisations listen and engage with their customers through social media, benchmark their results, and optimise the ROI of their activity. Maybe* is available as a self service platform with extensive online help files that offer training on all aspects of social media. If you would like additional assistance we also offer social media audits, and bespoke social media training to suit all needs.

How Science Fiction Influences Technology With J. Dianne Dotson


J. Dianne Dotson is a science writer and science fiction author. She published HELIOPAUSE: THE QUESTRISON SAGA: BOOK ONE in 2018, and its sequel EPHEMERIS: THE QUESTRISON SAGA: BOOK TWO in 2019. Dianne gained a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and used her skills in laboratory and clinical research. She began content and science writing in 2010. Currently, Dianne works as a freelance science writer, novelist, short story writer, watercolorist, and volunteer.

IBM Storage AI infrastructure


A fully optimized, scalable and supported AI platform that delivers blazing fast performance, proven dependability and resiliency. Supporting up to 2TB total memory, IBM Power System AC922 can deliver 2 to almost 4 times higher throughput and performance than commodity servers currently available. This means you can do more work with fewer servers. Spectrum Storage for AI with Power System AC922 enables the cutting-edge AI innovation data scientists desire, with the dependability IT requires. This is IT infrastructure designed for enterprise AI.

How Artificial Intelligence can boost Corporate Innovation


Recently the 10 year old daughter of my friend Ed asked him if Artificial Intelligence means we can stop thinking. We both were perplexed and were not able to give an answer to this curious question. This extremely smart question cannot be simply answered with a yes or no. It triggered my own thinking and curiosity, after we had just mentioned the word Innovation. How will Artificial Intelligence contribute to Innovation in a Corporate Environment?

"The Alpha Wolf in the Human AI Team" @ The Future Steel Forum 2019


It was a pleasure and honor to participate at this year's Future Steel Forum 2019 in Budapest to speak about one of my favorite topics, the effective collaboration between human and artificial intelligence. Thanks to the organizer, the presentation is now available for free download. The detailed article "The Alpha Wolf in the Human AI Team" was published inside the accompanying magazine.

r/MachineLearning - [D] AMA: I'm Dr. Genevieve Patterson - cofounder and Chief Scientist at TRASH, a new app that uses computer vision and computational photography to intelligently edit together and set to music any videos you upload. Ask me anything!


I had a lot of fun answering. If you're interested in me or the app, please follow us on twitter or insta (@genevievemp and @thetrashapp). If you sent me messages or emails, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. My name is Genevieve Patterson - I'm the Chief Scientist at TRASH, and a PhD in Computer Vision. I've been working on our AI, Otto, for over a year now, and it's getting smarter with every release - here is a blog post about our latest version, and how it collaborates with user inputs.