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Amazon's 2018 Echo Show finally gets it right


When the original Echo Show debuted last year, plenty of people (including us) made fun of its chunky and bulky design. Well, Amazon must've taken those comments to heart, because the new Echo Show is decidedly much better looking. While the older Echo Show might've reminded us of mall kiosks, the newer Show looks a bit more like a smaller, cuter TV. I tried it out briefly, following the Amazon announcement earlier today, and the first thing I noticed is that it's much more minimalist in design, with a beautiful 10-inch HD display dominating the front. It even takes up less counter space than the Google-powered 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display.

Amazon's new Echo Show packs a larger display and improved audio


Amazon's seemingly non-stop device announcements now include a revamp of its first smart display. The internet giant has unveiled a second-generation Echo Show that ditches the (frankly boring) look of the original in favor of a minimalist design with a much larger 10-inch display. And there's a good reason for that display -- the Echo Show offers web browsers (both Amazon's own Silk and Firefox) to help you watch YouTube and access other services that aren't built-in. It's also helpful for newly-added Skype video chat support, Vevo music videos and even live TV through a Fire TV Recast peripheral with multiple tuners and DVR features. Accordingly, Amazon is touting more powerful audio with two-inch side-firing drivers, a bass radiator and Dolby audio.

Leaked photos claim to show 'Google Home Hub' with a screen in bid to take on Amazon's Echo Show

Daily Mail

Google's next voice-activated device could be a smart speaker with a screen. Leaked photos claim to show a smart display, called the'Google Home Hub,' which features a 7-inch display mounted on top of a speaker. The photos give credence to previous rumors that Google may soon launch its own smart display. Google's next voice-activated device could be a smart speaker with a screen. For all of 2017, 35 million smart speakers were shipped worldwide, Canalys data reveals.

Google's own smart display is reportedly the $149 Home Hub


On October 9th, Google will reveal its latest hardware lineup. Rumors have spread for some time that the company is preparing to unveil a smart display at the event, and a leak unearthed by MySmartPrice corroborates the existence of the device, indicating that it will be called Home Hub. Meanwhile, a separate leak of a retail listing suggests the smart display will cost $149, according to Android Authority. The Home Hub appears to have a seven-inch screen and apes the design of Google's other smart home products such as Google Home Max and Mini. The Google Assistant-powered device is said to weigh just 480 grams, which as the same as Google Home.

Google launches 'good news' skill for its smart assistant

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Google Assistant wants to tell you some good news. A new skill aims to give users a reprieve from the oft-depressing daily news cycle by making it easier for them to find more uplifting headlines. Now, users can ask Google Assistant to'Tell me something good,' and it will trigger a'daily dose of good news,' according to the search giant. Google says the skill is launching as an'experimental feature' that's now available on any devices that are equipped with Assistant, such as phones, smart displays and the Google Home, the firm's voice-activated smart speaker. Assistant will serve up stories that are primarily focused around people who are doing things to help their communities and the world, Google explained.

Google is reportedly launching an Echo Show competitor this year


Take a look at this. Google is rumored to be launching its very own smart speaker with a built-in screen, according to a new report from the Nikkei Asian Review. The report cites sources within the supply chain, and claims that Google is preparing this product for the holiday season, with "targets to ship some 3 million units for the first batch of the new model of smart speaker that comes with a screen." The smart speaker would reportedly be positioned as a direct competitor to the Amazon Echo Show and to similar products from the Chinese retail conglomerate Alibaba -- two of Google's greatest rivals in the artificial intelligence and data-mining industries. SEE ALSO: The Amazon Echo Look picked a dress for me to wear to a friend's wedding and it did not disappoint Until now, Google has depended on partners such as Lenovo Group, JBL, LG Electronics, and Sony to launch products using its Smart Display platform, which gives smart speakers the ability to include displays.

Google set to take on Amazon's Echo Show with smart speaker boasting a built in screen

Daily Mail

Google is declaring war on Amazon in the smart speaker war with a new'superspeaker' boating a built in screen. It will use Google Assistant, the firm's AI software to take or Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri. Earlier this year Google unveiled its Smart Display platform to partners such as Lenovo Group, JBL, LG Electronics and Sony - but is now planning its own device, according to Nikkei Asian Review. Lenovo was the first to produce a display using Google's assistant. The 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display starts at $249.99 and the 8-inch model starts at $199.99.

How does the new Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant measure up to the Amazon Echo Show?


Just as you don't have to be first to be the best, a product doesn't have to be the first of its kind to be the winner in a category. The Echo Show, the first smart display from Amazon, was a valiant effort to set the tone for this particular kind of assistant-with-a-screen. But from what I've experienced with the brand new Lenovo Smart Display over the course of a week and a half, Google is now the one setting a precedent for what devices like this should aspire to be. Unlike the Echo, which is made directly by Amazon, Google's first smart display is made by Lenovo. While the Chinese tech company has a reputation for quality, it's really the Google Assistant that makes this device worth buying.

Lenovo Smart Display Review: Google Shows Off


Avocado toast is the hottest lunch trend to hit my apartment in years, and Lenovo just kicked it to a new level. After sticking Lenovo's Smart Display in my kitchen this week, my snack of choice has only gotten better, and I couldn't be happier. With the screen's built-in recipe search and step-by-step guide to cooking, I learned that rubbing the bread with some cut garlic adds a lot of flavor, and finishing it off with a sprinkling of parsley, lime, and chopped tomatoes does wonders. I may even toss a fried egg on my green toast this week. I could have looked up all these avocado toast recipes on my Android phone, but I never did.

Is This the Future of the Tablet?


When Amazon announced the Echo Show, it had a simple premise: The device would be an Amazon Echo with a screen. Now, the Show seems to be among the first in a new category of connected home devices called smart displays. The latest to debut is Lenovo's Smart Display, a Google Assistant–imbued countertop gadget with an 8- or 10-inch display and a proportionally large front-facing speaker grille. The device, like the Echo Show, is designed to give users news and information as quickly as they can speak a query out loud. Unlike a traditional smart speaker, which can only read back stats or information via audio, a smart display can also pull up text, imagery, and video to answer your questions.