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How To Train Your Security Robot -- Knightscope


When you partner with Knightscope for an Autonomous Security Robot (ASR) deployment, you also gain a deployment specialist, a 24/7/365 robot health and monitoring team we call the Knightscope Network Operations Center (KNOC), and a Client Experience (CX) team. Each one of these play a significant role in ensuring the success of the deployment, and the CX team is your primary point of contact for all operational matters. They can configure patrol schedules, set up alert thresholds, build alert protocols, customize triggers for the broadcast messages - by people detection, location, time or random – and even help create Persons of Interest (POI) profiles or Be On The Lookout (BOLO). But most importantly we also empower clients to do all of this through your very own Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC) web-based user-interface account! When your Knightscope deployment specialist arrives at your site, they will begin mapping areas where you foresee the ASR patrolling or providing a static presence to be the greatest benefit to your particular application.

Is Valley Fair mall's security robot using facial recognition?


The first rule about the mall robot appears to be: "Don't talk about the mall robot." Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto had mall robots, one of which was famously accused of knocking over a small child. How many robots did the posh mall have at the time? How many does it have now? When and why did the shopping center rid itself of autonomous patrollers?

Artificial Intelligence Experts Respond to Elon Musk's Dire Warning for U.S. Governors


If you hadn't heard, Elon Musk is worried about the machines. Though that may seem a quixotic stance for the head of multiple tech companies to take, it seems that his proximity to the bleeding edge of technological development has given him the heebie-jeebies when it comes to artificial intelligence. He's shared his fears of AI running amok before, likening it to "summoning the demon," and Musk doubled down on his stance at a meeting of the National Governors Association this weekend, telling state leaders that AI poses an existential threat to humanity. "Until people see robots going down the street killing people, they don't know how to react because it seems so ethereal. AI is a rare case where I think we need to be proactive in regulation instead of reactive. Because I think by the time we are reactive in AI regulation, it's too late," according to the MIT Tech Review.

Fighting Fire & Floods With Smart Emergency Systems


A total of 3,400 people lost their lives and 14,670 were injured in fires in the USA in 2017, a 9.6 percent increase over the 2007 casualty rate. Floods meanwhile killed more than 100 Americans last year, a number that has also been increasing. To counter this terrible toll, artificial intelligence researchers are developing systems to improve disaster prediction accuracy and provide timely evacuation guidance for panicked people during emergencies. Providing real-time evacuation strategies is critical, as research shows that in emergencies many people tend to wait for instructions when they should already be proceeding to an exit. Simulation systems can play a valuable role in identifying and testing evacuation plans to enable individuals to promptly leave a dangerous area via the safest and fastest route.

British employees are sabotaging workplace robots over fears the machines will take their jobs

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UK workers are sabotaging and assaulting workplace robots in an attempt to stop them taking their jobs, finds study. But for some manual workers they have found their own ways of stopping the robots' rise to world domination - by confusing them. The study by De Montfort University in Leicester which looked into the use of robotics in healthcare concluded that UK workers are particularly apposed to the introduction of the intelligent machines into the work place. Compared to Norway where the study found co-working robots are often given affectionate names and welcomed. Jonathan Payne, Professor of Work, Employment and Skills, said: 'We heard stories of workers standing in the way of robots, and minor acts of sabotage - and not playing along with them.' Adding: 'The UK seems to have a problem with diffusion and take-up of technology.'

The Genderless Digital Voice the World Needs Right Now


Boot up the options for your digital voice assistant of choice and you're likely to find two options for the gender you prefer interacting with: male or female. The problem is, that binary choice isn't an accurate representation of the complexities of gender. Some folks don't identify as either male or female, and they may want their voice assistant to mirror that identity. But a group of linguists, technologists, and sound designers--led by Copenhagen Pride and Vice's creative agency Virtue--are on a quest to change that with a new, genderless digital voice, made from real voices, called Q. Q isn't going to show up in your smartphone tomorrow, but the idea is to pressure the tech industry into acknowledging that gender isn't necessarily binary, a matter of man or woman, masculine or feminine. The project is confronting a new digital universe fraught with problems.

New Mobile Security Robots Unveiled - Robot Mag


SMP Robotics, a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots, unveiled its new product line at NVIDIA GTC Technology Conference earlier this month alongside its distributor Robotic Assistance Devices. The new generation of S5 Security Robots is enhanced with NVIDIA JetsonTX2 platform. Jetson TX2 is an embedded supercomputer designed to deliver AI computing at the edge. This credit card-sized platform puts AI computing to work in the world all around us. The technology enables S5 Security Robots to gather information about their environment and make decisions according to what is happening around them.

Security Robot Works At Intersection Of AI And Crime


The future of policing is five feet tall and weighs about 400 pounds. Don't worry, it's not what you think. Knightscope calls its a fully autonomous data security machine. It is meant to augment security and law enforcement with the tools of modern information technology. K5 is not supposed to be a gun-toting Robocop.

Technology is Transforming the Casino Industry


As a CIO, regardless of the industry you are in, you share common opportunities and potential for advancements with other CIOs when it comes to technology. These might include theft of materials, physical security of staff and customers, doing more with fewer employees and contributing to the profitability of your company. In this column, we are going to examine some hospitality technology experiments with emphasis in the casino area. The first one is biometrics, the technical term for body measurements and calculations. It has long been used as a form of identification and access control.

Robot security guards are already on patrol

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Knightscope's K5 security robot is ready to protect and server. Tony Spitz has the details. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Knightscope's K5 security robot is ready to protect and server.