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A Quest to Discover America's First Science-Fiction Writer

The New Yorker

WILEY & HALSTED, No. 3 Wall street, have just received SYMZONIA, or a voyage to the internal world, by capt. As literary landmarks go, it's not quite Emerson greeting Whitman at the start of a great career. But this humble advert may herald the first American science-fiction novel. Although one might point to the crushingly dull "A Flight to the Moon," from 1813, that text is more of a philosophical dialogue than a story, and what little story it has proves to be just a dream. "Symzonia; Voyage of Discovery" is boldly and unambiguously sci-fi.

Debunking Top 4 Myths of Artificial Intelligence


When you think of artificial intelligence (AI), what do you envision? For decades, pop culture and science fiction have conspired depictions comprising inspired images of machine-ruled futures and robots accomplishing incredible tasks for human beings. The pictures painted by them are primarily futuristic and incredibly independent. That lays a powerful impression on people. So much so that it can be overwhelming and misleading at times.

[D] I have a Jetson Nano and my friend gave me their eGPU with an NVIDIA 750 TI. Is there a way I can Frankenstein them?


It might be possible but super rough if so. M.2 key e PCIe riser cables exist, ARM nvidia drivers exist for that GPU. Your eGPU likely has a thunderbolt or usb-c port so you'd need a card for that... which may not work with the x1 PCIe connection you get (if you're using the standard board IIRC). You could pull the 750 ti out and use a separate power supply for it. I feel like it could work but I wouldn't necessarily trust my judgement on this.

Part human, part machine: is Apple turning us all into cyborgs?

The Guardian

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Apple engineers embarked on a rare collaboration with Google. The goal was to build a system that could track individual interactions across an entire population, in an effort to get a head start on isolating potentially infectious carriers of a disease that, as the world was discovering, could be spread by asymptomatic patients. Delivered at breakneck pace, the resulting exposure notification tool has yet to prove its worth. The NHS Covid-19 app uses it, as do others around the world. But lockdowns make interactions rare, limiting the tool's usefulness, while in a country with uncontrolled spread, it isn't powerful enough to keep the R number low. In the Goldilocks zone, when conditions are just right, it could save lives.

BigDog Robass More Coordinated Than I Am: Science Fiction in the News


A new video of BigDog, the quadrupedal robot, has been released by creator Boston Robotics. In this amazing video, Big Dog is viciously pushed by aggressive humans, forced to scramble across frozen puddles, urged to climb impossibly slippery, snowy slopes - in short, it's quite a test for an autonomous robot.

Why Aren't There More Sci-Fi Movies About Dreams?


In the recent movie Coma, everyone who falls into a coma finds themselves inhabiting the same surreal landscape. Science fiction author Anthony Ha enjoyed the film's premise, and is surprised there aren't more science fiction movies about dreaming. "There isn't quite as much as I would have expected," Ha says in Episode 441 of the Geek's Guide to the Galaxy podcast. "There's so much dream fantasy fiction--and certainly there are a number of science fiction examples too--but it seems a lot less common." The best-known science fiction dream movies, such as Inception and The Cell, are at least a decade old, and the best-known novels on the subject were published in the 1960s and '70s.

An AI Robot Wrote My Term Paper


The idea of having AI and machine learning write an essay is no longer science fiction. Like many people who go to college, I had to work and go to school full time. I had entered a Pre Med program while I was working six hours a day managing a pharmacy and serving as a pharmacist technician. My job forced me to have to handle a great deal of responsibility serving four senior care facilities and keeping up with my classes. Managing my time was difficult.

AI in Popular Culture: How Much Do You Remember?


The appeal of thinking machines, particularly those that seem human, is understandable. If we could create an intelligent being, it might relieve our loneliness, protect us from our enemies, cure our illnesses, comfort our griefs. Then again, it might just as easily turn on us, destroy us, and take over the world. Books, movies and other cultural representations of AI are shot through with this tension: Will the being we create be our savior or our crucifier? But the actual title was, "Frankenstein, or…" Or what?

Artificial intelligence is helping 11 science fiction authors write new stories for publication every week


A new project in China is teaming 11 authors with artificial intelligence to write science fiction. The original stories, in Chinese, will be published on a weekly basis throughout November and December. The project, called Co-Creation, was initiated by award-winning sci-fi writer Stanley Chen Qiufan and DeeCamp, an AI training camp under Sinovation Ventures AI Institute. Chen previously worked for Baidu and Google China, but he now works with DeeCamp through his company Thema Mundi Productions. The goal of Co-Creation is to produce stories that explore themes such as gender, environmental protection and the relationship between humans and computers, among other topics.

Science Fiction: Who Are The Heirs Of Heinlein, Clarke & Asimov?


Nancy Kress has also the talent to develop a variety of scientific ideas into amazing stories & novels. Her oeuvre covers an impressive spectrum of sciences translated into speculative but plausible fiction. Some action scenes in her novel trilogy "Probability Moon/Probability Sun/Probability Space" are based on weird quantum mechanic effects. In the short story "Computer Virus" ((in: Year s Best SF 7, edited by David G. Hartwell amazon) Kress tells a thrilling story how a woman, who is a biologist & scientist, fights against an occupying AI, a military software, using her scientific knowledge. Other stories deal with cosmology, spacetravel, evolution and more.