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Delegate floor cleaning to this Roborock robot vacuum on sale for over $200 off


SAVE $220: Let the Roborock S6 Pure robot vacuum and mop handle the rest of your spring cleaning. As of May 10, grab one for only $379.99 -- a 37% discount. Between high pollen counts, pets that shed, and all the crumbs scattered on a daily basis, keeping your floors clean is a huge task. Sure, you could make it a point to vacuum every day and mop every few days, but that would take up time you could otherwise spend relaxing. Instead, outsource your vacuuming and mopping to the Roborock S6 Pure robot vacuum and mop.

I'm a Dyson stan, but the Roborock S7 vacuum mop made life *really* easy


I'll be honest, I didn't have a lot of faith in robot mops. A carpet and a tank of water -- unattended -- seems like a recipe for disaster for a machine that's just guessing on floor type. But Roborock's latest stab at automated dry and wet cleaning, the Roborock S7, can be trusted to do both jobs without getting itself into trouble. At first glance, the S7 looks as expensive as it is. The design (a shiny black or white surface with silver trim and a knob on top) doesn't deviate much from past models, but the minimalism is classier than most Roombas.

All the best robot vacuums for your hardwood floors


Robot vacuums have revolutionised the way we clean the house. We no longer have to be home in order to clean because robot vacuums run on schedules that you can set for while you're at work, running to the shop, or even on holiday. If you don't have carpet, you might not be as inclined to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner, but these little machines are actually beasts when it comes to hardwood flooring. Robot vacuums are usually not as efficient as upright vacuum cleaners. Their suction isn't as powerful and you just can't get the same kind of clean that you get from eyeballing your floors and going back over spots you can tell you missed. Of course, some robot vacuums do have features that allow them to detect problem areas with extra dirt and debris buildup where the vacuum will put in extra attention, but that's not necessarily the standard across all price points.

8 Hilarious Mistakes Made by Artificial Intelligence


Robots are taking over the world. Sure, you've heard that before. You even remember the Twilight Zone episode that warned us about it 60 years ago. One android recently published a novel. At Café X, in San Francisco, robot baristas make and serve coffee, and another California restaurant chain, Caliburger, is trying out a robot that can flip 2,000 burgers a day.

This self-emptying, smart-mapping Roomba is on sale for $200 off at Walmart


SAVE $200: Normally $799, the iRobot Roomba i7 is on sale at Walmart for just $599 as of April 28 (a 25% savings). Originally priced at $949 (and sold for upwards of a grand at select retailers), the Roomba i7 from 2018 was once one of the most expensive vacuums in iRobot's lineup -- and for good reason. Not only can it empty and charge itself, but it's also capable of remembering multiple floor plans of your home and targeting the dirtiest areas. The i7 now retails for $799 after a permanent price drop in 2020, an iRobot rep told Mashable, which is pretty reasonable for a feature-stacked vacuum that's a couple years old. You don't even have to pay that much, though, because Walmart just slashed its price to a mere $599 as of April 28 -- that's a 25% savings.

Dreame Bot L10 review: A better "seeing" robot vacuum


In its marketing materials, Dreame Technology emphasizes the advanced tech inside its Dreame Bot L10 Pro hybrid robot vacuum/mop. While there are certainly some innovations under the hood here, they don't revolutionize the device so much as super-size some of its capabilities. Specifically, the L10 Pro scans its surroundings with two lasers to better understand the layout of your home, and it boasts an impressive 4000Pa max suction at a time when robot vacuums are typically topping out at 2500Pa. Those innovations, along with easy app control, make the L10 Pro an above-average floor cleaner. That said the robot has an unremarkable design.

All the best robot vacuums for keeping small spaces neat and tidy


You might have given up on the idea of using a robot vacuum in your small space, but it turns out that you can still rely on these devices to get the job done. Robot vacuum bases tend to need ample room around them so the vacuum sensors can find their way home, but this just means you might have to get creative about placement. Maybe you have that one awkwardly empty area that's the perfect size for a robot vacuum base. Now you know what to put there. Some robot vacuums are clearly better for large homes -- the iRobot Roomba i9 with its self-emptying behemoth of a base is probably not the best choice when you're trying to be economical with your space.

The best robot vacuums for keeping your carpets fresh and dirt-free


Robot vacuums have become valuable mini housekeepers, and over the past few years, they've only become more powerful, with more smart features, and in some cases, more expensive. Whether you have a crazy work schedule or a large home that needs some extra cleaning, a robot vacuum will take some of the load off your hands. Vacuums with smart features let you schedule cleaning while you're out, control them with your voice, and even set which rooms should and shouldn't be cleaned. But if your home is mostly carpeting or if you have a lot of rugs laying around, you might be wondering if a robot vacuum will actually clean them, or if it'll become more of a hassle for you to deal with (plenty of robot vacuums are known for getting stuck in weird places, confused by dark flooring, or refusing to transition from hardwood floors to carpet). Some robot vacuums can clean carpet and rugs, but not all were designed to handle cleaning your floor coverings.

This week's best deals: $100 off the Mac Mini M1 and more


Apple announced a bunch of new devices this week, but we also found a few of Apple older gear on sale this week, plus a few Earth Day-related deals. The Mac Mini M1 was discounted by $100 and the MacBook Air M1 returned to an all-time low of $800. AirPods Pro remain on sale for $197 and the updated Google WiFi system is still 20-percent off at Adorama. And if you're looking for a new wearable, many of Fitbit's smartwatches and fitness trackers are deeply discounted, too. Here are the best tech deals from this week that you can still get today.

Save up to 40% on a Roomba so your spring cleaning isn't delayed 'til summer


As of April 20, these are Amazon's top deals on Roomba robot vacuums, with savings of up to 40% off: OUR TOP PICK: iRobot Roomba i7 (7550) robot vacuum with auto dirt-disposal -- save $400.99 BEST BUDGET PICK: iRobot Roomba 675 robot vacuum -- save $80.99 BEST UPGRADE PICK: iRobot Roomba s9 (9550) robot vacuum -- save $400.99 BEST FOR HARD FLOORS: iRobot Braava Jet M6 (6110) robot mop -- save $100.99 Nobody likes cleaning, but the more you put it off the worse it gets down the road. And instead of enjoying your summer, you're stuck inside taking care of your original spring cleaning list. But even the worst slackers don't have much of an excuse to put it off thanks to the latest robot vacuums.