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Can Driverless Cars Gain Market Acceptance? (Part 3 Of 3)


Successful industrialization of driverless cars will depend on getting over many significant hurdles. Failure only requires getting tripped up by a few of them. In part two of this series, I outlined seven key hurdles to industrial-size scaling of driverless cars. Overcoming hurdles to scaling is not enough, however. In this concluding article, I explore the challenges to broader market acceptance.

AI In China: How Uber Rival Didi Chuxing Uses Machine Learning To Revolutionize Transportation


Chinese company, Didi Chuxing may be known by most as the world's largest ride-sharing company with a goal "to build a better journey," but its vision reveals its future ambitions: "to become a global leader in the revolution in transportation and automotive technology." With significant investment in artificial technology, Didi which means "beep beep" in Mandarin (like a car's horn), is focused on staying ahead of the competition. Harvard-educated Jean Liu, president of Didi Chuxing, is focused on growing the global footprint of the $56 billion-company that she leads. In China, the company has 550 million registered customers in more than 400 cities and delivers 30 million rides per day but its reach extends to Australia, Brazil, Japan and Mexico as well as Southeast Asia, India, Europe and Africa through various partnerships. Didi employs 7,000 people, nearly half who are engineers and data scientists, and they continue to recruit other tech professionals to support its artificial intelligence labs, autonomous vehicles and other tech operations.

3 ways technology will revolutionize transportation in the next decade


The most powerful factor that's going to transform society over the next decade is going to be the revolution in transportation.

How tech will revolutionize transportation in the next decade - Video ZDNet


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