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Why AI Recruitment Software Are HR Game Changers


Welcome to a broad world of new possibilities, a world where tedious activities such as bookkeeping, spreadsheets, sifting through hundreds of job candidates, and every human resource concern imaginable are all a thing of the past. AI recruitment technology will do all the work for you so you can focus on the tasks at hand. Top software has been developed in order to satisfy not only the needs of a larger corporation but also to satisfy the needs of the quintessential Mom-and-Pop Shop as well. With such simple software, techies on any level can understand and utilize these programs; there are no concerns of computing any intricate or tricky languages. AI recruitment software is rapidly becoming a necessary recruiting tool for all businesses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a Recruitment Software


Artificial intelligence is fundamental in facilitating the process of acquiring the best talents for your company. As a hiring manager, you want to screen every candidate to ensure they possess the fundamental skills that will be of great value to the company. At one point in your hiring process, you may forget some of the key scrutinising aspects and this will lead to the hiring of the wrong people or employees to your company. AI for recruiting software works to ensure your recruiting software has the ability to hire without performing any sort of mistakes. Intelligent Screening of Candidates When you post a job to various platforms, you receive thousands of applications because people are always on the lookout for jobs.

Amazon ditched AI recruitment software because it was biased against women


The data on which the artificial-intelligence algorithm was trained created a preference for male candidates. The news: According to a report by Reuters, Amazon began developing an automated system in 2014 to rank job seekers with one to five stars. But last year, the company scrapped the project after seeing it had developed a preference for male candidates in technical roles. The AI tool was trained on 10 years' worth of résumés the company had received. Because tech is a male-dominated industry, the majority of those résumés came from men.

Relink's Goodwin API Provides Access to Key Hiring Information for Specialized Job Roles


Relink, a recruitment technology startup based in Copenhagen, has launched the beta version of the Goodwin API, the API powering the Goodwin recruitment data service. Currently in beta, Goodwin is a free service provided by Relink that recruiters can use to search for and obtain hiring information and insights for specialized job roles. Goodwin provides job role data such as most important skills, previous positions, educational background, time spent in the position, and next position. Relink is a startup that is building and providing a recruitment technology platform for HR and recruitment software vendors. The Relink platform uses machine learning and recommendation algorithms to analyze job descriptions and profile data in order to provide recruiters a fast and intelligent recruitment experience.