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Deep Learning and Venture Capital - Week 15 Deep Learning Venture Capital London


Apposite Capital invests in Mirada Medical London, UK – 8th April 2019. Apposite Capital, the private equity firm with an exclusive focus on healthcare, today announces that it has invested £6m in preferred equity in Mirada Medical, a world leading medical imaging software company. The investment will support Mirada's development of artificial intelligence (#AI) based software for increasing the speed and accuracy of #cancer treatment planning applications, while delivering a more personalised level of care to patients. Apposite has invested alongside Mirada's founding investor, AlbionVC, and other private investors. Skymind raises $11.5M Skymind (*), a Y Combinator-incubated AI platform that aims to make deep learning more accessible to enterprises, today announced that it has raised an $11.5 million Series A round led by TransLink Capital, with participation from ServiceNow, Sumitomo's Presidio Ventures, UpHonest Capital and GovTech Fund.

Walmart battles online retail by adding more robots to its stores


Brick and mortar stores have been hit hard by online retailers like Amazon. Walmart (which has its own online presence) believes it has an answer to dwindling sales. Its solution, robots that take care of mundane jobs (like cleaning up spills) while its staff spends their time helping customers. The retailer announced today that it will deploy 1,500 new "Auto-C" autonomous floor cleaners, 300 "Auto-S" shelf scanners and an additional 1,200 "FAST" unloaders to scan and sort items as they come off delivery trucks. Plus to streamline online orders, it'll have 900 "Pickup Towers" so customers can order something on the company's site and just pick up it up from a vending machine at their nearest Walmart.

How Box CEO Levie aims to transition to cloud content management, broader suite


Box is a company in transition with broader content management ambitions, a bevy of product releases ahead and a mission to grab more enterprise wallet share from its more than 92,000 customers. The problem: Transitions are rarely easy. Just ask Box CEO Aaron Levie. Box is coming off a mixed fourth quarter and an outlook for the first quarter that fell short of expectations. On the fourth quarter conference call, Levie outlined the promise of Box's plans to meld its file transfer and storage business with content management.

Hewlett-Packard reverses Australian loss to profit AU$54 million in 2018


Hewlett-Packard South Pacific Pty Ltd has made its results for the 2018 financial year available, reporting a AU$100 million swing in profit from the AU$47.7 million loss it copped a year prior. On its balance sheet, the local arm of HP Enterprise ended the year with AU$54 million in profit. However, with minimal change in sales and services rendered for the year ended October 31, 2018, when compared to the previous reported period, the drastic financial change was mostly the result of the sale of one of its Australian properties. HP South Pacific in December 2017 entered into an agreement with a third party to purchase its Forest Hill property for a consideration of AU$88 million. The disposal, the company said, was completed in July 2018, with a gain on sale of AU$61.5 million.

Honda and Hino to buy into Monet, SoftBank and Toyota's 'united Japan' mobility tech venture

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Automakers Honda and Hino are joining a partnership between SoftBank and Toyota to drive innovation in mobility services such as self-driving cars. SoftBank Corp. and Toyota Motor Corp., the nation's top automaker, announced late last year a joint venture for mobility services, in what they called a "united Japan" effort to face global competition. Honda Motor Co., Toyota's rival, and Hino Motors, Toyota's truck division, said Thursday that each company will acquire a 9.9 percent stake in the ¥2 billion Toyota-SoftBank venture, Monet Technologies Corp. Each company will invest ¥250 million, according to the companies. "This partnership will allow us to coordinate the vehicle data on passenger and object mobility that Hino collects from its trucks and buses and the data Honda obtains from its mobility services," said Junichi Miyakawa, president and CEO of Monet, in a statement.

Boeing rolls out software fix to defend 737 Max franchise as it awaits U.S. regulator's approval

The Japan Times

SEATTLE/WASHINGTON - Boeing Co. on Wednesday took its most aggressive moves yet to defend its core 737 airliner franchise, saying it had developed software fixes to prevent failures of an automated flight control system that is being scrutinized after two deadly crashes in the past five months. Boeing, in the midst of one its worst crises in years, is under pressure from crash victims' families, airlines, lawmakers in Washington and regulators around the world to prove that the automated flight control systems aboard its 737 Max aircraft are safe, and that pilots have the training required to override the system in an emergency. A Boeing official in Seattle said on Wednesday the timing of the software upgrade was "100 percent independent of the timing of the Ethiopian accident," and the company was taking steps to make the anti-stall system "more robust." There was no need to overhaul Boeing's regulatory relationship with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) now, the company said. "We are going to do everything that we can do to ensure that accidents like these never happen again," Mike Sinnett, vice president for product strategy and future airplane development told reporters.

FarmWise and Roush are making autonomous vegetable weeders


Silicon Valley startup FarmWise Labs announced today that it is teaming up with Michigan-based manufacturing and automotive company Roush to create autonomous vegetable weeders. The companies will work together over the course of the year to create prototypes for self-driving robots that will be able to navigate across crops. If all goes well, they will start to scale up with additional units in 2020. The weeding robots could prove to be a major help for Michigan farmers. The autonomous vehicles will be designed to perform high-precision weeding and thinning and will be able to operate around the clock, saving farmers from having to perform the time-sucking tasks.

Validation Studies Confirm High Accuracy of Novel HART AI-Driven Blood Tests


Prevencio Inc. announced data confirming the high accuracy of its artificial intelligence (AI)-driven, multiple-protein HART CVE Test for predicting cardiovascular events (CVE) and HART CAD Test for diagnosing coronary artery disease (CAD). Researchers believe these findings, presented at the 2019 American College of Cardiology (ACC) Scientific Sessions, March 16-18 in New Orleans, demonstrate the robustness and accuracy of these tests. The new data, from two additional hospitals, confirm results previously published from Massachusetts General Hospital and James Januzzi, M.D. HART CVE data was presented as "Validation of a Novel AI-driven Multi-biomarker Panel for Accurate Prediction of Incident Cardiovascular Events in Patients with Suspected Myocardial Infarction." The study was conducted by the University Heart Center in Hamburg, Germany and led by Dirk Westermann, M.D., Ph.D., head of the Structural Heart Program. In this study, 748 patients presenting to the emergency room suspected of having a heart attack were followed for one year to assess future cardiac events, including heart attack and cardiac death.

McDonald's purchases machine-learning company to help bolster sales via adaptive menus and more

Daily Mail

McDonald's is looking to supercharge sales by using A.I. backed software capable of tailoring products to customers in real-time. America's most iconic fast food chain announced that it has acquired an Israeli company, Dynamic Yield, whose software will use machine-learning to adapt digital menus to feature products based on time, location, preference, demand and more. The Wall Street Journal reported that McDonald's deal to purchase Dynamic Yield was closed at $300 million but neither company has confirmed. McDonald's has revamped its image across the world by deploying a mobile app, renovating stores, and now buying a tech company to help personalize menu items. McDonald's purchase Israeli company, Dynamic Yield which employs data and analytics to increase sales.