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20 of the best Tinder pickup lines we could find on Reddit


It's difficult to say whether e-dating has weakened or boosted the pickup line game. It probably depends on who you ask. To get to the bottom of it, we ventured on over to Reddit to check out the general state of cheesy one-liners to be deployed in an online dating setting. And the results are, well … the results kinda speak for themselves. But as far as we can tell, pickup lines, like cockroaches after an apocalyptic event, have survived the shift to online dating and are doing just fine.

A Pickup Line Generator with Tensorflow – Towards Data Science – Medium


I began training on the Shakespeare data set and it initially went well for a few epochs (20–40) after which the accuracy stalled at 50% and the output was good but not great. After making sure the model output was reasonable I then trained on my own data set. At first I trained for 10 epochs to get a sense of where the model would land given the small data set. Again, the results were good, but not great. As an experiment, I trained for 200 some odd epochs until the accuracy did get very high, but the model began outputting lines it had seen before.

A neural network generated these can't-fail pickup lines


Home security is important, but installing a full-scale security system can be some expensive overkill. However, if you're looking for a versatile home security solution or just need a simple way to make sure your dog (or teenager) isn't wreaking havoc while you're gone, the Oco camera […]

This neural network generates weird and adorable pickup lines


Training a neural network involves feeding it enough raw data to start recognizing and replicating patterns. It can be a long, tedious process to just approximate complex things -- like writing articles for Engadget, for example. Research scientist Janelle Shane has experimented with her own neural network to create recipes, lists of new Pokemon and weird superhero names with varying results. Now, however, she's turned her training attention to pickup lines. Surprisingly, her neural network has generated some pretty adorable ones.

Charlie Rose interviews…a robot?


"I've been waiting for you," Sophia tells 60 Minutes correspondent Charlie Rose. They're mid-interview, and Rose reacts with surprise. "But it makes a good pickup line." Sophia managed to get a laugh out of Charlie Rose. Rose interviewed the human-like machine for this week's two-part 60 Minutes piece on artificial intelligence, or A.I.

A.I. and chatbots will help you win friends and influence people


Imagine a'Persuade' button for every critical moment in your life. One click to send the perfect Tinder pickup line. One click to convince your boss it's time for a raise. One click to persuade your significant other that you're actually right this time. In the last 10 years, we've seen an explosion of communication apps.

Twitter is trying to guess the best 4 words to up your online dating game


Modern romance is a fickle mistress. In the world of Tinder, Bumble and Grindr, opening lines matter. Nowadays, a simple "hi, how are you" just won't cut it. Nor will "do you come here often?" Creativity is key if you want to attract -- and sustain -- the attention of a prospective partner.