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How physically taxing jobs can affect the brain

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Physically taxing jobs can hinder one's cognitive health, potentially causing a person's brain to age faster and leave them with a poorer memory as they grow older, a new study suggests. In a study published in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience in July, researchers surveyed nearly 100 cognitively healthy older adults between ages 60 and 80 years old in order to better understand how stress plays a role in how the human brain ages. Their analysis indicated that adults who reported having higher levels of physical stress in their most recent job were also people who had a smaller hippocampal volume and poorer memory performance. The hippocampus is commonly associated with memory.

Going for a RUN after cramming could help you remember more information

Daily Mail - Science & tech

In the run-up to important exams, you can find yourself worrying that all the information you've crammed in might not stay in your memory. But it appears that the answer to retaining information may lie away from the books. New research has shown that going for a run can improve the chances of remembering information in exams. In the study, the researchers asked 60 men aged 16-29 to memorize a range of information, from learning a route on a city map to memorizing German-Turkish word pairs. They were then split into three groups: one group played a violent computer game, one went for a run and one spent time outside.

Panasonic reveals exoskeletons that allow wearer to run like a ninja

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A firm has just unveiled a new family of futuristic suits that give wearers the ability to lift with near superhuman strength and walk great distances without stopping to rest. Panasonic's line of'Iron Man' exoskeletons are designed to assist industrial workers and sportsmen. The Assist Suit AWN-03 gives you the power to repeatedly pick up hefty items without straining your back and the PLN-01 'NINJA' helps you get over the roughest terrain and not break a sweat. Last year, the firm showed a mega exoskeleton resembles the Power Loader exoskeleton suit from the Alien movies (pictured). It had four embedded sensors that would trigger 20 engines, which would reduce human energy.