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Samsung's new $1,000 power-user phone reflects slowdown in hardware innovation

The Japan Times

AP – Samsung's new smartphone illustrates the limits of innovation at a time when hardware advances have slowed. The new phone, the Galaxy Note 9, will be faster and will last longer without a recharge. But while earth-shattering new features are in short supply, it will carry an earth-shattering price tag: $1,000. The minor improvements reflect a smartphone industry that has largely pushed the limits on hardware. Major changes tend to come every few years rather than annually, and this isn't the year for anything revolutionary in the Note.

Wisenet SmartCam D1 video doorbell review: Great video quality, but its facial-recognition feature is a joke


If you're considering buying a video doorbell, the Wisenet SmartCam D1 should be on your shortlist. The image is sharp, clear, and comparable to the Nest Hello,TechHive's current top doorbell pick. It's relatively good at ignoring passing cars and other spurious movement, but I found one of its key detection features--facial recognition--had a difficult time catching visitors. Like its competitors, the doorbell will send an alert to a linked Android of Apple phone when someone presses the bell. You can talk to whoever is at the door using your phone anywhere you have an internet connection.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Intelligent Scan Vs. Apple iPhone X's Face ID: Which Is Better?

International Business Times

Samsung has officially unveiled its successor to last year's Galaxy S8 flagship, and it appears the Galaxy S9 has a bit of a disappointing aspect. Apparently, its Intelligent Scan feature isn't as good as Apple iPhone X's Face ID even though the South Korean giant already combined facial recognition with its iris scan technology.

MWC 2018: Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus boasts dual aperture camera, slow motion capture


Samsung's Galaxy S line is updated yearly and with the new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus we see an evolution of the Galaxy S8, but clearly in areas that customers have requested after using the Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S9 might come with enhanced face recognition


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Samsung Galaxy S9 may pack more reliable face recognition


Samsung has hinted that the Galaxy S9 might include more advanced face recognition, but we're now getting clues as to what's involved. SamCentral's sleuthing in the settings APK for the Galaxy Note 8's Oreo beta has discovered a hidden Intelligent Scan feature that uses both camera-based face detection and the iris scanner in tandem for "better accuracy and security" and improved results in "low or very bright" lighting. Given that the iris scanning on the S8 and Note 8 can be finnicky, this could deliver a much more consistent experience when you're unlocking your phone or accessing secure info.

Samsung's new Exynos 9810 chip could make the Galaxy S9 very iPhone X-like


Samsung has unveiled details about its upcoming Exynos 9 Series 9810 processor bound for the Galaxy S9, and it could give the iPhone X with its A11 Bionic chip some stiff competition. In addition to massive speed boots, improved networking, and image processing enhancements, the new chip unlocks 3D face detection, a feature that sounds a whole lot like Face ID.