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Want An ROI Of 390%? Inbenta CEO Jordi Torras Tells You Exactly How


Jordi Torras, CEO of Inbenta, believes organizations could quickly improve self-service rates and deflect the need for live agent support to reduce support costs, very easily. Since moving the company to the Bay and pivoting to specialize in Natural Language Processing and chatbots, Inbenta has soared. As live chat as a customer support channel is quickly expanding, while traditional call and email channels are retracting, we see how chatbot adoption is quickly expanding as one of the main channels that clients will use to interact with the enterprise. The latest progresses in AI, machine learning and Natural Language Understanding, combined with an increasingly competitive environment, are pushing chatbot quickly into adoption levels unseen just a few months ago, it is very exciting to observe how new cases appear everyday, and chatbots become more and more integrated with back office systems.

5 steps to prepare your company for the AI revolution


The practical benefits of automation are many: fewer data-entry errors, faster customer service response times, workload automation, better resource management, and the ability to turn legacy data into powerful insights. But recent advances in AI and natural language processing have made chatbots more capable of delivering customer service. Open dialogue and healthy conflict resolution will prove essential as employees collaborate on increasingly challenging questions. As AI and other automation technologies mature into transformative products, it's critical your company is working from a well-crafted plan for how to take advantage of the opportunities.

The Conversational Business: How Chatbots Will Reshape Digital Experiences


Intended for executive leadership who are looking to better understand the implications of conversational business technologies, and need to decide where to focus time and investment in conversational interfaces. For this report, Altimeter interviewed 24 enterprise companies, technology innovators, and other experts to gauge the potential risks and opportunities of conversational interfaces. We interviewed industry leaders to identify use cases, design principles, and strategic implications for customer experience, business models, brand strategy, and innovation. Our goal, and a focus of this report, is to help business leaders better understand the implications of conversational interfaces so they can make informed decisions about how to leverage this technology.

The best Alexa-friendly smart home devices of 2017


Our favorite outdoor security camera, the Nest Cam Outdoor, also works with Alexa and the new Amazon Echo Show. And while the camera itself is good, we really love this camera due to the Nest Aware subscription service. In the words of our reviewer, "Nest Aware totally makes this camera." But given the quality of the camera, we think the Nest Aware service is well worth the money.

Amazon's Echo Show has video streaming feature that plays Jimmy Fallon, CNN, CNBC, and more


Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show, revealed a new Echo Show feature on Wednesday that gives users the ability to stream on demand video, including Fallon's daily monologue, via the device's video screen. SEE ALSO: Why the Echo Show could be Amazon's most disruptive product The feature is called Flash Briefing and it should already be familiar to anyone who's received audio news updates on the Amazon Echo, with the Echo's audio version of Flash Briefing. With the Echo Show, you can ask the device to show you your Flash Briefings and the device will play short videos from various news sources like CNBC, Reuters, CNN, CBS News, NBC News, Fox News, and now The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Excited to announce our new "Tonight Show Monologue" Flash Briefing!

Samsung Bixby is promising, but Siri has nothing to worry about (for now)


That is one difference between Samsung's Bixby digital assistant and Apple's Siri. Over the past couple of weeks, however, Samsung has opened a more functional, listening, and speaking Bixby to a small group of Samsung Galaxy S8 owners. When I said, "Take a screenshot and post on Instagram," Bixby grabbed my current screen and composed an Instagram post, asking me to fill in the caption. It's a vision others are trying to fulfill by building their AI voice assistants into home hubs like Google Home and Apple HomePod, but that Samsung could complete by putting Bixby in everything else.

How artificial intelligence will impact the future of healthcare


"IBM's Watson read 25 million scientific papers in a week." Quartz Magazine reported on an AI called AtomNet that promises to develop new drug treatments for dangerous diseases like Ebola and multiple sclerosis. Computer-assisted coding isn't exactly a form of artificial intelligence, but some in the industry promised that it would improve coder productivity and efficiency using a spell checker-like system called NLP. By auditing all charts prior to billing, eValuator acts as a highly skilled AI auditor, flagging any charts that are likely to have mistakes.

Amazon Echo Show Reviews: New Alexa Speaker Benefits From Screen

International Business Times

Amazon's Echo lineup of smart home speakers traditionally has looked the same as any traditional speaker, but its latest update significantly shakes up Amazon's popular product lineup. Around the web, reviewers have generally been fans of the new hybrid smart speaker though some are hesitant about its major features. You can also use the screen and camera to make video calls with other users or watch TV shows and other video content. The Amazon Echo Show retails for $229 and is available now.

Challenges of #ArtificialIntelligence


As AI is a vast domain, lisitng all challenges is quite impossible, yet we've listed few generic challenges of Artificial Intelligence here below, such as: AI situated approach in the real-world; Learning process with human intervention; Access to other disciplines; Multitasking; Validation and certification of AI systems. Artificial Intelligence systems must operate and interact with the real world and their environment, receiving sensor data, determining the environment in which they operate, act on the real world, are such examples. The essential element of AI's critical systems, the certification of AI systems or their validation by appropriate means, are real challenges, especially if they meet the expectations mentioned above (adaptation, multitasking, learning processes with human intervention). The privacy requirement is particularly important for AI systems confronted with personal data, such as intelligent assistants / companions or data mining systems.

Artificial intelligence: Three common misconceptions


The best way for companies to fully understand the real potential of AI is to dispel some common misconceptions, starting with the following three. Examples include data mining and analysis; machine learning, which enables machines to teach themselves without any help from human programmers; natural language processing (NLP), which enables a machine to understand human speech as it is spoken; and digital image processing, used to analyse and interpret pictures and photographs. Artificially intelligent machines will replace humans in some areas of work, but certainly not all of them. We will undoubtedly see an increase in job vacancies that specifically deal with managing artificial intelligence technologies, including software engineers, analysts, researchers and project managers.