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You can now send Google Pay payments with your voice on Android and iPhone


Google on Thursday announced a new Google Assistant feature: the ability to transfer money to your friends as well as request cash using voice and Google Pay. The feature will work not only on Android smartphones and tablets, but also on iPhones -- as long as Google Assistant is installed on your iOS device, courtesy of the Google app. In the future, smart speakers will also get the functionality. Obviously, to make voice-based money transfers work via Google's Assistant, you need to set up Google Pay on your Google account. That's the actual part that handles the money changing virtual hands.

Plaza Freedom Lifestyle


MerchantChain is designed for next-generation bCommerce, blockchain infused commerce, with transaction speeds that eclipse the current blockchain technologies available today. AI-assisted metasearch engine that will scour the world wide web for the best options on goods and services, including those offered by sellers marketing directly on our own blockchain-based e-commerce platform. The PlazaCard enables crypto owners to use those assets stored in their wallet for everyday payments in shops and restaurants all over the world. While multiple cryptocurrencies can be stored in the PlazaWallet, only PL$ and PLAZA are accessible from the PlazaCard to create an extra layer of security. Whether at home or on the move, our customers will be empowered by a world of choice.

Amazon Echo vs Google Home vs Apple HomePod: Which is right for you?


You've no doubt heard the buzz about smart speakers. Why else would you be reading this article? A few years ago, if you wanted a smart speaker with a hands-free digital assistant, there was only one option. The Amazon Echo was one-of-a-kind when it debuted in November 2014, and it launched into uncharted waters unsure if it would find a home with consumers. But it was a smash hit, and was quickly followed up by the Google Home and a slew of third-party devices with Alexa or Google Assistant built in.

How to download your Facebook data


With all the news about Facebook recently, you might be wondering, what exactly does Facebook know about me from my profile? Sure, you can peruse your profile online, but that doesn't tell the whole story. One way to see what Facebook has on you is to download your Facebook data. The ability to download your Facebook data isn't really new, but not many users know that you can do it. It only takes a few minutes; how long depends on how big your data files are.

4 predictions for conversational AI in 2018


As marketers look into 2018, they see that the conversational AI landscape is primed for increased consumer adoption. In fact, in a recent survey, nine out of 10 people said they prefer messaging directly with a brand. This year, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon all leaned into messaging and conversation. In 2018, the big four will make conversational AI the main gateway to communicate with the customer. Words like "chatbot," "AI," and "machine learning" are certainly trending at the moment.

Physical copies of music such as CDs are outselling digital versions

Daily Mail

CDs and vinyls are outselling digital downloads for the first time since 2011 thanks to streaming services, industry figures reveal. Apps like Spotify and Apple Music have seen an astronomical rise in popularity in recent years and this has all but destroyed the digital download market. As more people choose to stream music rather than own it, sales of physical media are now falling at a slower rate than their digital counterparts. This has been driven, in part, by a resurgence in vinyl sales among audiophiles, who prize the format's unique sound. CD's and vinyl copies of music are outselling their digital counterparts for the first time since 2011.

Could Google's 'Smart Sound' be more than just a gimmick?


Welcome to your living room, the latest battleground for tech companies vying for your allegiance. What started as Amazon staking its claim with the Echo line of smart speakers now includes competition from Google and Apple, too. It's not just tiny smart speakers, either -- all three companies have launched Hi-Fi systems in the past few months in an attempt to appeal to audiophiles. But while the Sonos One with Alexa and the Apple HomePod have mustered a ton of press since their debuts, the Google Home Max hasn't picked up quite as much traction. It's not that the Home Max is underwhelming -- it's just that the Sonos One is surprisingly affordable, while the HomePod launched to much fanfare because it's Apple's first foray into the smart-speaker space.

Don't believe the hype: 74% of developers aren't using AI tools


Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to change nearly every enterprise workflow, but it isn't changing software and web development just yet. What other developers (and businesses for that matter) should take from this information is that it is OK if you haven't jumped on the AI hype train just yet. However, they should also take note that, despite low adoption rates, there is strong interest in the space, and it could be poised to grow rapidly. While many developers aren't using AI and machine learning tools, 81% said they are interested in learning more about them. Of those developers, 46% said they were specifically interested in automated machine learning, 22% in sentiment analysis and natural language processing, and 21% in hybrid and deep learning models.

Mozilla and Commerzbank pull advertising from Facebook over Cambridge Analytica data breach

The Independent

US software giant Mozilla and Germany's Commerzbank have both said they will pull advertising from Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica affair. The social network has been under fire all week over revelations that the political consultancy harvested private data from the Facebook profiles of 50m Americans and handed it on to the Donald Trump campaign for use in the micro-targeting of swing voters during the 2016 US presidential election. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has since apologised and volunteered to testify before Congress, conceding: "We made mistakes". Chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said the site would be "open to regulation" as it seeks to rebuild public trust over the handling of users' information and accusations that Russian bots were engaged in the spread of "fake news" and misinformation across its pages in a bid to sway the race for the White House. Writing in a blog post, Mozilla CEO Denelle Dixon said the company was "pressing pause" on its Facebook advertising.

The Role of AI Technologies in Humanizing Digital Banking


Digital banking has not only gone mainstream but in many cases, it has become the only point of contact between banks and their customers. While financial services delivered through digital channels have brought the convenience of anywhere, anytime banking to consumers, what is the cost? And, are banks living up to the expectations of their customers? One of the main challenges the financial industry faces is the risk of diminished customer relationships as we make the shift to digital. Let's face it, online banking sites can be pretty impersonal.