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When a neural machine translation system learns to translate from one language to another, does it learn the syntax or semantics of the languages? Existing typological databases contain relatively full feature specifications for only a few hundred languages. Exploiting the existance of parallel texts in more than a thousand languages, we build a massive many-to-one NMT system from 1017 languages into English, and use this to predict information missing from typological databases. Experiments show that the proposed method is able to infer not only syntactic, but also phonological and phonetic inventory features, and improves over a baseline that has access to information about the languages' geographic and phylogenetic neighbors.

TD Ameritrade Launches Facebook Chatbot

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Unlike other chatbots, TD Ameritrade's bot will be backed by a human customer support team, which will receive notifications if the bot detects it is unable to handle some interactions. This will include cases in which the user is expressing frustration through colorful language or if they expressly request human help.

FinTech, AI and the fourth Industrial Age


To remain competitive, there is a growing need to use and master complex AI tools, adapt to new forms of convergence through collaboration and develop meaningful client relationships through new forms of customer centricity. Though banking has a long history of resisting modern methodologies -- agile development, cloud computing, advanced analytics, predictive onboarding, open platforms, hypertargeting and external data harvesting -- AI is one area the industry simply must embrace. If the FinTech industry fails to be more open to building new forms of customer value, efforts toward leveraging broader platforms will simply fail to materialize. Advanced tools now provide the industry with more capabilities to provide intelligent, personalized advice to offer new forms of customer advocacy beyond traditional services.

Google might take on Amazon with its own version of the Echo Dot


The company is working on a new, smaller version of its Google Home speaker that will launch later this year, alongside two new Pixel phones and a new Pixel-branded Chromebook, Android Police reports. In addition to the new speaker, Android Police reports Google is also preparing a new Chromebook that will carry the Pixel name. Importantly, the report notes the new notebook will almost certainly run Chrome OS, not the long-rumored Chrome OS and Android mashup that's been whispered about for so long. Though some reports said Google once had plans to merge Android and Chrome, the company has publicly said it has no plans to retire Chrome OS.

Expectations for artificial intelligence are over inflated


There's so much excitement and specialized research taking place that AI has fragmented into several camps such as heuristic programming for game-playing AI, natural language processing for conversational AI, and machine learning for statistical problems. Large labeled and annotated data sets have enabled progress in computer vision, natural language and speech recognition. While a computer beat a human chess champion 21 years ago, it wasn't until two months ago that a different computer beat a human champion at Go. The famed Google Assistant can't recognize that pattern.

AIs that learn from photos become sexist

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In the fourth example, the person pictured is labeled'woman' even though it is clearly a man because of sexist biases in the set that associate kitchens with women Researchers tested two of the largest collections of photos used to train image recognition AIs and discovered that sexism was rampant. However, they AIs associated men with stereotypically masculine activities like sports, hunting, and coaching, as well as objects sch as sporting equipment. 'For example, the activity cooking is over 33 percent more likely to involve females than males in a training set, and a trained model further amplifies the disparity to 68 percent at test time,' reads the paper, titled'Men Also Like Shopping,' which published as part of the 2017 Conference on Empirical Methods on Natural Language Processing. A user shared a photo depicting another scenario in which technology failed to detect darker skin, writing'reminds me of this failed beta test Princeton University conducted a word associate task with the algorithm GloVe, an unsupervised AI that uses online text to understand human language.

Rob High: The future of AI-powered chatbots


Watson powers the company's chatbot GWYN (Gifts When You Need) and helps it detect user tone. GWYN interacts with online customers using natural language and is designed to understand human intention behind each purchase by interpreting and asking several questions. Last year, an AI teaching assistant powered by IBM Watson helped moderate an online forum for a computer science class at Georgia Tech University, and most students didn't find out they were interacting with AI. IBM Watson did a pilot with the Australian government around Nadia, a virtual assistant platform that helps disabled people get information about government services.

Artificial intelligence has a long way to go


Even the trendy technique of "deep learning," which uses artificial neural networks to discern complex statistical correlations in huge amounts of data, often comes up short. Deep learning is very good at bottom-up knowledge, like discerning which patterns of pixels correspond to golden retrievers as opposed to Labradors. I fear, however, that neither of our two current approaches to funding AI research -- small research labs in the academy and significantly larger labs in private industry -- is poised to succeed. A full solution will incorporate advances in natural language processing (e.g., parsing sentences into words and phrases), knowledge representation (e.g., integrating the content of sentences with other sources of knowledge) and inference (reconstructing what is implied but not written).

More than ML: Guide to the Components of AI


But while machine learning is a core component for artificial intelligence, AI is in fact more than just ML. Natural Language Processing allows a machine to communicate and receive information in an organic human form, rather than as unwieldy lines of code. As the lesser-known components of AI, Knowledge Representation and Automated Reasoning aren't as commonly spoken about in the press but nonetheless play a key role in the creation of intelligent systems. So when tasked with the question of finding out in what country Dom Perignon is made, the system would be capable of automatically inferring that it is in France.

I built a chatbot in 2 hours and this is what I learned


While browsing my only aim was to guess and rationalize the developer's decision to choose the bot platform over the app platform to solve their problem. The bot industry is in its infancy right now and they are all competing for the same thing -- to find the next killer app that makes chatbots mainstream. After listing through some problems, I finally chose to make a chatbot that correctly calculates dates from natural language strings. With Facebook's Messenger Platform and Telegram's Bot Platform, abilities offered by,, and It was a very liberating exercise to learn something methodically and then go on ahead and make a working proof of concept.