marie kondo

How To 'Marie Kondo' Your AI Business Spend


Tidying guru Marie Kondo believes that if it doesn't spark joy, you should get rid of it. In our AI business, we get little joy out of unnecessary expenses, so we make it a habit to declutter them on a regular basis. Any artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) business owner will tell you that AI can be an expensive habit. Left unchecked, the costs of those pet projects, support services and data-storage needs can take over your profit & loss (P&L) statement with all the exuberance of a pile of unread New Yorkers. This is especially true as your business starts to rapidly scale, and the result can leave you sitting less than pretty.

3 easy steps to conquering your reading list this year


If you're one of those people who expressed frustration over Marie Kondo's well-intentioned tip of limiting your book collection to only 30 titles, then you probably fall into one of two categories. You're either A) the human embodiment of Belle who treats books as treasure, or B) you're just mad that the organizational guru is suggesting you get rid of the books you haven't actually read yet (but pretend that do/did). If you're part of the second group, what are you doing? Instead of getting mad at the nice lady who wants you to transform your dwelling into a joyful place, you can, you know, actually read. Reading may just make you smarter, happier, and less snappy to strangers who only want best for you.

Has Marie Kondo's Netflix show inspired you to get organized? These products can help.


If there's anything we can take away from the now much talked about Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (aside from thanking your clothes for their service and folding them in thirds), it's that reducing clutter in your life can bring you immense joy. The organizing superstar has successfully influenced people to come in droves to the Container Store and get rid of a colossal chunk of their worldly possessions, an act that many swear have brought them instant gratification. Purging your closet is only half of the work, though. For some serious Kondo-ing (yes, it's a verb now), we recommend using these products -- which are now all on sale!!! -- to help you in the cleaning department. Now go and make Marie Kondo proud.