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Jefferies gives IBM Watson a Wall Street reality check


IBM Watson effectively operates as a consultancy where the company engages in high-value contracts with corporates to implement Watson technology for specific business cases. Jefferies pulls from an audit of a partnership between IBM Watson and MD Anderson as a case study for IBM's broader problems scaling Watson. Jobs data collected by Jefferies using If job postings are any indication, IBM is not keeping pace with other technology companies in hiring machine learning developers. Things seem particularly lifeless in the field of deep learning, where IBM's hiring appears anemic with respect to Apple and Amazon -- and let's be real, things would look much worse if Google, Microsoft and Facebook were added to this table.

Iran's Newest Robot Is an Adorable Dancing Humanoid

IEEE Spectrum Robotics Channel

Over the last several years, a team of roboticists at the University of Tehran has been working on increasingly large and complex life-size humanoids. A team of 15 researchers at University of Tehran's Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies worked for over a year to design and build Surena Mini, which is 50 centimeters tall and weighs 3.4 kilograms. Its hands aren't designed for grasping objects, but Surena Mini can push on small things--or karate-chop them: A little over a year ago, the same group unveiled Surena III, an advanced adult-size humanoid designed for researching bipedal locomotion, human-robot interaction, and other challenges in robotics. The Iranian roboticists plan to continue working on Surena III, but they also want to explore the possibility of creating marketable products based on their research, Professor Yousefi-Koma explained, and one of the ideas they had was building a "kid-size version of Surena."

How Facebook AI-Based Visabot Will Help In Your Green Card Application

International Business Times

Visabot, a Facebook-owned artificial intelligence tech company, has launched a $150 service to help the Facebook Messenger users navigate through the complicated process of applying for a Green Card. What you need to do is answer are you a U.S. citizen other thing you should know and the bot will use this info to generate the whole package for you all you have to do is file it with us immigration services," Visabot COO Andrey Zinoviev announced Tuesday. The service is intended to help people save money while applying for Green Cards, O-1 visas (for exceptional individuals), B-2 visas for tourism or business, H1-B, and L-1 visas for skilled professionals. It uses natural language processing and an artificial intelligence technology, called Fido.AI, to navigate through the application process.

Miniaturizing the brain of a drone

MIT News

Standard computer chips for quadcoptors and other similarly sized drones process an enormous amount of streaming data from cameras and sensors, and interpret that data on the fly to autonomously direct a drone's pitch, speed, and trajectory. The team, led by Sertac Karaman, the Class of 1948 Career Development Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT, and Vivienne Sze, an associate professor in MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, developed a low-power algorithm, in tandem with pared-down hardware, to create a specialized computer chip. The group quickly realized that conventional chip design techniques would likely not produce a chip that was small enough and provided the required processing power to intelligently fly a small autonomous drone. For each version of the algorithm that was implemented on the FPGA chip, the researchers observed the amount of power that the chip consumed as it processed the incoming data and estimated its resulting position in space.

The Technology That Will Make It Impossible for You to Believe What You See

The Atlantic

Obama was a natural subject for this kind of experiment because there are so many readily available, high-quality video clips of him speaking. In order to make a photo-realistic mouth texture, researchers had to input many, many examples of Obama speaking--layering that data atop a more basic mouth shape. The researchers used what's called a recurrent neural network to synthesize the mouth shape from the audio. Recurrent neural networks are also used for facial recognition and speech recognition.)

Is Artificial Intelligence Possible? - DZone AI


In the 1950s, Turing published a paper called "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" in which he proposed an empirical test that identifies an intelligent behavior "when there is no discernible difference between the conversation generated by the machine and that of an intelligent person." Many theorists have disputed the Turing Test as an acceptable means of proving artificial intelligence. Sleepwalkers' use of protolanguage (short, grammar-free utterances with referential meaning lacking syntax) may illustrate that the consciousness is a social adaptation and that other animals do not lack understanding or sensation, but that they lack language skills and therefore cannot reflect on their sensations and become self-aware. Can their minds be algorithmically simulated?

This Hedge Fund Has A Unique AI Crowdsourcing Token

International Business Times

Crowdsourced investment strategies are many and varied, but Numerai crowdsources machine intelligence in a totally unique way by supplying its network of data scientists with encrypted data on which to test their machine learning models, thus removing any bias attached to the application of the algorithms. NMR tokens were not sold like a typical initial coin offering, but rather 1.2 million of the tokens (a cap of 21m has been stated) were distributed via smart contracts on Ethereum, only to participating data scientists. All this value pumped into the tokens at once presented a number of immediate risks to the ecosystem, offering a huge bounty to hackers and threatening its carefully aligned goals; a worry aired on discussion forums was that speculation around the coins could ultimately detract from their primary function - to get create good models and garner network effect. When a data scientist accesses the test set multiple times and uses that score as feedback for model selection, there's a risk of training a model that overfits the test set.

All the Promises Automakers Have Made About the Future of Cars

The Atlantic

As part of that, they've promised to "bring highly automated driving functions to market as a core competency from 2021." They announced they're rolling out "Level 3" automation--which means a car that can drive itself some of the time--in the A8 model this year with promises to bring fully autonomous vehicles to market in 2020. On the electric side, the company has promised a sporty little electric vehicle called the I.D. Instead, the company's engineers had built them to run artificially well under testing conditions (and only under testing conditions).

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