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The Importance of Being a Mentor and Having a Mentor Machine Learning Analytikus United States


Mentors have a pivotal role to play in education. Whether you are enrolled in a pre-service teacher program, working as an intern in a school, new to teaching or to a new school, you often have a mentor to help guide you through any transitions along the way. Most of the time the "mentorship" is formed between a more veteran teacher and a newer teacher, to help to lessen any feelings of being overwhelmed when starting the teaching journey. Mentors can help newer teachers find their place in the school, establish their classroom presence and get into a daily teaching practice. While I believe that mentoring for new teachers is critical, I think that an area that is often overlooked is that veteran teachers need mentors as well.

Want Students to Remember What They Learn? Have Them Teach It. Machine Learning Analytikus United States


Picture this: It's Monday and Ms. D'Angelo, a seventh-grade science teacher in the South Bronx, gives her students a homework assignment about food chains that is due in one week. The assignment asks students to teach a family member about this concept by completing a model food chain together. The following Monday, Ms. D'Angelo is surprised to see that that some of her students seem to understand the material at a deep level--they even use new vocabulary terms with great fluidity. These same students appear be much more confident than usual when engaging in the class discussion. Ms. D'Angelo scans her grade book and notices that these students are the same the ones who completed the homework assignment.