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Pokémon ready to go with Katy Perry as muse for 25th anniversary of beloved video game, card franchise

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Pop megastar Katy Perry is game for celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise. A yearlong celebration is planned to commemorate the 1996 launch of the first Pokémon cards and video games for Nintendo's Game Boy handheld system. While it's uncertain what type of musical festivities are planned, the new Pokémon 25th anniversary website says, "Every party needs a playlist! Pokémon is teaming up with some of the biggest names in music including pop icon Katy Perry, and you're invited to join the fun!" The performer has been a lifelong Pokémon fan "from playing the original video games on my Game Boy, to trading Pokémon TCG cards at lunch, to the adventures of catching Pokémon on the street with'Pokémon Go'," she said in a statement.

This know-it-all AI learns by reading the entire web nonstop


This is a problem if we want AIs to be trustworthy. That's why Diffbot takes a different approach. It is building an AI that reads every page on the entire public web, in multiple languages, and extracts as many facts from those pages as it can. Like GPT-3, Diffbot's system learns by vacuuming up vast amounts of human-written text found online. But instead of using that data to train a language model, Diffbot turns what it reads into a series of three-part factoids that relate one thing to another: subject, verb, object.

Ohio State's marching band re-created the Backpack Kid to perfection


The Ohio State Marching band showed off its precision and knowledge of slightly nerdy viral dance moves on Saturday. During the Ohio State band's halftime show, the marching musicians got in formation to reenact the dance of .... SEE ALSO: Katy Perry's'SNL' performance was upstaged by a backpack-wearing teen You know, the Backpack Kid! Also known as The Floss, also known as the dance move every annoying kid now does at wedding receptions to become the center of attention. Honestly, the marching band's version is pretty uncanny, and instantly recognizable. Teenager and now YouTube-famous dancer Russell Horning is credited with creating the move. The Floss got re-dubbed the Backpack Kid when Katy Perry brought him on stage during her Saturday Night Live performance in May, and he upstaged everyone while doing his rubber band-limbed moves, while -- you guessed it -- wearing a backpack.

Katy: I had suicidal thoughts

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Katy Perry is sharing everything with her fans. The 32-year-old singer opened up about past suicidal thoughts during a live streamed therapy session to promote her new album, Witness, on Friday. WATCH: Katy Perry Previews New Album'Witness,' Goes Live on YouTube in'Big Brother'-Style House During a meeting with Siri Sat Nam Singh, a licensed therapist who appears on Viceland's The Therapist, Perry revealed that her 2013 song, "By the Grace of God," was inspired by her former thoughts of suicide. "I feel ashamed that I would have those thoughts, feel that low and that depressed," she said, adding that the song was written "because I do believe in something much bigger than me and I call that god for me." "You can be right or you can be loved," she added.